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Chinese medicine, the prevention of influenza to be a reasonable diet  2017-7-17 19:30


recently, the state drug administration issued a "type a h1n1 influenza prevention programs in medicine," provides several sets prevention of influenza prescription. however, experts advise, no person in the affected areas also need to eat too much medicine, so as to avoid adverse reactions.

cai wei told reporters that people in science, while enjoying delicious, still resistant to the flu.

"at this time we must pay attention to three points, first, to ensure three meals a day, eat some breakfast, especially good; 2 is a reasonable diet, eat five foods to ensure food diversification; third, eat more food to help improve the body's immune system. "chai wei explains what five foods, what foods can improve immunity.

chai wei said that the first five categories of food is cereal and tuber crops, including rice, flour, cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, etc., the main provider of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber and b vitamins. the second category is animal food, including meat, fish, chicken, duck, eggs, milk, etc., the main provider of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins a and b vitamins. the third category is the beans and their products, including soy (soy), beans, kidney beans, green beans, the main provider of protein, fat, dietary fiber, minerals and b vitamins. the fourth category is vegetables and fruits, including fresh beans, roots, leafy vegetables, jia guo, mainly to provide dietary fiber, minerals, vitamin c and carotene. the fifth type is the pure energy of food, including cooking oil, fat, sweets, butter, etc., the main provider of energy. five foods contain different nutrients, with only a variety of food to eat, in order to ensure adequate sources of various nutrients.

"can improve the body's immune system, there are many foods, such as we eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, rich in vitamins e, c, a and minerals elements iron, zinc, calcium nutritional supplements or nutritional supplements, as jin he, grow up happy, concentrated mineral drops and so on. "chai wei said in asked, we must note that dietary supplements or nutritional supplement be sure to grasp the food is a basic principle --- balance, only the balanced nutrition the body can best mobilize the immune system play a role, the lack of or excessive consumption can cause an imbalance in the body nutrition, adverse consequences. therefore, a good idea to supplement your diet to look for the investigation, and then add reference standards and their own eating habits into account usage.