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body and wear slippers at home The legs do Step Aerobics exercise  2018-11-9 11:30


british gymnast and television star, ms. susan nadai de are focusing on the legs of fitness, she found, wearing slippers fit great on the legs benefit.

she said, if you wear slippers to walk a little loose, it will feel a little effort. because it will force you usually do not have access to use the leg muscles, toes must be "caught" in order to prevent the slippers off. the results, not only exercise the leg muscles, legs muscles to help coordinate activities, and promote blood circulation in the leg, the ankle can improve the shape. she believes that often have to wear slippers on the legs fit subtle effect, make the ankle, calf and thigh become well-balanced fitness.

susanna that if wearing slippers aerobics exercises for the legs, the effect will be better. to this end, she designed a set of legs to wear slippers to do exercise, clever use of the slipper effect.

practice one leg strength exercises.

preparation, hands behind the support, two tuiqu xi. feet flat, slightly separated

: 1. support with hands and feet, hips jerk as a "bridge" shape.

2. lift the heel.

3. put on the heel and heel together, the body fell vacant.

4-6. keep 3 of postures.

7. put down the heel.

8. to restore to the starting position. repeatedly to do to increase leg muscle strength.

practice two calf muscle exercises

preparation, two tuiqu xi reach, hands flat lap.

action; 1 slowly put his hands on the side of the body on the ground.

2. upper body and pour it into the semi-supine.

3. legs on the move, keeping the feet and slippers to wear condition.

4. legs continue to move into the body upside down on the state of the body center of gravity falls on the shoulders, legs as straight, feet wear tight slippers.

5-7. maintain the 4 position.

8. legs down to the starting position. to do repeatedly in order to exercise calf muscle.

practice three ankle exercises

preparation, hands place the side of the body natural, the legs on the move, feet about 15 cm, toe bandage straight.

: 1. heel turning outwards, toes inward try to be.

2-4 with 1.

5. toes turned outward, inward heel try to be.

6-8 with 5.

repeatedly do. this exercise will enable symmetrical ankle fit.

exercise four thigh muscles exercises

preparation, knees the legs, feet flat on the ground.

action: 1 one hand on the side of the knee, other hand holding the same side leg ankle pressure to the chest holding the thigh. after 3 shot with 1.

2. hold fast straight leg pressure. note. wear tight slippers. leg raise after 3 shot slowly upward, to the legs fully extended, and wearing tight slippers. the third shot with 2 4. no. 4 4 lower the legs slowly beat, restored to the starting position.

do the same for the other leg movements. this practice allows the thigh fit.