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how to create hot legs?  2018-12-1 19:30


how to create hot legs?

summer, skirt became the woman's favorite. or dress, or skirt, legs looming, how much tempting! however, in peacetime, our legs are often subjected to rougher treatment, or make them sedentary exercise, or to their nutritional imbalance, and so on, until they issued a warning of signal, pain, numbness, cellulitis ... .. ., the main course enlightened people turn here, elle legs give provide you with training methods, to appease the endless clamor of the legs at the same time, people can exercise to sell the side street the purpose of legs to it! to the beautiful summer dress, act immediately to create hot legs it the traditional massage method has its own system, its effect has withstood the test of time. principle, gentle press on the lymph nodes and blood vessels of the survey office to focus on massage in addition to discomfort site, the masseuse was far across the site of live, after a massage to eliminate swelling and heaviness. first received treatment massage per week 1 to 2 times after 1 month can be suitable for persons, to eliminate congestion, like painless massage person. air pressure therapy is comfortable, able to eliminate the swelling, but can not replace the manual massage theory, put on inflatable boots, long boots until hip and from the ankle to upper thigh for 20 to 30 minutes of air drainage in the treatment and it helps to clear the lymphatic system, improving venous return. therapists for different parts, such as ankle, calf, knee stress ... ... and pressure time to adjust. 1 treatment per week, totaling 5 to 6 times for those who experience the feeling of light and people want to fly! water gymnastics with the natural water pressure, is the best way to lift one leg discomfort principle, empty-handed, do weight-bearing or holding water, floating board training, including rhythm, speed and repeat the exercise and other projects. such therapy can enhance the flexibility of leg muscles; because the water temperature is below body temperature, but can contraction of blood vessels; hydro massage to promote circulation of blood and venous blood. 2 to 3 lessons per week of exercise time, after-school section, heavy feeling legs will be reduced. for those. hot water treatment if you often feel discomfort in the leg, venous and lymphatic circulation, except to go to hospital to receive treatment, spa area has a similar treatment for a period of 6 days. principle, enhance the flexibility of veins and capillaries every day for 4 different treatment times (bubble massage), massage pressure (bubble massage bath), shower and swimming, supplemented by manual lymphatic drainage and foot addition, and more drinking mineral drink is not without benefits. for those.