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moves easily out of you most care about sports coup of three kilograms  2018-10-11 19:30


you most care about sports coup out of three kilograms , you most care about sports coup out of three kilograms: with age, body fat also unwittingly highlights! lose several pounds of weight loss is not only cares, cares more about what parts to lose fat! whether you are a pear or apple-shaped body, minus 3 kg of fat can make you more attractive. i have apple-shaped apple-shaped body is the upper body than lower body obese people, the waist line is not obvious, round belly, looks sturdy frame. this mellow fat target three 1 kg copyright 1, tighten the upper arm movement back, shoulder width standing, right hand grip dumbbell or mineral water bottles lift straight up, then bent back arm, the arm stretched as far as possible, so lift, down 10 times. for the left do. 99 inside the upper arm to tighten health health museum, arms bent at the side of the trunk, such as running like a swinging arm, up and down motion 20 times. this tightening of the net from 99 healthy arm, holding a dumbbell in the chest to do the opening and closing movements, repeated 20 times. 2, diet copyright 4 large us arm of food. lemon, apple. tofu, low in calories and detoxification. enhanced metabolism, to thin the us arm will often eat. copyright 3, used copyright the face of the body skin of relaxation , in addition to exercise, moderate use of skin firming products, which could augment the "downsizing." copyright