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7 eggs a woman to protect the health coup  2017-3-21 05:10


baby's arrival, is a combination of high-quality sperm and egg, it is the crystallization of love. as a woman, how in their daily lives to protect their eggs, let it be healthy eggs to meet the baby's arrival it

woman to protect the health of the egg magic:?

1. menstruation multi-iron

no premenstrual syndrome would not have done the nursing period? wrong! menstrual period, blood will take away a lot of body iron, but iron can provide sufficient nutrients to the egg. therefore, during menstruation eat spinach, animal offal high-iron foods, to make eggs more healthy.

2. red wine is more beneficial than beer

the netherlands women's health research institutions found that drinking a small cup of red wine, an egg a day activity increased by 20%. red wine polyphenols can make eggs more healthy, white wine polyphenol content of only 10% lower than the wine, but also healthy choice, but beer yeast will "hypnosis" ovary, reduced egg activity, or drink better.

3. cook tofu fried tofu than healthy

tofu, soy milk contains large amounts of plant protein, so that the ovaries stronger, healthier eggs. but be sure to eat boiled tofu, fried tofu, cooking oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, protein activity will destroy the plant, so that health minus points. eat a small dish of tofu enough, excess vegetable protein would burden the kidney.

4. contraception, be sure to contraception

medical research shows that every once abortion, egg quality is down 6%. do not think painless no big deal, it makes the ovaries inner wall thinning, egg activity. the best contraception method is the condom, not contraceptives. whether long-acting contraceptives, or emergency contraceptive, would disrupt hormone levels, affect egg quality.

5. "ovary" prudent to do

beauty salon popular "ovary" unreliable! japan's national health organization, more than 400 beauty salons asia spot checks found that used ovary maintenance of essential oils mixed, qualified less than 20%. if it is not very secure, trusted beauty salons, do not just do it "ovary"! beautician hands after essential oils penetrate the body, it will affect the endocrine level, or even lower egg activity.

6. eat painkillers

a covering more than 4,000 european women's survey shows that in 25-35 years, mean 77 per person per year take painkillers, which makes egg vivo activity than people without painkillers low 7%. painkillers inhibiting brain, long-term use will "confuse" the nerve center, the command issued to reduce the speed of the ovary, the egg activity weakened.

7. from computer radiation farther the better

studies have shown that computer radiation can affect egg quality, but they can not completely avoid the computer radiation. most people think that you can put on the lcd screen away from the computer radiation, in fact, where maximum radiation power but not the display. us health experts say, the laptop radiation is much smaller than the desktop, to the maximum extent to avoid the computer radiation, the best way is for notebooks charged, pull off the power, battery-operated.

finally, i wish prepare pregnant mothers who luck!