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skin file man's life where most go to 49 European and American street personality  2017-12-7 19:30


man's life where the most go 49

man's dream

1, tibet

insomnia was the first time there, because the defenders were guge pub song sang in his book on write down the first word is "star rain", the second word is "breathing."

2, polar

sixty to seventy degrees below zero temperature are not afraid of you, what the longest life winter?

3, berlin

toughest powerful city, just name it gives the feeling of heavy metals. buddhism was here to conquer the world thousands of words transformed into a totem.

4, sahara

your muscles can withstand fifty or sixty degrees celsius? can your inner passion burned hot than the sun?

5, the mariana trench

the world's deepest trench, to pearl mulang ma peak into them, but also not out of the water. so far, only a strange marine life to know what that world is.

6, drake passage

no one has crossed over this southern tip of south america and antarctica located between the world's most wide strait. it is something about 300 km wide and 970 km north-south. dare to try is successful.

7, the upper reaches of the yangtze river rafting

in the world's most famous rivers such as the amazon, nile, mississippi, among the yangtze river, the largest gap between the number of the yangtze river water, the most complex landscape, but also the most challenging. drift time, or a drift, life without shake. the best way is to raft, cattle kayaking.

8, central australia desert

not sydney, not the gold coast. camel in the desert of central australia is walking more than 400 kilometers, the u.s. national geographic magazine has been named the world's 25 most exciting tourism activities first.

9, the grand canyon

colorado plateau, geological museum, rivers disembowelling the earth, resting on the abundant sun exposure, exhibitions.

10, easter island

visited, thought about, this is the largest capital.

11, bermuda

life's most mysterious places, may be foreign to the human wisdom of a joke.

12, cairo

giant caesar there trying to conquer the world, only to fall in love.

13, athens

europeans say, athens is a place of human childhood played out. however, when you go to athens you will find here everything is old.

14, florence

the birthplace of the renaissance, a thousand years of medieval darkness to this end, the history of mankind's most one of the brilliant turning point.

15, venice

the protagonist is not a city person, but the water. a friend of mine had a dream, the flood inundated venice, people began to live in the water, and zhang out of the gills.

16, baghdad

"arabian nights" story from here talking about the world, speaking for thousands of years .

17, beijing

watch him.

18, jerusalem

1000000000 christians, 600 million muslims, and 10 million jews, who regard the the city considered holy, even if you are one in 1.1 billion buddhists, you also have reason for this great interest in a few square kilometers of the city.

19, moscow

in the western view, they are asians; in oriental view, they are westerners. russian blood in oriental wisdom and westerners have passion, you see the building in moscow, where contact with people, can make their own shuttle continuously between the eastern and western cultures.

20, istanbul

a canadian so well-known traveler said, i have possessed all of istanbul, including where the ancient sewer, i would rather stay inside for two days.

21, machu picchu

here was able to flash back to the recent extinction of a civilization.

22, angkor wat

the top of a monk in the temple overlooking the calm tony leung, crying in silence that in tallinn man. everything you ever been concerned about it.

23, xi'an

far east representative of the ancient civilization of cities, just cities, it has a direct impact on the beijing , seoul, tokyo. when it is the world's capital, other urban or barren.

24, nepal

because there are so many ascetic monks and happy with, which is suffering from the recent human of heaven.

25, rome

just a picture history of the colosseum is enough to make you emotionally, the historian hailed as "arealman (a real man)," the caesar on down here. it is a man of rome city.

26, kenya

in the east african savannah, the fascinating relationship between humans and animals, people and fascinating human relations, the relationship between man and nature, so we were surprised. there is a story that a man walking in the wilderness for several days and nights on the other also; they encounter a fork in the road, a magical scene occurred - they looked at each other, then their left.

27, texas

wayward tough cowboy. cowboy said drivers run into heavy traffic temper also pop up, diverge legs overturned a shot, and asked: "how is it ahead?"

28, el salvador

a laissez-faire experienced war correspondents here and love, and ultimately become responsible to pay the men. orie buddha. stone recorded these all so glamorous hollywood cold sweat dc.

29, the south pacific island

concluded that the indigenous people here, best to eat the meat of the french.

30, paris

the world's most respected art cities, the most respected woman of the city, as well as the world's most respect the dog's place.

31, san francisco

mood, atmosphere, enjoy the air are covered with microbial life.

32, lijiang

here some different from shanghai, the paris bar flavor, unlike the art of barkhor street in lhasa goods, and you can always feel always a little only in the passers-by.

33, casablanca

love very romantic place, but you'd better learn that song, "iloveyoumoreeachdayastimegoesby" , even if only in her ear tao gu, also done.

34, hawaii

you read the most trendy swimwear it? seen curves and reveals the three-point? do you experienced the pure natural naked beach? hawaii for tourists in terms of air will always have an anesthetic, so that men become simple and fun.

35, great barrier reef

one of the world's best diving, you can use the body to measure the depth of the sea.

36, the taj mahal

the king's life only married a wife, and her tomb to build the world's only one he was imprisoned when his son, said: "you take the throne, as long as i stay in a window, to see your mother's grave."

37, maldivian

water paradise is not important, important is that the world's slowest time to go places here.

38, las vegas

are not just gambling. this is an accordance with human will, in the desert on fabricated out of the city, including fountains and flowers, downright crazy uninhibited showing human nature.

39, new york

you may have seen an old man, wearing a red miniskirt, red high heels in the street twisting, no one stopped to onlookers. this will have only the new york landscape.

40, tokyo

ginza, the most modern and most ancient palace, the most open and most conservative vacuum kimono show , this constant flash of the dislocation will make people crazy. here is what you want, you do not want, too.

41, hong kong

who played strange corners of the city, the most secular and most alternative. manufacturing facility is a commercial film, but at the same time was the "ashes" became a metaphysical interpretation.

42, cuba

-out mixed culture, warm, clear, simple. at the same time there with three tough guy on a hemingway, where he completed the "old man", and later he shotgun into his mouth, pulled the trigger with a toe; the other is che guevara, a very professional revolutionaries he also killed; last alive, the body good, castro, a guard up the whole island gladiator, mainly to prevent the americans to the island commercialization, vulgarization.

43, switzerland

god's most favorite places.

44, columbia

bright poppy-like arrogant country, where the drug, the same as coca-cola beauties and man underworld relish.

45, venezuela

mass production of beauty - the most delicious ice cream man.

46, buenos aires

nostalgia and exile the land, tango is her soul.

47, cape of good hope

this life, you should go for at least one end of the world, feel the share of deserted and desolate.

48, ghana

accumulation of gold country, a woman's bra is pure gold.

49, space

is eternal dream, but now we do not space, because the tickets are too expensive, the per kilogram cost of an object into space, is said to be $ 50,000, our body weight of 60 kg. but who can guarantee that we do not, after 20 years? it is said that time the total cost of only about 20,000.