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pharmaceutical market increasingly competitive multinational pharmaceutical companies frequently change the head of china  2017-3-21 01:10


it may be just a coincidence that in 2015 a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies are choosing the replacement of the china region, "head."

recently, the us merck officially announced that senior vice president of global oncology product line and general manager of rong kerui will be june 1 this year as president of merck china to take full control of its business in china for all products . the former president of merck pan bin, the chinese turned to the british astrazeneca, responsible for its headquarters, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and it services.

china, high-level changes announced at the same time, merck, bayer healthcare also announced jiang, general manager of the asia-pacific region, will succeed dimension kang luoke new term as president of bayer china area, and with the 2015 june took office.

at the same time, zhang wenjie will be held may 15, 2015 as amgen succeed li yiping, general manager of china, and then on 任新基 李怡平 general manager of china. some analysts have pointed out that multinational pharmaceutical companies choose to replace the head at the same time, not only can expect a breakthrough in performance, but also hope the new leadership to reverse the chinese market brand.

during the recent two years, the development of multinational pharmaceutical companies in china suffered a serious setback, especially gsk, sanofi, eli lilly, siemens bribery scandal exposed a series of foreign-funded enterprises. in this regard, the industry generally believe that multinational pharmaceutical companies in china's "aura" has faded.

according to the "2014 china economic forecast study medicine," as described in the chinese pharmaceutical market has leapt to second in the world. the report concluded that in 2014 total output value of china's pharmaceutical industry increased by nearly 20%, and to maintain high growth in the next three years will be. in the larger environment of global economic weakness, although a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies frustrated, but do not want to give up the chinese market, only gradually adjust their business model, have access to market opportunities again.

now, multinational pharmaceutical companies in china is experiencing an unprecedented dilemma: north canton and other cities of the market demand is becoming saturated; once dominated the market for many years of patent protection by the blockbuster after another; and our government and multinational pharmaceutical companies for commercial bribery increased crackdown. therefore, multinational pharmaceutical companies can hold this important chinese market has become the focus of the industry. behind

to enter the era of integration

in the eyes of the industry, multinational pharmaceutical companies in china collective replacement ceo is not a simple coincidence.

"since the 2013 outbreak of gsk, for the entire pharmaceutical industry is an adjustment of the node, various multinational pharmaceutical companies grappling with more stringent compliance review and downward pressure on prices, profits invisible gradually compressed. "certain multinational pharmaceutical executives in an interview that the 39 health net editor, the entire pharmaceutical industry are at the stage of adjustment, multinational pharmaceutical companies are doing to prepare for the transition.

rule change, ecology has changed, the pattern changed, the multinational pharmaceutical companies in china's strategic natural change. comprehensive adjustment

"adjustments in china coach may be just part of an overall strategy to adjust. if nothing else, the next will definitely involve their brand strategy and expansion strategy and investment strategy in china and other aspects of . "the source said.

at present, competition in the domestic pharmaceutical market is showing intense, especially in the first-tier cities capacity is becoming saturated. with the chinese government efforts to combat commercial bribery gradually increased, a comprehensive upgrade, multinational pharmaceutical companies pharmaceutical industry current development model limitations become more apparent.

"various multinational pharmaceutical companies conduct business in the last replacement, novartis took gsk oncology business unit, and its replacement vaccine business to gsk, on ​​the other hand novartis animal health business also sold $ 5.4 billion price to eli lilly. "the industry generally believe that multinational pharmaceutical companies turning point in china's development has emerged, and is estimated in 2015 would be" integration of the chinese market. "

according to the 39 health net editor's incomplete statistics, only in 2014 from more than 150 mergers and acquisitions throughout the year occur among domestic companies a total transaction amount more than 35 billion yuan, the tide also extended to 2015.

"business replacement and reorganization of assets between multinational pharmaceutical giants are common, but in recent years the amount of growing, packing overall business situation more and more." wang jin, president of consulting firm manhattan capital management said that this is because the market environment changes, competition, financial pressure, if you want to focus on some of the advantages of business, strategic adjustment must be timely.

diversification and market

in addition to the traditional marketing model, diversified multinational pharmaceutical companies are looking to expand the market to capture the emerging markets.

with a high burden of chronic diseases into the health service model as well as the main treatment to prevention-oriented, increasingly strong demand for chronic disease detection. according to idc released by china's top ten healthcare it trends indicate that the mobile health care will become one of the key construction 2015 health care system.

according to the 39 health net editor understand merck on may 11 reached a cooperation the two sides will conduct cooperation in the medical field, including professional medical warehouse, chronic disease management cloud data storage, and health data analysis and alibaba group cloud computing business, even though the two sides are to cooperate to give details of cooperation, but the industry generally believe that merck's move is intended to move into the medical field.

"for now, chronic disease management module in the mobile medical field the most competitive in the market." idg partner 朱建寰 said that multinational pharmaceutical companies are good in their own segments disease do the whole service chain integration, it will have the greatest commercial value.

and bayer is also very clearly see this, recently launched a mobile app for its oral contraceptive products, hope for the majority of consumers more convenient services through new technology . according to the 39 health net editor understanding, bayer has developed more than 100 health management process.

"the reason why multinational pharmaceutical companies on a single soft spot disease of app products, because not only can help profit growth of its main business, but also trying to develop new marketing channels." medicool medical database software company chairman zhang jie xun pointed out that the pattern of china's traditional medicine market has been set, how to get from the mobile app products in the future competitiveness of the market, multinational pharmaceutical companies are facing the most difficult issues.

this strategy does not consider whether the mobile medical multinational pharmaceutical companies would open another market, only by virtue of its large-scale capital investment, it may at any time trigger a new round of competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

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