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feet of the methods and benefits of  2017-7-17 19:30


the weather gets colder, many people like their feet in hot water before bed, but their feet can be considered an "art" oh, find many precautions ~ ~

fourth, before and after drinking a glass of water immersion to facilitate metabolism and body fluids of the supplement.

fifth, with herbal foot bath tub or at best enamel pots, metal and plastic pots can not be used, otherwise the liquid part of the active ingredients will be lost.

one feet of water with vinegar: (100-150 grams of vinegar or vinegar )

3. moisturize the skin, soften skin, increase skin elasticity;

1. can prevent athlete's foot;

3. when the side of the bubble massage zuxin of yongquan, you can also sleep aids anti;

note: when a wound can not use this formula oh! last week, i have made a small mistake: heel shoes worn by the new, with salt water foot bath at the time, wound bitterly of. hey, finally witness "to the wound at the salt, "the consequences, oh ~ ~

three, with ginger feet:

1. prevention of venous varicose;

3. citrus ginger 100g + 20g + mint 30g, you can warm the spleen and stomach, wet, out of this predicament.

1 . can promote blood circulation;

3. swelling (which can be used instead of lemon grass or lemon essential oil), like the pressure of the road pay attention to this particular effect of mm oh ~ ~

6, with traditional chinese medicine:

formula one: angelica 20 grams, 20 grams walnuts, safflower 15 g, 15 g melon kernel [highly recommended]

1. all materials will be wrapped yarn bag and tied tight;

effects: itching , soften skin, can also improve the hot and humid weather because of the foot caused by eczema.

ps recently and got some information -

if everyone feel important too too much trouble can a simple choice in front of five kinds of ways, i always soak, adhere to their feet good results to share oh collection 000