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privet leaf spot


privet scientific name Ligustrum lucidum Ait. Alias ​​Rieng wood , holly , wax tree . Large shrub are Oleaceae . Fruit used as medicine. With nourishing the liver and kidney , UFA Tomorrow efficacy . Northeast , north, central provinces and the Yangtze River to the south has planted . main

edit this paragraph symptoms leaves in leaf lesion round to nearly round , sizes 2 -6mm , central light brown around the edges of color depth , sometimes students a small amount of brown small dots on the lesion , that pathogen conidia .

edit of this paragraph the pathogen Phyl10sticta ligustri Sacc . Said privet Phyllosticta , is a semi- known bacteria Amon fungi . Conidia born in foliage , early buried Health , scattered or Poly Health , after a breakthrough in the epidermis exposed , convex mirror-like , the size of 72 - 88 μm . Conidia nearly oblong, Aeromonas colorless, within oily ball 2 , the size of 5-7 × 2.5-3 (μm).

edit the route of transmission and incidence conditions bacteria summering or wintering conidia in diseased leaves next spring conditions are suitable for to produce conidia primary infection and re- infection . The rainy or humidity Italy its onset .

edit this paragraph control methods before the onset of chlorothalonil WP 700 times or 1:1:160 Bordeaux mixture spray 75% , 30% Green was Paul SC 400 times .

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