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Ask the fibula head bone marrow edema

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anonymous  Post time 2011-6-11 13:30:02 |!read_mode!
disease description (main symptom onset): a month ago, occasionally running a step back on that knee pain, especially up and down stairs is very painful. Stickers affixed balm after a few better, but now will go a long knee pain.
And effects of treatment:
How do want to help:
Do MRI results (only the left knee, left knee because of more pain): Left knee bone structural integrity of various components, like the origin of the fibular head can be seen long T1, T1 signal, before and after bilateral collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, medial and lateral no abnormal signal meniscus, joint capsule can be seen a small amount of fluid, soft tissue no obvious abnormalities.
Diagnostic imaging: head of the fibula bone marrow edema
A medical diagnosis and treatment of paradoxical, that is no big problem, and if you still feel the pain point of ointment applied.
I would like to ask orthopedic surgeon, which is caused by what? I'll pay attention to what aspects of the problem, I usually exercise much, and what relationship this has ...
There painted cream can cure it? This is not to cure it, because I am now more than half an hour to walk knee began to hurt, and very depressed.
anonymous  Post time 2012-11-30 09:24:01
1. in the long T1 MRI signal does not seem to explain the edema; edema is a typical short T1 and long T2 signal.
Recommended that the full report made over magnetic resonance.
anonymous  Post time 2012-11-30 09:27:01
1. to reduce the walking up and down stairs, climbing and other activities;
(2) maintain the new knee joint stability using.
3 for isometric quadriceps training; swimming is good exercise;
4 severe symptoms when oral analgesics and topical plaster symptomatic treatment.
anonymous  Post time 2012-11-30 09:30:02
Dr. Tian: Thank you very much:) I did not expect you so soon replied in detail.
I just made is the full report of magnetic resonance ...
Other things I did not write
The equipment is Siemens Avento, check the name of the left knee MRI, scan
You need to look at what magnetic resonance of the film, I upload the next try, see if I can see
anonymous  Post time 2012-11-30 09:33:01
Dr. Tian: I passed three magnetic resonance of the film, trouble you help me find, thank you:)

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