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effect of laser treatment of underarm odor

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known local Osmidrosis, Chinese medicine, said body odor. Apocrine secretion of the body of organic material, bacterial decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids arising from the special smell. To arm the most common, occur in young women, sweat glands gradually shrink after menopause, underarm odor will gradually subside.
Laser treatment:
Mainly through the laser thermal effect, the large sweat glands, hair follicles and affiliated organizations dehydration, protein denaturation coagulation necrosis, loss of secretory function, for therapeutic purposes.
Preoperative treatment: shave armpit hair, conventional disinfection with 1% lidocaine solution, local anesthesia, using the CO2 laser or Nd: YAG laser treatment can be.
(1) CO2 laser treatment of underarm odor approach: the patient supine, ipsilateral upper extremity elbow up, CO2 laser skin 2-3 cm away from the blade to the energy of the laser beam, in the armpit region burst into small holes, exposure time 3 - 4 seconds, under the appropriate depth Bag. Distance between holes 3-4 mm, evenly covered the entire armpit area, as far as possible apocrine destroyed.
(2) Nd: YAG laser treatment of underarm odor Methods: In anesthesia, the hand-held optical output power of 25 watts, in the armpit area vertically into the skin, like interpolation rice seedlings, and so do the arrangement of uniform vaporization holes, holes of distance between 3-4 mm.
Postoperative treatment: CO2 laser treatment of postoperative axillary area of ​​skin may come off, the healing time of 2-3 weeks. Treatment, especially in the summer, after more should be properly addressed. Surgery coated with moist burn ointment, covered with a dressing, the dressing was changed daily. He-Ne laser local irradiation to reduce tissue reaction, prevent infection, accelerate wound healing. The best time to treat underarm odor, late autumn, winter and early spring appropriate. Nd: YAG laser treatment of underarm odor, postoperative response to light, high efficacy, compared with CO2 laser treatment is superior.
Iraq Mayer shaping Expert Tip: underarm odor is that people do not want to mention the topic, underarm odor patients should pay more attention in this regard, the choice of treatments at the same time, the first effect, side effects, harmful to humans, without causing skin contracture method. Patients during the laser treatment, we must consult the relevant experts note, food taboos, or after protection issues to ensure postoperative treatment.

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