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Viagra can help relieve stress on the heart  2017-7-17 19:30


viagra can help relieve stress on the heart

international online news, and u.s. researchers recently also found that the drug of the new features - to reduce the harmful effects of stress on the heart.

according to the british "daily telegraph" reported on october 25, in fact, was that the male genital blood work before, had been originally viagra as a heart candidates for disease treatments.

baltimore, maryland, johns hopkins university school of medicine researchers found that viagra can indeed reduce the pressure on the heart damage.

course of the study, 35 adult volunteers subjected to drugs dobutamine (dobutamine) induced stress, and the staff is to measure the intensity of their heart. dobutamine increased heart rate by the intensity of this chemical and accelerate blood circulation in the body to simulate the stress caused by emotional or physical effects.

then, in the experiment, male volunteers and female volunteers were randomly divided in two groups, the researchers viagra or a placebo for their treatment. those who use viagra to treat them, their heart's contractions was reduced by half, from 150% to 75%.

this regard, this study leader professor david keith, viagra can be effective in reducing chemical stimulation of the heart; more about this (viagra effects on cardiac function) information, will allow people to viagra as a treatment for heart problems drugs and make more reliable evaluation. british heart foundation, dr charles 尔迈恩格里费思 said: "in the treatment of male impotence, the viagra was a real step forward. in fact, viagra blood pressure will affect this finding is not surprising - because viagra is known to everyone is an effective drug for impotence before the scientists had been reduced to its effects on blood pressure research. "