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yaochun makeup demonstration turned korean actress  2017-6-19 21:10


brilliant pink gradient lip, like budding flowers, people can not help a pro-ze. first, i will introduce several yaochun makeup tips, must pay attention to oh.

lipstick color should not be too dark

yaochun lip makeup is designed to create a nibble off color, so do not choose too dark lipstick colors, such as purple, dark red, etc. . the best choice for the more showy pink girls have more sense.

degree of moisture is important

lips degree of moisture can not be ignored, because the makeup is to reflect healthy young lips, so try to put an end to the lip, which means that you must do lip primer before makeup.

to create a matte effect

because you want to highlight the natural effect, so the lips "bite" off the site will be matt. certainly not the pearl, shiny effect, so no smear lip gloss.

do not draw the lip

bitten lip, usually not very uniform color, so the best lipstick outline is vague, do not draw the lip, but also to extend a little outside, looked very plump lips.

blooming skillful

key yaochun makeup is that blooming step, when blooming minchun to remember not deliberately smudged lipstick. the best point with a finger dipped in lipstick or lip makeup tool center, then outwards pat blooming.

these are yaochun makeup tips with friends, here i will introduce three strategies can create lovely yaochun makeup.

step1: if you lip to lip darker or high demand, you can use lip concealer primer cream or nude lipstick to the lips do a primer and cover. note that you need to match the color cover of their original color, in order to look more perfect.

step2: select your favorite color lipstick or lip glaze, first touch in the middle of your lower lip color. as shown, applied to a position close to the position inside the lips. then smear on the inside of the lips.

step3: create focus step yaochun makeup, that would be like lip rouge lips general state was graded washes off, you can use a lip brush, a finger or a cotton swab, lipstick color from double smudged lip middle outwards.

yaochun makeup tempting, is not it very easy to create it?