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how long jog every day to lose weight ?  2017-3-20 21:10


jogging to lose weight more easily

running is a very healthy way to lose weight simply by a lot of sweat to mobilize the body's metabolism to burn fat to achieve weight-loss purposes. some people do not often run out of breath easily lose weight through sprint, it is difficult to adhere to. in this case, it is better to slow down to a relaxing jog. jogging does not need to endure happy nor very tired breath and stick to it rude run slimming effect.

how long jogging to lose weight

running perseverance. jogging is easy, but must persevere to bear fruit. in general, always be able to lose weight jogging for 30 minutes or more a day, 40 minutes is the best. long run excessive fatigue easily cause harm, or have a sense of hunger, resulting in appetite after the run.

to make jogging to lose weight better, can fall within 30 minutes, can be combined sprint and jog. first, very relaxing to run five minutes, put it as a warm-up activities. then buildup 30 seconds, then 30 seconds to slow it down again, and finally sprint for 60 seconds. this last 60 seconds 30 seconds faster than the speed of the buildup to be faster, but not to reach a sprint speed, should be gradually accelerated, with their run as fast as possible. in the middle of 30 seconds is not jogging, but is slow down the pace for the next phase of the sprint, "cache" look.

jogging tips

1. after the warm-up run before running relax

before exercise to warm up, cool-down after the finish, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, recommended not to sit down immediately after exercise, to take 5-10 minutes to ease operation.

2. running around to eat something

eat before exercise can help burn food to eat after exercise to accelerate the repair of muscle foods, in half an hour after exercise can eat starch and protein-rich food, so help strengthen the slimming effect after exercise.

3. control of heart rate

4. running position to the right

when jogging alternating feet high, the activities of the hip, high speed, so that the knees do may reach the upper abdomen, arms swinging back and forth can. when running before the feet first, then transition to the entire sole.

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