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know legs was born!  2018-12-1 15:30


know legs born!

if the human body is the creator of women in the most wonderful masterpiece, the most to reflect the youth fitness, charming and sexy that women's legs, especially the exquisite legs when the body when standing, the front leg slightly forward to answer the middle shows a convex ridge of bone, it is slightly curved outward with the group after triceps muscle of calf muscles bulging parts of the formation of plump, smooth, rounded and beautiful arc, so that the legs slender and straight, feeling quite slim. calmly legs lines show the pride of every woman. to make you have a double leg pretty fit, you must pay attention in daily life following training and maintenance - should be free to erect toes repeatedly, then down, so you can exercise foot muscles, tight calf lines, each got the best calf muscles some pain , my eyes and on the stairs (half a foot touch the ground) do better in the sitting watching tv when the feet move up and down, note the action to alternate feet to not less than 120 beats per minute the speed workout. the end , if the calf muscles feel tense, you can use heat, tapping or kneading method of recovery to relax and if the home is a wooden floor, as much as possible do not wear slippers to walk barefoot, soles of the feet can stimulate acupuncture points , for health occasionally the legs can lie flat on the move, which can promote blood circulation of the legs, to avoid unsightly varicose veins cause leg swelling and black and purple, pay attention to the legs should be straight, and stretch the body to maintain balance, with walls and sofa back could easily complete this recreational sport. after the bath, the water on the skin do not absorb too dry with a towel, then quickly rub on the leg in a clean moisturizer, especially at the ankles, then gently kneading the soles of the feet toes for 5 minutes, in addition to promoting blood circulation, the treatment of visceral disease is also very effective for a dry, rough skin powder off the legs of the phenomenon of skin and foot, in need of special care procedures turbid flood 40 degrees 10 minutes with the bath brush wash, towel dry water; skin thick parts of the mill can be used mask, dry wash; and coated with a thick layer of moisturizing cream, put on cotton stockings; rest a night, the next day perception will be different, so care for a week, and soon there will be a tender skin, muscular legs. good shoes daily maintenance required in principle to wear shoes a rest day after 3 days in the sun when the weather was fine dry in the sun, usually can use a dry cloth interior and surface of the shoe, and then placed in well-ventilated place. here are some of the daily care supermodel leg: 1, the use of massage oils, massage from the bottom up 2, when the half-sitting and lying relax, relax particularly large calf muscles, sleep at night, it will be slightly padded ankle, help to eliminate the floating swollen feet 3, playing foot machine is the most effective method of repair pretty legs 4 , keep the legs warm the easiest way is to cover the legs with a sweater 5, with 38 degrees of hot water, soak the red half-bath for 20 minutes; or live with wrapped legs for 20 minutes, so that leg sweat, help fat burning 6, while watching tv, while foot, it will not take up time 7, usually sooner or later go to work, walk home are 8, weight loss acupuncture for foot massage do.