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movement, one involving the strength and skills to be bound by a set of rules or customs activities, usually competitive. The movement is inherent in the nature of the substance and existence is inherent in the fundamental properties of the material, there is no movement of material, also did not leave the material movement. Movement with conservation, ie movement can neither be created nor be destroyed, its concrete form is diverse and mutual transformation, the total amount of movement in the transformation. the head of

word: sports sports happy

Pinyin: yùn dòng

English: Sports/Exercise

basically explained:

1, [Arrange things through pull]: In order to achieve a particular purpose running the currying

: cat revolves launched a variety of sports brought unprecedented disaster, to the suffering of the Chinese.

2. [Raise]: to spend time; ready

the heart want to, and so some banknote hand, good to go exercise. - Two carved Pai An Jing Qi "

3. [Arouse]: agitation

since returning after the original want to go to the movement of the government to do a career. - "Negative exposure chat

5, [the Move; Turn around]: running rotation

penalty line day and Shun Yin and Yang movement. - The new language

6. [Utilize; Put to use]: using

husband the prime minister Movement pivot pole. - "Han"

7. [Motion]: the object position changing phenomenon

linear motion

8. [Sports]: the body to promote good health the activities


9. [Movement]: open to the masses to spread some kind of ideological the the insights' the mass activities

road protection movement

detailed explanation of the source

1. Run the move.

Han Dong Zhongshu rain hail: "circumflex movement, more relative dynamic thin." Song Zeng Gong "The Xie Xining eight-calendar Ribiao": "stealing to cure calendar in the middle, so observe the movement of the day; classes are on the outside, so the degree of implementation of a king. "Gods," the fourth six: "sports heaven and earth upside down management, transfer of the sun and the moon each other tomorrow." Sun Yat-sen "populism" Lecture: "That machine can occur 100,000 horsepower , movement of the ship, which is the strength of the mechanical body. "

2. Utah action. the

Han Lu Jia '· Shenwei ":" If Tang Wu the Prince of Yilv the minister, the day the line penalty, Shun Yin and Yang and sports. "Liang Shu Houjing pass": "Chen was Xie ancients, in fact, quite more things, ask the people to mobilize people, his childhood and long less to the sport, multi-pains. "Lu Xun" New Stories · from the dead ":" or Mo nosy strike, coming Chu shop and go to your own movement. "

3. Operation; rotation. the

"Sui Shu astronomical annals": "Liang Hualin heavy cloud Dianqian home copper instrument ... moving thing that, like a day trip. the Ching Lee Doo" Pleasure boats recorded Grass River recorded ":" So far The wooden crane surviving, provided the first movement, given time. "Sun Yat-sen" livelihood 'first lecture: "Recently, the foreign use of waterfalls and flood hydraulics to movement generators, the occurrence of a great power."

4. That the person or animal. the

"the Taiping Era" Volume II the Tang Yan Shigu Great Supplements Hutchison · Water ornaments Figure by twenty-six cited: "Muren two Chixu, clothing Qiluo, installed Jinbi, and for hybrid beasts Ichthyornis , able to exercise, such as health, line with Qushui. Zhang Tianyi "transitional · Pao and his son" Romance of the Three Kingdoms "seventy-five chapters: the original arrow drugs, poison is Life bruised right arm and can not play sports." Fourth: "He wants to foot hand sports a fun."

5. Running activities to achieve a particular purpose. Volume fifteen

"ZHUAIYULE": "Another example for commercial must arrange many Choi this before, the only movement; Choi this age support, movement without the" strange situation "Twenty years have witnessed Fifty-five back: z Gou Floor {later sports officialdom, what packets received donations, enjoy exploitation. "Ding Ling" Dream Ke ":" all day cockfighting cursory hundred acres, until you look at the Get ancestral heritage Tian spent all, can not do anything but to go to sports official. "

6. Waving; dancing. The thirtieth

"Heroes": "Liu Ji, Gordon station, the five parties under the banner, press party movement, issued three sound of gunfire, hit a three-way drum, the Zhujiang all the audience listen up." Jiang Guangci I was a proletarian "poetry: the hand can sport flying Pen Dragon mouth can do Liger like call roar." Mao Dun "Midnight" Seven: "He mechanically moving his knife and fork."

