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fever medicine three common law  2018-1-13 11:30


order to facilitate better understanding, in talking about the specific content, let us first observe a phenomenon of life, if i put a high fever patients compared to a pot is boiling water, "fever" is to make the pot to cool down, you want to have several ways?

i think there are at least three kinds: first, put off the fire, in order to reduce heat production, is called "backing"; secondly, it should open the lid, stir boiling water or to increase the heat, the so-called "young tom just boiling"; again, can go against the water in the into cold water, even ice, the so-called "heat by the cold." in fact, these three methods in traditional chinese medicine treatment of fever are very common. here to talk about the specific application of the three cooling methods.

1. drastic method

the equivalent of traditional chinese medicine "tongfu xiere law", that is, with the bitter cold laxative drugs to achieve cooling purposes. mainly applicable to patients with high fever and constipation. if a patient is high fever, sweating, constipation, abdominal distension, abdominal pain refused to press, even nonsense, rough yellow fur from the thorn, when strong slippery pulse. this is like firewood under the pot more than huo, removing firewood then the fire was put out heat back. it is common rhubarb, glauber's salt and other drugs, or prescription in their distribution into the heat to tom lee stool, diarrhea hot junction, the evil away from the heat, cooling the power to reach a goal; furthermore, to purge fire and protect the yin ye, like the fire was too busy and will prevent the water boil dry, limiting the temperature rise, which is also conducive to fever.

2. young tom just boiling method

chinese equivalent of "evacuation fever law", that is, drug resistance xinsan antipyretic drugs to achieve the purpose. it mainly consists of two elements, one sweating fever law, for prima facie evidence of fever patients, fever and chills, common cold at the same time and see, no sweat or sweat poor, which is due to surface trapped by the evils suppressed due to fever, due to the different nature of evil and patient physical differences, can be divided into cold and wind heat prima facie evidence of two categories. the former is obvious aversion to cold, usually no sweat, and both headache, body aches, nasal congestion, runny, thirst, sore throat does not hurt, floating and tight pulse, etc.; the latter fever was, generally sweat, and both headache, thirst , sore throat, floating pulse and so on. fever sweating chills and fever vary according to law should be to select a different drug, commonly used as prima facie evidence of cold temperature diaphoretic xin, such as ephedra, gui, notopterygium etc.; wind-heat exterior syndrome commonly used xinliang diaphoretic, such as bupleurum or ma, mint. scattered through the sweating evil, so evil heat things up, fever lessens, to achieve the cooling effect, in line with chinese classic "yellow emperor" call "body if burnt charcoal, sweat and scattered," the rule is, sweating method is particularly effective high fever without sweat. second, l bulk cooling method for patients within the swelter, due to the evil within the yu yu in hot, usually fever, mediastinoscopy vexed hot, dry mouth, cleft lip, looking red red, sore tongue, red tongue, yellow , rapid pulse, etc., can be heat recipe zhuojia mint, cimicifuga, etc. to enhance evacuation of heat power, this in line with the "yellow emperor" call "fire yu made of" the rule. it should be noted that, although very commonly used method fever sweating, fever and have a good effect, but can damage the body fluid through sweat, so the physically weak patients should be used with caution.

3. hot cold of law

medicine is one of the most commonly used cooling method, that cold medicine cool (ganhan or bitter cold) of the drug to achieve the purpose of cooling. mainly applied to patients with fever without chills. see, high fever, sweating more, thirst like a cold drink, and several loud pulse, in order to permit fluid and excessive heat, sweating fever method at this time can not be used, it is appropriate ganhan cooling method, such as gypsum , habitat, radix, etc.; see, for example fever, irritability, dry mouth and throat, constipation, urinary fever, red tongue, yellow, and pulse a few powerful, for toxic heat flaming card, with the bitter cold when the heat method, such as coptis, scutellaria, phellodendron, gardenia son and so on. because this class of drugs, multi-cold, easily hurt the stomach, it should be noted that enough is enough.

finally, it is worth noting that the three methods in the heat of safe, should not be in the hot certificate; individually in clinical applications such as combined according to specific circumstances application of the cooling effect will be better. in addition, patients fever sweat, the medicine does not advocate the use of ice packs and other cold method, so as not to affect sweating, anti-fever is not conducive.