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beautiful your shoulders and arms  2018-11-29 15:30


beautiful your shoulders and arms

remain zhi yao and lower my eyes to protect the back. and the hand-held weights 2 lbs or more (such as dumbbells), due to personal physical needs. exercise the shoulder muscles with both hands each carrying a heavy object, bend your elbows, shoulders flat on the side. held up both hands, and then restore. hand-rope move, the elbow, it should not move forward or backward tilt, and back straight, his hands, each carrying a heavy material, back out. with one hand flat on the contour and shoulder, then down, then flat on the other hand. exercise forearm muscle holding a weight in each hand, bent his hands to do the action when the arm flexion, elbow close to the waist on both sides. arm muscles after exercise zheng zheng open legs to stand, upper body bent forward, parallel to the ground back straight, not curved right hand supporting the knee in the right foot to maintain balance. the arm close to the body, the left elbow straight after, and then restore. push back, the free arm swing.