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charming devil's slender legs cultural  2018-11-30 19:30


devil's slender waist and cultural

book of songs, said: "get fit lady, marty ", the so-called slim, slim graceful, its slender waist yan. da has, concubine of its appearance in the end we can not know how boston strangler, but we know that they must have an attractive figure, the waist is also yan will be fine. mermaid to palm dance, their waist size is insufficient profit, or place it across a man also asked her to live. poet in love proud possession of the home for two concubines, poetry, saying: "cherry pansu mouth, willow waistline ", xiao man because of its slim waist and pampered. when our ancestors used to describe beauty curl nana, fragile, dancing to, where is the waist width of body fat, probably only going to the toilet and to use a hand hug slender waist, ears breath, such as blue, swallows muttered, all the smelly men dream of things, the so-called "warm fragrant warm jade hold full of" i am afraid, is solidly hold a bunch of fat, but to hold the petite, fragile yi one was obese after by their own efforts to become slim lady said with emotion: "there are all of the fat woman and man isolated by his own fat isolation --- no matter how you, people always think you are a bit funny, like the fat woman born should be the object of ridicule. "" king love slender waist, the palace and more hungry people, "it is this traditional aesthetic and strong pursuit of beauty of women, making many women in order to maintain a beautiful body and tortured. do not like sports but why go running, like to eat snacks and snacks can only hope disappointed, weak restraint diet pills only help in the day, only eat a small amount of fruit and drink a few cup of boiling water, meat and gone in march i do not know, all about fat and pale. after hard work, and finally control the weight within the range of satisfactory, attractive slim, walking down the street lead to an envious eyes however, in the bitterness of one who is kept in the dark? really is a "weathered without some pain, which was put plum fragrance," which gives us liu, "a woman is difficult," the feeling more than a layer of understanding on the woman's punishment mo too much to her waist. two major threats to the waist, said birth, said diet. do not you see the coronation of britain's queen elizabeth ii, almost, everything is ready, but why blame her waist, she has given birth to two children, diet without restraint, be sure to wear the coronation of ancestral set of mangpao, it does not go in hard-wearing, helpless, only to lose weight, almost three months, drink boiled water and a small amount of orange juice, and a little bread. less food is so thin waist the root of the problem good law, then, greed gastronomy woe to the woman, god will make a dramatic change back. there is a fiction writer somerset maugham wrote his own youth fall through a shameful thing, when he was too poor to chink, dumping ask a claim to all of its female readers admired his dinner, such a ruhuasiyu young woman, he thought her to keep measurements --- in fact, is to keep the waist, must not eat, ms. mended this turned out to be a hungry cat, left to bowl, the right to one, her hand to eat, mr. mao mu side of the heart, such as trace and to pocket the money secretly calculated and later mr. mao mu said, god has finally avenged for him - - five years later to see her, she has been roundly like a fat ball. marx teaching: "the pursuit of beauty is a human instinct." with our chinese words, "beauty in everyone's heart the "men on the one hand the pursuit of beauty woman sigh hard, yet is full of desire for a beautiful woman, a woman who is born with the beauties of the content, appearance shame to spend months off, on foot and then the slender yan, speak measurements yan gourd is hung upside down, a woman with such a capital, life really has to eat and clothes to wear, so men are willing to give up her throne and fight world war ii. directed at such a charm, keep fit and eat bitter agenda for what really can be described as: "narrow pine does not regret, for the united states eliminate people to languish."