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recommended baby summer hot weather and hot weather soup 6  2017-3-20 22:10


hot summer, the baby has heat stroke, it is simply suffers, but adults will suffer, in addition to the care of the baby, the baby does not have to follow a hair in the cold. now, 39 childcare introduce you to several hot weather food.

first, watermelon phragmites drink

practice: phragmites boil water put the sugar, let cool and set aside; watermelon take the meat, remove the outer rind peel and cut into thin strips; melon flesh into phragmites water, put flesh on the surface, can be eaten chilled.

nutrition: reed rhizome is an underground stem. has antipyretic effect, lung, cooling, and in pharmacies. watermelon solvable heat. lee urine. xiehuo, chufan role.

second, freshly squeezed orange juice incense

method: wash the oranges, peeled into the juicer, add pure water, do not add sugar and other seasonings; juice after load glass, you can cut a slice of orange on the rim of the glass the other as a decoration.

nutrition: vitamin c orange juice is a force. juicer squeeze of orange juice, natural, fresh and delicious. can enhance the baby's body. hot drinks can also treat colds too!

third, fruity cakes

practices: apple, banana cut after playing mud; add rice flour and sugar, and mix into a thick paste, add pine nuts, made pot boiling on: dumpling.

nutrition: this sweet cake full of fruit. soft and sweet glutinous. because bananas are cool, and apple's property is exceptionally well-balanced, the baby to eat a little does not matter.

fourth, the tomato fungus millet soup

practice: millet soaked with cold water 1 hour; after the white fungus into the pot, add water to boil, change the slow fire dunlan, add tomato, millet cook together: add sugar, wet starch to thicken and cook until thick millet.

nutrition: tomatoes are rich in vitamins. tremella yin and lungs, millet spleen, and stomach effect. so this soup can detoxify, stomach brain.

five lily lotus porridge

practice: lotus washed with warm water after peeling. the lotus and rice plus boiled to eight cooked. lily added: cooked a little sugar.

nutrition: lily yin and lungs, spleen and kidney lotus, the two are combined there qushu, spleen, appetizers role, and melted sweet glutinous taste the most discussed baby favor.

six, water melons, green beans

practice: watermelon rind trimmed away the flesh, cut into pieces, the green beans, wash stand; in the pot add cold water melons, green beans cook: half an hour after the juice, add sugar; melons, green beans until the water is cooled to room temperature, then refrigerate.

nutrition: watermelon, also known as green clothing, traditional chinese medicine commonly used to treat the baby heat, thirst, scanty dark urine, sore throat, mouth sores; green beans mei gan, cold, with heat summer heat, detoxification diuretic effect.

39 parenting reminder: hot summer, may be more appropriate recommended several hot weather soup cooling in the refrigerator, the baby will be more to drink, but can not drink oh, be careful fragile baby's stomach.

in addition, if too lazy to do the above hot weather soup, be sure to let the baby drink plenty of water. baby boiled water only to supplement the loss of water can also help the baby cooling. for the baby, water is the best and safest choice.