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four strokes so that mosquitoes away from your baby  2017-3-20 23:10


mosquitoes are most abominable "vampires" sucked the blood is not enough, but also people crazy itch, and even leave unsightly blots on the skin. the following simple recipe so that mosquitoes away from your baby.

the first one: plant insect act

you can put the following plants in the house, the room, while nice to let the baby away from the mosquito problems. repellent plants: evening primrose, lavender, pitcher plants, geraniums, and assorted like.

the second trick: cut off from the roots of mosquito breeding method

we all know it's hot, humid weather combined with, easy to breed mosquitoes. at this time, in order to radically reduce the mosquito, stagnant water in the home should always clear, to solve the mosquito problem at its roots.

the third measure: mosquito nets, mosquito lamp

the most annoying thing is that sleep quietly awakened mosquito bite woke up! if your baby is awake, that toss or parents. so if there is no air conditioning in the summer, then the mosquito nets, insect killers, are all essential!

the fourth one: to bring insect repellent travel water

have to say, there are some really easy to use insecticide-treated water. for example, a ting xiao bian often used, not only smell fragrant, the effect is leverage. note, however, that the market will be written some water repellent "slightly toxic", which do not give the baby with friends.

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