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How to improve the penis erection angle?

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anonymous  Post time 2011-7-13 14:30:07 |!read_mode!
Gender: Male Age: 30 Disease description: penis angle is not very satisfactory, less than 90 degrees, is there any way to increase the angle of erection? Before the penis larger than the rear, the rear may be due to not support the weight of the front elevation so difficult, how to make the roots stronger? Some physical methods is best, thanks!

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anonymous  Post time 2012-12-5 17:57:01
hello, the angle of erection problems, different from individual to individual differences, each person's erection angle is also different. Erection angle size and the pressure inside the penis size. In general, men 20 years old, the erection angle is the largest. Erection angle between the individual man there is a difference, but most of the man's penis erection angle is greater than 90 degrees (horizontal up). Most of the 120 degrees -130 degrees. About 10% of the men in the penis when it is close to the belly, and another 5% of the erection angle is less than 90 degrees (down). Generally, to complete sexual intercourse, and can get sexual gratification, are normal. Therefore, we recommend that you do not worry, I wish you good health
anonymous  Post time 2012-12-5 18:00:01
enhance physical exercise and diet
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