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sale: Beijing golf cards, golf practice card Beijing - Sports Fitness Forum - Sohu Jiaodian Wang Beijing Station Forum  2017-4-21 19:30


beijing golf driving range to practice card, 5,200 yuan / year / zhang, unlimited golf smooth punch, send 7 rods and gloves, the capital of old 6 golf courses, would like to go to that go to that

1. in beijing six smooth play unlimited golf driving range.

2. presented a 7-iron brand, brand gloves, a

3. each card is limited to one person, limited time, the ball does not count the number of

apply to golf course:

1. beijing beiyuan golf driving range

2. beijing west hollow golf driving range

3. beijing cbd international golf club

4. beijing star golf driving range

5. beijing champion golf driving range

6. sky bow golf driving range

contact: li jinbo

smooth punch in addition to beijing golf class: 7800 yuan / year, unlimited smooth punch, the capital of six golf court card, gouka gift set of 13 clubs, golf bag and gloves.

beijing golf ball cards in mind: 2680 yuan / year, remember the ball cards, 10,000 balls, three can be used simultaneously, the capital of four golf card, gouka gift 7, a club and gloves.

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