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reproduce the three-step  2018-12-1 11:30


three steps to reproduce the legs

proud to have legs curve? a slimming product with a simple three-step, will allow you to reach an impossible task, and quickly became a family in early spring of the legs - - first steps to apply methods slimming solution (thin cream) wipe in the legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. came alive again in a chair on the floor, affixed to the back part of the ground, then lie down and lift up your feet in the chair. (as shown) the applied method, it is from the right leg with both hands gently from bottom to top by sliding back and forth, and then shot by the use of a substantial way from the ankle to waist massage, repeat 7 times complete this action later, followed by the left leg. --- exclude fat three steps step 1: first, sitting on the floor, the middle legs on the chair legs, and then go around the natural open his hands to the waist straight shore ground, you will find the thigh muscles due to this position and feel tight, massage techniques, so that the thumb and four fingers together and separate flat, then gently massage from the ankle to feel tight outer thigh area. prone to cellulite in the thighs and buttocks to connect the phenomenon of the site, will enhance the massage 2 to 3 times repeat step 2: legs stretch his legs outside, and then inward force and you will find the inner thigh muscles for this position and feel tight. massage, and other four fingers together while flat outer thigh massage from the ankle to the thigh area feels tight and repeat the massage movements 2 to 3 times. step 3: lying on the ground, legs propped up feet flat on the ground forced the hip, careful not to arch the back too much elevation and formation. feet on the floor, in the case of the back straight and lift the hips. with his fist around the hips while pressing tightening the abdominal muscles, massage techniques, hips and waist and abdomen on both sides of the bottom. end of the massage action, and then raised his head slightly. repeat the tightening of the buttocks muscles to relax, make a fist while pressing the buttocks.