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excessive masturbation can cause loss of calcium

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anonymous  Post time 2011-11-23 21:30:11 |!read_mode!
] masturbation is a common and widespread phenomenon, especially in young people. Masturbation itself does not cause any harm and adverse consequences. However, if excessive masturbation will lead to a number of orthopedic diseases.
Masturbation, both boys masturbate ejaculate, or a girl masturbate out of mucus, which are rich in calcium, excessive masturbation will inevitably result in the loss of calcium.
Once the lower level of calcium in the blood, the body will be mobilized through the parathyroid and other endocrine organs, "inventory" - bones of calcium into the blood, thus causing - Series lesions. The first is loss of bone calcium, bone density decreased.
Over time, will form the most upsetting of osteoporosis. Second, a large number of bones into the blood calcium, calcium concentration, stimulation of hormone called calcitonin secretion increased, the formation of bone hyperplasia.
According to the author in the long-term observation of clinical practice, and now the young cervical spondylosis, lumbar phenomenon increased, largely young masturbation with calcium deficiency, and not sit a long time to maintain a posture-related activities. This has seriously affected the young people's health and growth and development, should cause parents and friends attention. And pay attention to prevention.
Majority of young friends, be sure to pay attention to physical exercise, sitting desks and computer time not too long, but try not to masturbate.
In addition, milk can be calcium, young people are in the developmental stage of bone, can drink a glass of milk before going to bed every day, so that calcium-rich bone growth in time to reach into the body parts and promoting new bone calcium of maturity, can prevent bone proliferation and bone the incidence of osteoporosis, but also to promote growth,'s sense

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anonymous  Post time 2012-2-22 22:03:01
usual, then eat less spicy food, more exercise, not smoking and drinking
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