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over 40 legs and feet numbness, look

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45-year-old teacher was a taxi driver Liu, this summer it's the most difficult summer. Because of hot weather, he drove more than 10 hours a day, open air, which makes his legs often cold numbness. Night, returning home from the parking place less than 100 meters away, he go 10 minutes, take a moment to feel stiff legs a rest stop before continuing to walk. To make the legs a little more comfortable, home he washed with hot water, sometimes a red is a half-hour. Not only that, he was often at night leg cramps, for which he also ate a lot of calcium. After the beginning of autumn weather is cool and thought no air conditioning like legs, but the situation is getting worse, Master Liu recently felt sitting in the car does not move the leg pain, can walk the distance is shorter than in the past. He first orthopedic hospital treatment, did not find bone and ligament lesions, but also to the neurology clinic, and no significant neuropathy. Experienced vascular surgery doctor advised him, he came to the city hospital vascular surgery clinic days, after lower extremity arteries with color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis of lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, and his series of leg discomfort were lower extremity arteries multiple lower limb ischemia due to stenosis. Currently the disease can still be through intervention or surgical treatment, such as leg ulcers may be left unchecked, can eventually amputation. Period in preparation for surgery, routine preoperative examination revealed abnormal blood sugar level Master Liu, fasting blood glucose of 11 mmol / l (normal less than 7 mmol / l), two hours postprandial blood glucose 18.2 mmol / l (normal less than 11.1 mmol / l), further confirmed the Master Liu is a diabetic, diabetes is his lower extremity arterial occlusion of the culprit. The city day and Vascular Surgery Director Li Junhai told reporters in the past 60 lower extremity arterial occlusive disease in people over the age of high-fat, but 40-year-old in recent years more and more young people, more than 80% of them are diabetes, and most of them are the same as before treatment and Liu master did not know they are suffering from diabetes, although some knew but never treated blood sugar exceeded. Currently, inpatient surgery in the more than half of patients with diabetes, 40 years old accounted for 1 / 3. Modern medicine has proven that, in addition to the age factor, diabetes, lower extremity arterial occlusive disease has become the most important risk factors, lower extremity arterial occlusive disease because of its high-disability has become one of the most serious complications of diabetes. Li Junhai to remind young people in 40-year-old, cold and numb leg swelling occurs, difficulty walking or leg pain at night be sure to look up blood sugar, once diagnosed with diabetes, vascular status should attention. Diabetic patients is generally recommended once a year lower extremity artery color Doppler ultrasound examination, and early detection of vascular disease.
Sugar Friends of the disease 11 times higher than ordinary "three high" plus five years of smoking on the leg
anonymous  Post time 2011-5-24 19:10:02
Li Junhai that lower extremity arterial occlusive disease is the most common diabetic vascular disease, because atherosclerosis leading to stenosis or occlusion of blood vessels caused by insufficient blood supply to the local body. Disease in patients with diabetes than those without diabetes high 11 times, 50 to 70-year-old high, and extend the duration increased with age, the incidence rate increased male prevalence than women. The smoking habit, while hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar in men with diabetes duration of more than 5 years the disease may occur. With the growing number of diabetes, they will suffer decline, lower extremity arterial occlusive disease has become increasingly evident trend of younger, 40-year-old patient has been unusual.
  Arteriosclerosis obliterans of the early symptoms of cold legs, legs temperature apparent inconsistency. Further development of the disease into the limp period, that patient calf muscle pain when walking a little stiff after the break, the pain go away, continue to walk the same symptoms appeared. Master Liu is in the summer state of intermittent claudication. At this point if not timely intervention, will enter the period of rest pain, manifested as severe cold lower limbs, numbness, pain even when not walking, pain at night often, most patients seek medical treatment at this time, but also to get surgery. Finally, gangrene period, severe lower limb ischemia, leading to black necrotic leg ulcers or toe, this phase patients often face amputation. Diabetic amputation in patients with arteriosclerosis obliterans of the share is very high. Leg cramps calcium own health counterproductive hot feet adversely affected by illness
   Li Junhai said, long-term high blood sugar cause damage to the arteries occurs in most patients with diabetes leg pain symptoms, severe cases may develop lower extremity arterial occlusive disease. Some diabetic patients after lower limb pain is often thought that the age, environment and other factors of bone and joint diseases. With the development of the disease, will be the same as Master Liu to take some self-care measures to alleviate the pain, but these measures are often incorrect accelerate the process of lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, or cover up the symptoms, which adversely affected by illness, so missed some of the best diabetes treatment period.
  First of all, Master Liu leg cramps are actually lower extremity arterial occlusion of the early symptoms. The impact of advertising by the health care products, in the treatment of lower extremity arterial occlusion, more than half of patients have cramps in the performance, but almost everyone's first reaction is that a calcium deficiency, diabetes, and in fact over the age of 60 leg cramps at night mostly lower extremity arterial occlusive disease response. This is because many of these people have the phenomenon of atherosclerosis, narrowing of lower limb vascular insufficiency, poor circulation, the situation is more common. When the activities, muscle contraction and relaxation of the legs squeeze blood vessels, speed up blood flow, leg still capable of maintaining normal blood circulation; rest or sleep, leg blood flow slows down, blood metabolites can not be taken away in time, accumulate in the leg muscles to achieve a certain concentration, they stimulate muscle contraction, the occurrence of leg cramps phenomenon. Leg cramps in the elderly is recommended before haste calcium, preferably to the investigation of vascular disease after surgery supplemented later than.
   Secondly, Master Liu is also a cold leg numbness main symptoms of lower extremity arterial occlusion, and a considerable number of old people will be classified as a cold leg, so hot foot bath or massage to choose health care, everyone knows that diabetes is extremely dangerous. Patients with diabetic lower limb ischemia is usually insensitive limb nerve, likely to cause burns or ulceration due to undetected infection, and worse, may lead to serious amputation.
  Strict control of blood sugar to prevent diabetes, arterial occlusive vascular ultrasound done every year.
anonymous  Post time 2011-5-31 00:11:01
Li Junhai that lower extremity arterial occlusive disease is an incurable disease, patients with early stage through the drug has now greatly delay the progression of the disease, patients with rest pain period can balloon, stent, bypass grafts for treatment, etc., but there are certain recurrence rate. As a highly debilitating disease, diabetes and high-risk population, so once diagnosed with diabetes should actively prevent lower extremity arterial occlusive disease. The first is to actively cooperate with medical control of blood glucose, blood lipids and blood pressure, to the maximum delay time of lower extremity arterial occlusion, and to establish a healthy lifestyle, focusing on regular daily exercise in particular, to walk, a reasonable and balanced diet, quit alcohol limit. Recommended diabetes regardless of age, once every year, Doppler vascular ultrasound, the sick more than 5 years will be carried out once every six months ultrasonography. Once the walking leg discomfort, intermittent claudication in time to rule out lower extremity vascular surgery of arteriosclerosis obliterans. Once diagnosed with lower extremity arterial occlusion, in the active treatment, we must pay attention to weight control, walking pace not too fast and so on. Limb to pay attention to insulation, to keep feet dry and clean, wash cutting nails, wearing the appropriate footwear to prevent lower limb injuries.
anonymous  Post time 2011-5-24 19:10:02
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