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navel afraid of frozen dew better than the daily indecent gestures  2017-4-21 19:30


according to the research, navel has been able to cure, because the umbilical link with the internal organs of a wide range, it's stimulating effects after treatment enhanced penetration effects due to better improve and stress effects.

the middle of the abdomen of each person, has a belly button - because it is long in the stomach. depression, such as eye shape, it is "navel" of the commonly known, its official name for the umbilical. although many people know it, but not necessarily understand it.

nurture life channel

and mammalian fetus in the birth process, must continue to uptake from the mother who nutrition and oxygen. however, in the womb, the fetus can not eat with the mouth, the nose can not breathe new life everything you need to rely on the placenta in the maternal intake of the adsorption, transport to the fetus through the umbilical cord. fetal umbilical cord and placenta is a link between life and channel. after birth the baby, placenta and umbilical cord has lost its original role, completed its historic mission, so it will cut the umbilical cord ligation (often with teeth biting animal), not on the umbilical cord, nerve pain, so the baby does not feel the pain. navel cord that had a length on some days it will automatically fall off, since it was in people who never left a tiny belly button.

off the umbilical scissors if clean, may lead to chinese medicine called "umbilical wind", that is today called "neonatal tetanus", which is extremely mortality high disease. but the disease is now rarely met.

a 22-year-old youth, when urinating, his umbilical grievance will be out with urine liquid, very distressed. it turned out that the period of time in the embryo, the umbilical is an easily accessible "gateway", both connected with the bladder, and connected with the intestines. with the development of the fetus, which is connected to part of the gradual degradation of the separation of the umbilical link with the bladder and intestines also "cut off" the. if for some reason incomplete degradation, urine and stool may leak out from the navel. with this distressed people, and now just go to the hospital surgical repair, turn off "channel" on it.

god made man to death said a new

"old testament book of genesis," it reads: god sixth day of creation. according to their own image and style. "the dust made man on the land, will be breathed in his nostrils, he became a spiritual living. named adam." later, adam and eve have children, only human, adam, became a human ancestor, eve is the mother of all living. against "god made people say," people like to use such a problem is to criticism church: adam is a navel? here is whether the navel can become competitive, "human ancestor" one of the important arguments.

pubic region, ancient china a special understanding of the human body. referring to parts of the not very precise. my practice of "qi shen dan tian", often refers to the abdomen below the belly button. some of our contemporary "book of changes," the researchers believed that the human navel is "pubic region" where the magnetic field and that it is the center of the body, but then proposed a "life of death, that is the navel as the center of the body's magnetic field the end. " it will be this theory that the "following the death of the heart, breathing death, brain death after the death of the fourth point of view put forward."

some people who will be the navel of philosophy as a "center of the universe." the so-called "contemplation of his navel," which means to consider the issue to the world, not only pay attention to "little me."

here and not to judge the criticism and ideas of right or wrong, but the importance of academic navel is imagined.

health, therapy aspects

1220, the song dynasty, wang zhizhong, author of "acupuncture-funded students' print and publish. this book, wrote: "old age and pass some color such as the boy, cover each one-year-old navel moxibustion, it is also strong." navel moxibustion other ancient books can also raise yan yishou records. such statements naturally do not have the whole letter. notes, raise yan yishou a variety of factors contributed to the reason, by no means "navel moxibustion in a strong" so simple. however, modern studies have found that often separated the salt used in the umbilical law or ginger moxibustion look, there are indeed enhance immune function. today a prestigious buddhist master said, umbilical parts of the body's cold. so, pay attention to the navel or on a regular basis to give warm moxibustion heat, naturally has some of the benefits of health. in fact, the "umbilical cold" is the elderly, the sick and physically weak after postpartum women prone to symptoms of a disease, a common means of treatment is to use heat, moxibustion and other methods to improve umbilical temperature.

umbilical is the middle of the abdomen is an important point ren is also the number of meridians flow out of the hub, the name day of god que, also known as the navel, air care, life pedicle . "qian jin fang", "taiwan miyao," and other ancient medical books, all that salt and sodium in the umbilical can moxibustion cholera. "acupuncture-funded students" more "modern doctors, in case people do not stroke province, anxious navel moxibustion, are effective," the record. published in 1983, "shanghai journal of acupuncture," an article that moxibustion shenque can cure arthritis, air leakage shoulder, sciatica, tendon transfer spasm embolism, and the "effect rapidly." japanese doctors claim that there was 名叫古川博 often massage the navel, or several times a night navel moxibustion with lighted cigarettes, impotence can be cured for two consecutive months ... ... the above activities have shown that the role of non-umbilical with the general.