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children with father zhujiang hospital nurse brought 450 pairs of nurse shoes  2017-3-21 02:10


nurses day eve, foshan mr. zhang to zhujiang hospital, southern medical university nursing department sent a special gift --450 double nurse shoes, which received a heavy friendship, pearl river hospital, vice president feng changsen, nursing li li, director of very mixed feelings.

the original in 2013, mr. zhang 5-year-olds always snoring sleep at night, very worried about mr. zhang took the children to the pearl river hospital only to find that little guy with adenoidal hypertrophy, need surgery.

"child is too small, the hospital would have been afraid, otolaryngology and both are adult patient, the hospital was somewhat nervous." mr. zhang wanted, tense atmosphere is combined with a straight face, the doctors and nurses, afraid of children to be frightened, "the beginning was really worried, but the doctors and nurses are particularly kind, each rounds are smiling, and injections are the first to coax the child, surgery last very well."

"the nurses have time to come with the baby happy, telling stories to children, children than at home also happy," although only a few days out of the hospital, but soon the little guy with the nurse sister they hit into a pleasant experience for medical treatment, good treatment left us with a deep impression, discharge, when the children who are reluctant to nurse. "

"so also worried about the little guy will wailed admission, did not expect such a good child to remember, we are very grateful." mr. zhang began pondering how to express their appreciation of this intention.

"accompany the child a few days in the hospital, i saw the nurse station is seventy-eight hours a day, is not easy, in a busy ward, nurses really need a pair of comfortable shoes." engaged mr. chang most shoe manufacturers understand the importance of a pair of comfortable shoes for long standing man, "so i called the factory master deliberately picked a soft sole, how to try to make a more comfortable point of nurse shoes to the hospital , to the nurses to wear to work, is to express gratitude to the point. "

" we have only done their share of work, mr. zhang did not expect such a long time remember us, so determined, so we are really unexpected and very touched. zhujiang hospital, vice president, "zhujiang hospital 冯常森 said.

li li, nursing director, said, "this holiday gift make you feel very warm heart, that nurse more valuable, more rewarding, and tired point value!"

nurses day last year, mr. zhang had personally made more than 100 pairs of shoes to the pearl river hospital nurse, is the second time this year to send shoes, "shoes i've done this year to improve, is to let the nurses girls wear more comfortable point for a better job. "(correspondent: hu qiongzhen).

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