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men have to find time to add a little healthy oil five  2018-2-13 19:30


annual labour day, will ruqierzhi. three days a small vacation, many of my friends would like to take this festival to the hospital to be a "body maintenance" for

annual labour day, will ruqierzhi. three days a small vacation, many of my friends would like to take this festival to the hospital to be a "body maintenance", for their own health on the lock. however, after what the hospital can better service for friends, many people become friends of the problem. as living standards improve, people's quality of life and their own values ​​reflected in the increasingly high requirements. many people in order to gain more time to create more wealth and value, and gradually develop a fast-paced lifestyle. "fast paced" to some extent reflects the art of modern society and civilization, but also to the masters of modern society has brought a corresponding distress. long-term in a "fast-paced," the people, often in brain activity also continuous, fast state. overwhelmed by the life and work of the brain lack of proper rest and recovery, mental pressure, often produce psychological stress, heavy sense of anxiety and worry, in this state, health-frequency red, the city " fast men "or surge. ten male dorsal nerve selectively block the classical surgical indications for surgery, refractory premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, etc. ics painless circumcision for disease, phimosis, foreskin incarceration v + y autologous genital surgery indications, genital short, genital defects and other genital support implantation indications ed, ed and other functional laparoscopic varicocele ligation indications, bilateral varicocele transurethral prostate resection indication, prostate gland stones and other indications for laparoscopic fixation cryptorchidism, ectopic testis and other minimally invasive tension-free hernia repair indications hypospadias urethroplasty indications, the ministry of the scrotum, perineum vas deferens anastomosis indications, vasectomy , accidental trauma or surgery such as the vas deferens injury. men, want to say to you "man" is not easy to expert, scientific knowledge, but also early diagnosis and early treatment, the scientific standard treatment is the key. avoid blind conformity, into the life of awareness, treatment errors. clinical studies have shown that western physical therapy can only be alleviated to some extent from the phenomenon of premature ejaculation. with the development of medical technology, experts found that premature ejaculation is due to excessive primary genital dorsal genital overly sensitive to lead. the only practical way is to back the implementation of professional men and hospital patients to reduce selectively block nerve excitability, breaking the old threshold, re-establishment of a new reflex arc.