7. Utah cast.

"Journey to the West", the third two back: "Show Your Teng that well-behaved, the movement of God machine carefully to ensure you a master; if neglect some children, the Western Paradise Road Mo you want to have." "Ancient and Modern Novel · Zhang Ling Road seven test at equal The: empty facilities trick handsome devil, devil in vain hero, who knows Avenue have supernatural powers, a spiritual movement. "

8. Launch; mobilization.

Chan Siu-white "Revive China Society history of revolution to be": the time Taiwan cut to Japan is not a long time, the Japanese government fear the Chinese movement Taiwan Ren oppose him, so imports of checking Chinese people, very demanding. "Cai Yuanpei" poor children homes and poor children education relationship ":" now there is no such organization, the movement others, they also refused to believe. "Lu Xun" set outside the set and proofreading Postscript ":" to say to that letter, my movement, Mr. Duff together translation out, it is not only time. "

9. The sports activities. Bingxin "Superman ·

away from home a year": "He sports over the ankle injury to play football, lying a few days, my heart is very tough." Qin Mu "long streetlights language, life is movement": "Let's everyone to remember these words: life is movement. the "Xinhua Monthly 1952 7:" the development of sports, enhance people's health. "

10. Military term. Moving forward.

Liu Baiyu "flat the Ming Xiaozha · Venus": "Artillery did not dare to launch, I wonder if our sport to where Ru Zhijuan Lily:" We are more than a dozen stretchers crowded in an alley The prepared to movement forward. "Sun Shaojun" "fire" me ":" two rows of enemy, from the second and fourth goals, four points moving me up, fired! "

11. Refers to political, cultural production organized, purpose and scale of the momentum of the larger mass activities. the

Liang Qing Dynasty academic Introduction: "Where the zeitgeist, all made by the mass movement 'to continue'." Jia Zhifang "under": "he is not genuine soldiers at first and I had worked as the student movement in Peiping together of. "Liuqing" Pioneering "Chapter XI:" Zengfu brothers! since a movement to, your brother busy day and night vain side Sun Li "show exposed set · Keming preface:" carrying This bear the blame, after the movement since 1966, its hardships encountered is conceivable. "

12. Philosophical category. The presence of substances in the form of its inherent properties. It includes the universe, everything changes and the process, from simple movements to the complexity of the human mind.

Mao Zedong's "On Contradiction": "contradiction is a simple form of exercise (such as mechanical movement), more complex movement forms the basis." Ai Siqi "dialectical materialism, historical materialism" Chapter two : "dialectical materialism that the movement is a fundamental property of the substance can not be separated any one form of the material is in motion, the movement is the most fundamental form of material existence." Ba Jin "sink": "like all the movement has stop, the world has been plunged into a state of rest, its end will come soon. "


1. Run the rotation

2. Day line penalties, Shun yin and yang movement. - The new language

3. Use

4. Cardiff prime minister moving pivot pole. - The Later Han

5. Object position changing phenomenon

6. Linear motion

7. Physical activity can promote good health

8. Volleyball

9. To publicize some thinking to the masses, the insights, the doctrine of the mass activities

10. The retaining Road movement

edit this segment of sports science terms and concepts is a process involving the strength and skills to be bound by a set of rules or customs activities, usually competitive.

characteristics of movement is inherent in the nature of the substance and existence, is inherent in the fundamental properties of the material, there is no movement of material, also did not leave the material movement. Movement with conservation, ie movement can neither be created nor be destroyed, its concrete form is diverse and mutual transformation, the total amount of movement in the transformation.

process of the human in the process of movement, the body structure as your movement changes, thus enhancing their own constitution, so the sport is an activity of human beings can not be separated from one.

edit the benefits of physiology: 1. Physical exercise is conducive to the growth of human bone, muscle, improve heart and lung function, improve blood circulation system, respiratory system and digestive system functioning condition conducive to the growth and development of the human body, improve disease resistance, enhance the organism's ability to adapt.

