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physically weak tonic, before "testing the waters"  2017-6-19 19:30


physically weak tonic, before "testing the waters"

stomach of poor people may wish to use the "open party" conditioning autumn is getting stronger, as the weather gradually cooler, many people began thinking about popular tonic - paste. national old tcm tonkin, md, director explained that the soil, with the arrival of the autumnal equinox, winter tonic paste appointment to open the "open party" is the time. "suggest some people can eat bad stomach" open party "conditioning," the national old tcm doctors said tom king, director of soil into the end of september after the hangzhou officially entered the autumn, the weather becoming cooler, hot during the day, morning, evening cool, in line with traditional chinese medicine called "cool dry" winter tonic preparations can begin before the "open side." so the math, then you can just eat cream before and after the winter solstice party. as the saying goes "39 ​​make up a cold winter, no pain coming seasons," winter tonic mainly because of cold winter weather, the body of energy, nutritional requirements increase, the body metabolism, then the most appropriate supplement, but also make up to get there. however, for the body especially weak, the appetite is not that good people, if this season but just the opposite blind tonic, chinese medicine called "virtual free fill." tonkin said the chief physician of soil, physical weakness, and if forced to take nourishing cream parties, ranging from dizziness, anorexia, du zhang, heavy diarrhea and so on. therefore, some patients in the open square before the cream, doctors usually open for their first point of traditional chinese medicine, this is called "open side." "open party" is a chinese tonic before testing the waters. especially for the first time to eat cream party, the best open-side with the first step in conditioning. there are thick and greasy tongue coating, often bloating, indigestion and other digestive problems, and if taking the herbal paste directly, but will increase the burden on the stomach, increasing the symptoms. at this point, you need to take in advance "open party", to improve stomach function, which will help absorb the cream side. in addition, if you are ill during such a cold, cough, etc., must first cure the disease, again tonic. otherwise, hastily fortifying effect not only fail to benefit, but also stretches the disease refractory. in addition, the "open party" has a effect, can serve as a first tentative tone up, observe the reaction after taking to better prepare them for the body cream party. "people who had never tonic, medicine taste to cast a few supplements, first test the tolerance of chinese medicine." national name chinese professor wang huireng said, in the "open side", the chinese will add a two-flavor tonic, exploratory tone up, after taking the response observed for a good herbal paste prepared. the stomach of poor people, taking the open side, you can also make the stomach in the heat is removed until after the resumption of gastrointestinal function, in order to eat supplements. professor wang huireng recommendations autumn the public can also adjust the diet to calm light diet, and gradually increase the intensity of nourishing, edible yam and dates, replenishing qi and blood, or under the guidance of a doctor, taking appropriate white ginseng or american ginseng, qi fluid.