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[tennis fun] and "rookie" to enjoy the tennis  2018-1-13 11:30


text / mike ridge (in the united states tennis club ponte as director of the gulf) figure: like elton john's match against agassi, on the most suitable for specific points method in any case not a person play tennis, but it's hard to encounter casual players evenly matched opponents. or are you stronger than the opponent, or opponents stronger than you in suspense no outcome of the game, how to enjoy tennis in it? now, i will one example, describes a way to get your game to keep the intense scoring method. the first game: no matter how level the two sides, in accordance with the normal scoring rules, the original score of 0-0;

second game: if you win in the first inning, 1-0 lead, the council should take the initiative to the opponent a point to 0-15 behind the start;

the third: if you win in the second inning, 2-0 lead, the council again to a point opponents to 0-30 behind the start;

fourth inning: if you win in the third inning, 3-0 lead, the council continue to allow the opponent one point behind the 0-40 start;

fifth: if you are in the fourth inning to win 4-0 lead, the council must continue to make points, but as it has been let to the break point, so you automatically lose the fifth inning, so that the opponent pulled one way, the council divided into 4-1;

the sixth inning: we will start, you take the initiative to make the opponent one-third, behind the 0-40 start;

the seventh inning: if you lost in the previous bureau, a bureau recovered opponents, the score became 4-2, then the council can make the opponent a few minutes, 0-30 behind to start like this, when a strong man to win one for each bureau, the bureau will take the initiative in the next opponents to a point; weaker person to win a bureau, you can return at the next board the opponent a point. and so on, until the completion of a competition using this scoring method, the weaker party can only be matched competitive feeling, let the game more intense, but also help make the party stronger practice the key points scoring method demonstration

council office at the beginning of the next sub-scores

0-0 0 -0

1-0 0-15

2-0 0-30

3-0 0-40

3-1 0-30

3-2 0 -15

4-2 0-30

5-2 0-40

5-3 0-30

final score :6-3 casual folder is a package in addition to ious knife