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skin, phimosis cosmetic surgery  2017-6-19 19:30


skin, phimosis cosmetic surgery

we say that the threat and incidence of male reproductive health in addition to high disease erectile dysfunction (ed), ejaculation disorders, the foreskin, phimosis is another common multiple of the disease, an average of every five men in one case the foreskin is too long, for every 20 men have a risk of phimosis. foreskin in the male reproductive organs anterior, tightly wrap the penis, is not only an important part of male reproductive organs, but also has important physiological significance. prepuce is the weak state of the penis, the glans completely surrounded in the skin of the penis after erection sufficient; glans the situation is still not fully apparent. phimosis foreskin is too narrow with the penis, the foreskin beyond the glans can not be exposed to a disease.

one hazard:

prepuce and phimosis disease in men stage a small ailments, but a wide range of so has the incidence of common, but also great harm, can not be underestimated, the foreskin is too long in the urine of patients after the last few drops of urine to drain easily, tend to accumulate in the foreskin, combined with the foreskin, glans necrosis of the cell surface and secretion of mucus material, rectum and perineum breeding pollution and other factors, in warm and humid environment can easily form a white film-like substance - smegma. smegma for a long time not thoroughly cleaned, it will on the foreskin, the glans irritation, and ultimately can lead to other diseases, such as balanitis, stones foreskin, the foreskin off the formation of the white pigment disease, induced premature ejaculation and penile cancer, local long-standing inflammation, immune dysfunction, but also through the dirty sex life more easily infected with gonorrhea, genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to the statistics.

phimosis more dangerous, more phimosis can lead to incarceration. that is, when the mouth is not small phimosis, penile erection, the glans occasionally exposed, but would like a narrow ring of the foreskin of the penis as the coronal department, the local blood circulation disorder, caused by incarcerated some distal tissue necrosis, can cause serious consequences. in addition, the foreskin can cause rectal prolapse, hernia, urinary retention and renal water and other diseases.

the impact of sexual partners, not only seriously endangering the health of male patients, but also through the sexual life of women used to come to harm. included in the sexual life of women into the vagina, can cause women vaginitis, cervicitis, long-term stimulation can also induce penile cancer.

second, treatment:

suffering from phimosis and phimosis, the clinical manifestations of some of the local inflammatory repeatedly to form packs and can smell dirt, so some patients will have their own take some antibiotic drugs, plus outside wash clean, this ad-hoc way although inflammation can be controlled quickly, but then after a period of time the above symptoms. but also because of the same antibiotic resistance, for fungal infections caused by balanitis, the use of antibiotics often make the disease worse, so the prepuce and phimosis for patients, the foundation must be clean and anti-inflammatory, surgery will be long foreskin or phimosis completely from the fundamental solution, which is the more effective way.

third, the surgical indications:

1) phimosis

2) repeated attacks of balanitis, phimosis, and other complications.

3) drugs and other ways beyond the control of refractory premature ejaculation.

4) smegma and smell more pronounced, and impatient adhere to cleaning.

5) circumcision of the foreskin for surgical methods are: 1, 2 surgery, laser resection in 3, improved surgical

fourth, the foreskin, phimosis cosmetic plastic surgery:

stem cosmetic plastic surgery, is the first hospital guangci male first initiated in the province, the latest improved operation type, it is damage, quick recovery, less bleeding, no pain, to avoid the traditional surgery and laser surgery to patients with a postoperative infection caused by bleeding, scar adhesions, difficult recovery and other negative effects, while the appearance of male genitalia the plastic surgery recovery, so beautiful, to improve the quality of life of men, praised by the majority of male citizens.