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Jerry Robinson abdominal exercise method  2018-12-2 19:30


jerry robinson abdominal exercise method

jerry. robinson ("legend of the abdominal muscles," the author) and recycling of your abdominal muscles do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money in the facility. robinson said, you can get one of the larger muscles of the effectiveness. "as long as there is a mat and some can be used to hang things (tree, citrus medica son, horizontal bar) you can use them to recycling their abdominal muscles. robinson's program is his plan for a simplified version of the legendary abdominal exercises, which it's the most carefully designed in order to effect the results. 1. drape knees and abdomen (lower rectus abdominis exercise) hold the horizontal bar with both hands, grip slightly wider from shoulder to shoulder, legs straight, knees slightly bent, toes to the the next point on the ground. to tilt the pelvis upward, and then slowly move the legs to the highest point, do not arch the back during practice, but should remain natural. stay a second, then slowly down to the legs, then continue to repeat this action. rest for 10 seconds, then immediately start the next action. 2 supine leg tingshen (lower rectus abdominis exercise) supine, arms placed side of the body, stuffed into the palm of your hand below the hip (so you can make lower back throughout the course of the campaign to keep straight.) legs together, so perpendicular to the ground, knees slightly bent. head and shoulders from the mat on the lift, pulling the pelvis to the rib direction, slowly toward the trunk direction of the raised legs until your feet is located just above the hips up. forced straight legs, tingshen pelvis, as if you are using enough of the ceiling like feet, legs down to starting position and repeat this action 3. twist sit-ups (upper rectus abdominis exercise) supine, knees flexion, both feet, his hands gently supporting the head on both sides hold. legs, and feet shoulder width apart and slowly lift head and shoulders off the ground, bending the trunk to the left angle of 45 seats. reply in situ, and then in the same way so that the trunk bent at a 45 degree angle to the right and repeat this action when you feel tired, immediately start the next action. 4 sit-ups with bent knees (upper rectus abdominis exercise) lying on the ground, his hands gently supporting the head and hold on both sides, thighs perpendicular to the ground, big legs into a 90 degree angle. to keep the thigh with the ground vertical, as far as possible with the fastest speed of the head and shoulders off the ground. back to the starting position and repeat this action.