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they will make your legs thinner  2018-12-2 11:30


they will make your legs thinner

how to eat to make errands more slender symmetry? i believe you will be interested to know! in fact, whole grains, there are many readily available food, rich in nutrients required for beautiful legs, but often because the beauty of children with a partial eclipse, in the cold by the wayside. here not only to tell you what nutrients are essential for miss legs, but also insatiable offers 15 carefully selected food out of the legs. these foods not only cheap and everywhere, each showing beautiful attractions cherish your legs nutrients. lift basket, ready to plunder them for legs mei mei's food! department of basic - district 1 vitamin a lack of nutrients vitamin a in the end is the sebaceous glands, sweat gland function becomes weaker, gradually thickening the stratum corneum, the skin became dry. think about it, so that the legs of the united states get up? 2 vitamin e vitamin e can be decomposed fat, cholesterol accumulation. it can also prevent blood vessel barge, resulting in fat malabsorption, while preventing the loss of vitamin a. most importantly, it can promote blood circulation loss, so that fresh blood from the heart the most is also served in the leg, giving cells a new oxygen and nutrition. if the vein produces stagnation, along with the stagnation of tissue fluid, the legs tend to become rough zhuangzhuang. 3 potassium slender legs point is not to eat too much salt. in order to maintain a certain body of salt concentration, when excessive salt intake, the body will want to drink plenty of water, resulting in water accumulation in vivo. if so decreased renal function, will make lower body edema, edema formation of the puffiness. potassium salt metabolism in the body can help to improve the edema symptoms. 4 calcium the body about 1 kg of calcium, want to have straight legs, bone calcium is indispensable. calcium intake can affect the nerves of communication, cognitive development, and even muscle spasm. to reduce injuries caused by the movement of the legs, do not forget to add more calcium oh! 5 vitamin b is often fatigue or swollen legs, vitamin b1 can improve this situation, the lack of time or even get beriberi. vitamin b1 may be carbohydrates into energy, so people who like to eat dessert, particularly the consumption of vitamin b1. vitamin b2 can accelerate fat metabolism, body fat, too many people consider themselves, to add more vitamin b2. 6 we all know that cellulose fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, constipation with excellent effect. do not know will affect the abdomen, constipation, blood circulation, prevent the flow of lymph, so that the waste can not be successfully excluded, resulting in swelling of fullness below the waist. in addition to cellulose as a hotbed for the growth of intestinal bacteria, can promote vitamin b2, b6 of the growth, the decomposition of the fat has a direct and indirect help. practice division - food zone 1 seaweed vitamins a, b1, b2 seaweed in there, as well as minerals and fiber, regulating body fluid balance barnyard benefit greatly, like slender legs can not miss it. 2 sesame seeds provide the body of vitamins e, b1, calcium, particularly its "linseed oil" component can be attached to the vessel wall to remove cholesterol. before eating sesame seeds ground into a powder, sesame paste or direct purchase to fully absorb the nutrients of these legs oh! 3 banana banana calories a bit high, in fact, can be a meal to eat. it has special and more potassium, but very low in fat and sodium, in line with the nutritional needs of beautiful legs. 4 it is an alternative apple fruit, this calcium-rich fruits than the general lot of help out in vivo metabolism of excess salt. "apple" to metabolic heat to prevent the lower body obesity. the water-soluble fiber "pectin", to resolve constipation, diarrhea. 5 red beans inside it's "soda acid" component, increase gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation and promote urination, elimination of the heart or kidney disease caused by swelling. another cellulose, help the body excrete salt, fat and other waste, on the legs with hundred percent results. 6 papaya to eat too much of the fleshy, fat, easy to accumulate in the lower body, papaya proteolytic domains in su, pumpkin hormone, can help break down the fleshy, reduce the workload of the gastrointestinal, so sensual legs slow mantle more there are skinny. papaya pectin into play as well stabilize the digestive system function. 7 cool watermelon watermelon, with a diuretic element "acid lemon yellow pigment", so that the salt well with the urine, bladder inflammation, heart disease, kidney disease, but also a curative effect. in addition, many of its potassium content, it can not underestimate the ability of modified legs. 8 balls in the vitamin a, to give your legs smooth and tender skin, vitamin b2 can eliminate fat. other phosphorus, iron, vitamin b1, nicotinic acid, both on the removal of the fleshy lower body, there can not be wiped by the effect. 9 grapefruit unique "citric acid" component, so that metabolism is more smooth, low calorie fruit potassium content is in the top few. miss eager to join the ranks of legs, the first taste of grapefruit taste! 10 it has a lot of celery carbon glial calcium, easily absorbed, add the necessary calcium straight legs. celery heart yes, there are plenty of potassium, can prevent the phenomenon of lower body edema. 11xo zero fat xo, containing 0.1% protein, 7.4% of the water and rich in fiber and calcium, can make the smooth flow of the lymph glands under the abdomen, to prevent the legs become soft and fat. 12 spinach eat spinach can be more active blood circulation, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the legs, restore leg strength. fear of the legs dry rough skin, wrinkles earlier, please learn popeye eat spinach! 13 peanut the "king of vitamin b2," blair said, is rich in vitamin b2, niacin, is a high protein content, in addition to legs, but also liver disease caused by protein deficiency in the health food. 14 kiwi kiwifruit vitamin c is known to many, in fact, it is also very rich in cellulose content, fiber cone to absorb moisture expansion can produce satiety. in addition, fruit fibers break down fatty acids can increase the prime rate, to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker. 15 tomatoes and remove the pain it has a diuretic effect, prolonged standing beauty, you can more tomatoes to remove the leg fatigue. recommended as raw tomatoes, salad, fruit juice or can eat directly after the tomatoes after cooking, nutrition will be a substantial loss.