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efficacy of Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes well  2017-4-21 19:30


dan wood particles intellectual property rights of china's first innovation in traditional chinese medicine treatment of diabetes, bound for china's treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy contribute.

world's first approved by the state of china's first treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy bran new drug dan wood particles held in beijing on listing today press conference.

to astragalus, corydalis, 37, chuanxiong, salvia, red peony, safflower, hematoxylin, millettia group of parties, wood grain through the famous dan diabetes expert professor yu shijia , eighteen years of painstaking exploration and observational studies, abandoned the old methods and the extraction process, processing and use of water and alcohol zungu mention of medicinal powder preparation process of combining high-tech, and after years of clinical trials, and finally screened out of the scientific, modern compatibility prescription, found that these herbs can play to their maximum effect of the dose ratio, shows the various herbs such as astragalus mutual compatibility produce significant results.

dan particles of wood, the former precedent, is groundbreaking research. development of new drugs already there is a big risk, and for this exploratory project, yingkou aoda pharmaceutical know the rugged and dangerous road. in the famous race for the support of medical scientists, in the wood particle prescription inventor dan liaoning university of chinese medicine professor yu shijia under the correct guidance, through the unremitting efforts, dan wood particles finally been successful, and in 2008 the state food and drug menstrual administration of medicines approved as the official drug certificate and production of documents issued.

dan wood particles with a range of modern preparation process, particle production and export a sense of appropriate dosage forms, the wood particles in medicinal powders of dan, dissolution release and absorption of other indicators both reached the international advanced level. dan wood particles successfully resolved at home and abroad there is no effective treatment for the disease of difficult issues. china's leading experts in the medical treatment of diabetes, guang an men hospital of traditional chinese academy of sciences, professor kobayashi, vice president with more than 20 leading experts to the meeting, beijing dongzhimen hospital, director of diabetic nephropathy professor zhao jinxi, liaoning university of traditional chinese medicine hospital, secretary of professor yu shijia, etc. experts will deliver a keynote speech.

aoda pharmaceutical co., ltd. liaoning, general manager of pan yinghong briefed the meeting, dan wood particles oda pharmaceutical after 11 successful development efforts in tackling the development of new drugs, dan advent of wood particles diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients with a new therapy; for doctors to provide effective treatment, is an important new breakthrough.

according to the chinese diabetes society survey figures show: china's urban population only (excluding rural), 41 million patients with diabetes, people over 20 years our incidence rate of diabetes than 11%. high incidence of diabetes as well as the harm to human health has been of concern to the world attention. with a disabling disease, fatal to patients and society serious harm. high rate of maiming and killing the disease for many years the main reason is because there is no clear international specialized treatment and effective drugs. dan wood particles clinical trials, designed to take a randomized, double-blind, double dummy, multicenter parallel group trial method. to methylcobalamin tablets (western) as a positive control drug. dan wood particles by the china academy of traditional chinese medicine xiyuan hospital, shanghai traditional chinese medicine, longhua hospital pharmaceutical university, shanghai shuguang hospital of traditional chinese medicine, first affiliated hospital of tianjin university of traditional chinese medicine, shandong provincial hospital, shanxi academy of traditional chinese medicine, zhejiang chinese medical university hospital's clinical trials, reflecting the well and has good security. total efficiency of 93.23%, dan wood particles advantage of a relatively short time to improve the treatment of patients with pain, numbness and other symptoms. pharmacology showed that: dan wood particles with the characteristics of long-term use safer, dan wood particles (only pathology that) even with the liver, kidney, pancreas, retinopathy has a protective effect of the valuable advantages. in clinical applications, also found that some patients with dan in the use of wood particles two months after treatment withdrawal is still normal blood sugar records.

dan wood particles is the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in chinese medicine preparations. drugs for the brown to brown granules, micro gas, slightly bitter taste. by qi and blood circulation, meridians pain treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a deficiency contact resistance card, the clinical performance of the limbs and trunk peripheral numbness (earlier than in the fingertips, such as the ministry can make sewing fine then can not even live to catch hold items), pain (burning, electric shock, needle, knife, amputation, spasm or tearing pain, lower limb than upper limb pain, aggravated at night) and paresthesia (ant line items have a sense of touch or numbness, walking, such as step on cotton, temperature sensory loss, dysesthesia, etc.); or see skin a mistake, dull, languid, shenpi lazy words, spontaneous perspiration and so on.