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UFO are often trance? Usually trance in what circumstances? Love asked Knowledge who  2018-4-16 19:30


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[master] ufo are often trance? usually under what circumstances a daze? 5 answer: 17 views: 169 question time :2006-05-2012: 30 i always daze toward the water, do not know why. very simple trance. 2 comments ... the best answer to this answer by the question of their choice and do not represent the views of people love to ask knowledge pulling the wrong ┆ comments ┆ report

[school brother ] hair stay pure, like zen, is a monk of good seed, if the perception is good buddha will regret it, if the perception of the buddha will not regret it. replied :2006 -05-2123: 08 evaluation questions are the answers: oh, interesting 0 comments ... the other answer to answer a total of 16 comments ┆ report


[seniors] i frequency should be higher than you, because i do not look at water. regular eye on a place, in fact, looking at nothing, and then innocently in a daze, like a mentally challenged children, oh answer :2006-05-2012: 2 comments ... 35 comments ┆ report

liaodi as god

[saints] i often see poverty in a daze, especially of the face clothed and inadequately mm to answer :2006-05-2012: 45 3 comments ... comments ┆ report

dream ※ edge

[master] oh ~ ~ ~ i often drop against the computer daze ~ ~ ~ answer :2006-05-2012: 56 1 comment ... comments ┆ report


[scholars] your previous life is a fish ... ..., the answer :2006-05-2012: 59 0 comments ... comments ┆ report

british floating

[saints] hair ah ... oh ... i think dreams are generally the time in fat

or write the script, like when the story made

think the plot does not know how to write because we go

like lover because she wanted to know who in the end to answer :2006-05-2013: 2 comments ... 03 comments ┆ report

dance luoqun

[scholars] i usually end facing the credit card bill in a daze. answer :2006-05-2014: 51 1 comment ... comments ┆ report


[master] homecoming, in a nostalgic blanket .. you okay, as long as water is not afraid to see like .. hey ... answer :2006-05-2015: 4 comments ... 29 comments ┆ report


[scholar] if the water drops would have been in the urine. answer :2006-05-2018: 2 comments ... 42 comments ┆ report

north onion

[ wenquxing] you big, there is something of what! want a wife? answer :2006-05-2019: a total of 1 comment ... 19 comments ┆ report

good only i

[scholars] i relatively early age to stay,

do not have hair. answer :2006-05-2023: 4 comments ... 28 comments ┆ report

ask you a favor

[novice] daze do not worry, as long as the hair band knows when to myself that i am not in a daze on the line. answer :2006 -05-2121: 09 0 comments ... comments ┆ report

have made

[ novice] i was always a daze! sometimes to mind and sometimes that is very simple trance, but also do not want to return to god! feel like a fool ... ... oh laughed at the answer :2006 -05-2121: 46 0 comments ... comments ┆ report

* cat demon *

[master] trance is even hobbies.

can be changed at any time to stay. answer :2006 -05-2122: 02 0 comments ... comments ┆ report


[scholars] have tried every day sometime in the afternoon, the total daze. looking at anything, that is trance.

also been in a daze while unconscious in the white side of many, many years wrote a "stay" word.

feel do not feel i do not know from the landlord. " stay "like a man," mouth "is the human face, an expressionless face." timber "is the body does not move like a tree.

answer :2006 -05-2122: 56 0 comments ... comments ┆ report

major cases

[prophet] pindao pious incense every day, practicing half an hour, it seems is in mortal trance one hour to answer :2006 -05-2207: 21 0 comments ... comments ┆ report

ouyang morning

[learn younger brother] is a cat from a drop, was going to catch a fish to taste pinch. answer :2006 -05-2211: 08 1 comment ...