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scrotal hernia treatment recommendations

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anonymous  Post time 2011-7-26 10:00:19 |!read_mode!
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Condition Description: I am 30 years old, 8 years old when I found myself suffering from hernia and later, accompanied by their parents go to the local People's Hospital, the doctor recommended surgery, but parents worried that I too will affect the future fertility it has not been the operation. drag on until now, I now have their own children, I ask no one under my hernia surgery there any good way to treat my hernia is lying on the force is to highlight the retracted abdominal cavity, ask surgery can not do, what the best method
anonymous  Post time 2012-12-2 21:18:06
Hello, there is no other way, hernia surgery is the best treatment in children. Generally begin with general anesthesia, the method adopted ligation, surgical safety and the time is not long. If hernia, early treatment should prevent the contents of the hernia sac occurs incarceration, increased surgical difficulty and danger of life. The scrotal edema, can be observed from one year old, and then disappear without surgical treatment; subject to careful follow-up examination, pay attention to the possibility of hernia formation. I wish a speedy recovery.

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