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two dishes skillfully yam health effects can be doubled  2017-3-21 00:10


in medicine, yam spleen and lungs, bushenyijing other effects, rich in nutritional value. it contains a lot of protein and vitamins and essential amino acids. widely used in the maternal population, the elderly and rehabilitation of illness, are mild nourishing food, but also an important medicine the ancient physicians respected. so, how to eat health effects yam best?

first, the lion head

lionhead jiangsu and zhejiang provinces of dishes, dish ruannuo creamy taste, health and nutrition. but the meatball ingredients more step to pay attention, but doing it is also troublesome. in fact, just pork and yam, you can make the most simple lion head. nutritionists believe that pork has nourishing essence, longus strong body, replenishing organs effect; yam can enhance immunity, with deficiency, strong bones and muscles, stomach cough and other effects. both with effect doubled.


pork 800g, yam 80g, flour 60g.


salt, sugar, pepper, vegetable oil, wine, wheat flour, soy sauce, ginger, green onion, etc., depending on personal taste.


the first step, zhu tuirou washed, chopped, stirred with ginger, onion, salt, sugar, pepper, vegetable oil, soy sauce and other spices good place 60 minutes tasty;

the second step, yam, peeled, scraped with a knife blade into the mud;

the third step, the first yam mixed with minced pork and stir well, then adding the right amount of flour stir;

the fourth step, he placed 600 grams of vegetable oil, 7 minutes hot, the meat balls bunched up into shape, into the pot fried;

the fifth step, until golden brown remove after oil control;

the sixth step, the oil poured out, leaving some base oil, add the fried meatball, add water, sugar, soy sauce, wine, the fire to boil, simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.

second, lettuce crispy yam

this is a meat and vegetarian dishes made yam, both meat dishes "eye margin"; another is to create a whole vegetables, yam taste outside crisp fragrant, lettuce crisp and refreshing, with two low-calorie ingredients, nutrition and health, people appetites.


1 lettuce, yam 1, 50 grams of flour.


salt, pepper, green onion, soy sauce, etc., depending on personal taste.


the first step, yam, peeled, with plastic wrap, into the microwave, high-fire after five minutes to foam, remove the hot spare crushed yam;

the second step, lettuce, peeled, sliced ​​with a knife and sprinkle salt pickled tasty, the wok fry spare;

the third step in the incorporation of the yam the amount of flour, salt, pepper, green onion and other spices mix well;

the fourth step, pot pour vegetable oil until the oil temperature liucheng hot hand pointed at both ends twisted yam strips, one by one wok pan fry until golden brown.