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medicine how to treat emotional illness (ie epilepsy)  2017-12-7 19:30


emotional illness inside a type of disease called epilepsy. disease pathogenesis of epilepsy are five internal organs affected by evil. "the yellow emperor lingshu" "chapter of this dirty" talk: "chi italy and the spirit of the special straight, soul lingers, regret can not afford to anger, the five internal organs are not evil men."

emotional illness

changes in blood within the human body, can lead to abnormal emotional. chinese medicine believes that "liver qi is fear, but in reality anger. heart qi is sad, actually laughing endlessly." the point is, if the virtual liver, then people are likely to be frightened; qi real, will be angry. heart qi, you will feel grief, depression; heart qi real, then people are always smiling, and slowly, mind on the loose.

"blood is more than anger, lack of the fear." cloth is blood lost energy so strong, it is easy to anger; if the energy is insufficient blood, people will often fear .

gas shortage in time, often appear as irritability. chinese medicine, the "trouble" the interpretation of the word is kidney essence deficiency, leading to virtual fire burning, and the "trouble" is the equivalent of heart disease, heart qi is the problem.

so "impatient" mean? impatient are more of like a virtual sun outside. "impatient" character from the "full" character side. in real life, if the old one's right leg shaking, that he kidney essence deficiency, resulting in more false positive outside, have kidney disease. folk saying "men shaking poor, female shaking the rich" argument, meaning that the old man shaking legs if nothing, then, is the essence of this old man grabbing live virtual fire, particularly easy to get angry, irritable, irrational things, can easily fail, so called poor men shaking.

then women because of lack of kidney essence is shaking, shaking on why the female into the rich? this is because china's traditional culture that women should be the great virtue, should the entire days of stay at home to sit tight, but partial kidney essence of a woman impatient, likes to go out, or love to go near the window stood, stood standing as it is easy to strike up a ximen the wealthy, causing a lot of stories she is easy to "rich", but in fact that such a woman is more frivolous. of course, this argument is just a joke, kidney disease is not a good thing.

this disease is is mentally weak strength, fine weakly on the lose in the brain, causing people silly. some children congenital mental retardation, congenital marrow is actually less, not enough brain.

now, we more and more parents will face a problem - children with adhd. for children with adhd, the understanding of chinese medicine is also due to kidney essence deficiency, caused by the convergence of live virtual fire. why is there so children less than the essence situation? this bad habit has a lot of daily life, such as children we are now too much to drink cold drinks, leading to cold stomach. the so-called cold pool barrier is the meaning of the meridians. wei han and continue down the development of the kidney and causing cold, so getting enough essence, virtual fire, floating up on the old. therefore, children with adhd is not easy to concentrate the attention, which his studies and future work will cause a big problem. so as parents, do not spoil their children, let them develop good habits from childhood, not a partial eclipse, try to avoid cold drinks, drink the best drinking water. out the kind of things from the refrigerator directly on the habit of drinking, it will slowly damage the stomach, spleen and stomach off than children congenital weak, once the damage of the stomach, the future will have a lot of irreparable problem.

epileptic children with congenital problems, mainly due to the mother during pregnancy caused by a big shock. mother's shock result in the child's disorder through the air, the five internal organs will be some lesions, the formation of epilepsy. this is more frail child birth until puberty, when it will frequent epileptic seizures. because adolescence once developed, refined road will open, they begin to catharsis, while he was congenitally deficient, then it will be more to less, so frequent epileptic seizures, usually these children will be relatively short life. so, the husband of the wife during pregnancy to care, do not let her frightened, or a problem, repentant.

here i want to explain, insane and crazy are two different diseases.

epilepsy are really fine enough, so prone han tan, sputum silt blocking the heart orifices, resulting in theosophy coma. generally speaking, people who have partial epilepsy quiet.

mania is a mania, is xiehuo take heart, god, no fixed master, chaos of their gods. we have said, the five internal organs are gods, and mania are all the gods who drift out of the five internal organs, so people showed signs of frenzy. usually people just get mad disease, beginning do not know how hungry every day feel special effort, and then appeared from high-yin, intellectual self-defense, self-distinguished phenomenon is always feel that they are saints, rhetoric, when he is deities, the deities of; even some will climb the song - all of a sudden jump up to the walls of the singing, and some even abandoned clothes and go (streaking); all day long feeling bloating, gas machine is not chang, constantly hiccup. like these people to pay attention, to go a hospital.