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narrow abdomen, use abdominal breathing  2018-11-29 19:30


narrow abdomen, use abdominal breathing

weight loss experts suggest that people who want to lose weight should try abdominal breathing. abdominal breathing is simple, up from the belly; exhale, the belly tightening, although just beginning may not be used, or even suddenly does not know how to breathe, but breathing on the one hand help to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting the body of waste discharges, on the other hand can flow smoothly, increases lung capacity. experts also remind people , as long as normal walking and standing, hard to narrow abdomen, with abdominal breathing, abdominal muscles will become tight, you can achieve weight-loss effect, perhaps before the twelve days would be very hard, take two steps on the road without conscious of the prominent belly, but as long as any to remind ourselves, "in order to reduce abdominal weight", a few weeks off, not only becoming more and more flat belly, walking is also more attractive, of course, in addition to abdominal contraction to walk outside, can not forget the appropriate diet to achieve weight loss goals.