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easy to create the perfect yoga stovepipe legs curve  2017-6-19 20:10


1. warriors formula

standing right foot a large step forward, knees bent, left leg to the back and left leg snugly, thigh beng straight, while the hips down, hold back straight, hands on right knee, shoulder and back open, eyes straight ahead.

2. tree type

standing vertically on both sides of his hands, shoulders relaxed. lift the right knee bent, on the half position left thigh. if out of reach, then on the left knee. slowly lift your hands up, palms together overhead to maintain a balance and breathing, his hands slowly down to his chest, exhale.

3. under dog

feet together, legs straight beng, body bent down, keep the back stays straight, arms and shoulders, waist and hips in a straight line, as far as possible and lift the buttocks, abdomen breathing.

4 .. sit cross-legged style

sitting, legs bent, palms close to two feet, his hands holding the ankle to stabilize feet, shoulders back, open the chest, back straight, eyes straight ahead.

5. supine single leg

supine, back ground, left leg stays bent, right leg straight and lift off the floor, both hands live right leg at and try to raise, after maintaining a long time, you can switch to the other side of the repeat.

6 pigeons type

sitting, bending his right leg placed in front of the body, left leg placed behind the body, shoulders arched back, left leg bent, with both hands grasp the left toe, head back against the chest to straighten.

7. fish formula

lying down, legs straight and close together; inhale, arch the back, the torso off the ground, on the chest top, looked up, and gently let his head close to the ground; arms straight, was pressed flat, both feet off the ground.