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quadruple therapy


quadruple therapy for endocrine disorders , decreased attention , whole body acid hardship weakness , breast tenderness , breast hyperplasia, irregular menstruation , dysmenorrhea , to less facial melasma , ovarian cysts , annex inflammation , infertility disease , hot and humid place due to excessive vaginal discharge , abdominal pain , genital itching intractable incurable diseases therapy . Mainly include the following :

edit this paragraph row the Shugan line gas , the gas the xue line

edit this paragraph the warm blood roundabout cold condensate the temperature the General Clauses line

edit this paragraph bloodletting to put applications motherland medicine , so that the body of toxic evil to outside the divergence .

edit this paragraph push to clear the body meridians , blood General Principles of Yin and Yang Ping , such sub-health , endocrine disorders completely cured .

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