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Expert Weapon: How to Change the World Cup four face health risks?  2018-10-11 19:30


world cup, as has the largest number of fans carnival activities, fans day and night is about to begin life upside down. continuous watch, back pain astringent eye, but to see their favorite team, still spend much read

expression of one of the world cup

malatang + ice beer

麻辣烫 while drinking cold beer while eating is a favorite of many fans. as the difference between china and south africa, six time zones, some time in the early morning game live, die-hard fans already a large number of reserves in the beer fridge, ready to eat booze binge in high, you had better worry about gastrointestinal diseases.

[expert weapon]

refused barbecue, cold beer, eating hot food

night was originally the gastrointestinal tract time to rest, its work has been reluctant to hurt the gastrointestinal tract, most people stay up all night welcome barbecue + cold beer portfolio it is induced by acute gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, high-risk foods, eating hot food, like hot milk, vegetables, lean meat porridge, staying up late due to accelerated consumption of both added protein, vitamins, but also nourish the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the stomach to avoid fasting , duodenum discomfort.

to drink pure water, tea, drink beer, eat fried foods, preserved foods, sausages and other salty or sugary foods. stay up all night the day dinner more choices of vegetables, fruits and other light food. light, easily digestible snack before acceptance of the gastrointestinal, such as fruit, jujube lianzi geng, sesame paste and so on.

world cup expression of the two

sedentary + fixed

a long time sitting in front of the tv watching position, many people feel the back pain. spine when watching the ministry of neck muscles in spasm long tension, is the main reason for this situation.

[expert weapon]

traditional physical therapy methods allows you to relax cervical and lumbar

hunan chinese with an expert said, watching, the best one hour of activity time, adjusting posture, neck massage, which is to eliminate neck department of fatigue is very good. chinese medicine can be used hot suddenly package, patching therapy, cupping therapy, traditional chinese medicine massage, therapy and other traditional chinese medicine steam fumigation treatment methods, to relax the rigid cervical and lumbar.