2. To reduce the chances of children suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases in adulthood.

3. Physical exercise is one of the most positive and effective means to enhance physical fitness.

4. You can reduce your risk of premature entry into senescence period.

5. Physical exercise can improve the regulatory function of the nervous system, improve the nervous system intricate changes in the ability to judge human activities, and make timely coordination, accurate and rapid response; makes the body to adapt to changes in the internal and external environment and maintain the life activity of the body's normal .

psychologically: 1. Physical exercise can improve physical and mental state, has the role of regulating the body tension, restore strength and energy;

2. Physical exercise can improve health, the fatigue body active rest, people energetically engaged in learning, work;

3. Relaxation, help sleep and to eliminate reading brought pressure

4. Physical exercise and character cultivation, maintain a healthy state of mind, and give full play to the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of the individual, to improve self-confidence and values, get healthy, harmonious development of the personality in a harmonious atmosphere;

5. Physical exercise in collective projects and competitions can be cultured human solidarity, collaboration and collective spirit.

summarizes juvenile important turning point towards a mature physical and mental development of a person's life, then you will be surprised to find unprecedented changes in the physiological and psychological aspects and feel, and I grew up. With the improvement of people's living standards and cultural qualities of the "Heart of beauty in everyone.", We want the sport to thrive, keeping fit in motion.

edit this paragraph sports the pyramids sports pyramid (Sports Pyramid), strength training twice a week in the movement of the top of the pyramid. Strength training can make bones strong, hard, muscle metabolism. Strong muscles also helps burn more calories to lose weight, this is very useful, in fact, this movement will not only reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and other Some diseases play a good role in prevention. Can do this kind of movement once completed, can also be decentralized. Such as every 10 minutes, do a total of 3 times. If it is to lose weight, daily exercise time can not be less than one hour.

first layer: life movement. Views: several times a day. Hours: Daily accumulated more than 30 minutes. Intensity: Moderate. Such activities include walking, climbing stairs, cycling to work, gardening, housework, shopping, shopping. One of the best in this walking, cycling and gardening. If you usually do not have the opportunity to do the gardening, and more walking and cycling can persist for more than 30 minutes each time, the best. Housework, washing windows, mopping the floor, washing clothes can play a good exercise.

second layer: stretching exercises. Views: 5-7 times a week. Time :6-10 action, each for 30 seconds. Strength: extended to a taut sense. Such movements, including yoga stretching action, calisthenics. Should do the stretching of the neck and back office workers, such as standing against the wall, his hands along the wall to extend upwards "climb the wall movement; fist stretching his hands behind the back; hand over his head, waist after bending, stretching abdomen.

third layer: aerobic exercise and recreational sports. Views: 3-5 times a week. Time: 20 minutes each. Strength: medium to high. Aerobic exercise jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, aerobics, aerobics; recreational sports including tennis, basketball, golf and other ball games. Such movement can cardio, recreational sports can cultivate sentiments. Heavier weight, may be preferred to swim, in order to reduce the weight-bearing joints.

fourth layer: muscle movement. Views: 2-3 times a week. Time: 10 action as a group, do the 1-3 group. Strength: slightly more than the muscle load. Including weight training, sit-ups, push-ups, pull tape. Muscle strength training everyday life is most likely to be ignored. Aerobic exercise has little effect on the muscle, so a week to take time out for special forces training. Suitable for day-to-day training, sit-ups, vertical and horizontal brace (do a push-up, then the legs, stand up, and then repeat the action), also can be used for some of the upper extremity weight-bearing exercises dumbbell.

fifth floor: a static activity. Do not more than 60 minutes continuously. Such activities include watching TV, playing computer work, although sitting energy consumption, but the amount is very small. The best sit 1 hour up activities. For example, office workers, provisions came back each Shangwancesuo station 3 minutes, or cook a set of stretching exercises. [1]

edit this paragraph Movement To moderate "Life is movement, it can shape our strong body, and enhance our ability to fight disease. However, in terms of the human body, the movement is

the sport Photos (11)

limit exceeds this limit, people may not only useless, but harmful [2].

American neuroscientist Justin Rhodes in the study found that the brains of rats that exercise addiction than normal mice ran slow response. The report is published in the journal of neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience. Thus Rhodes pointed out that the movement beneficial to the brain, but also should be in moderation. "[3]

why the movement is a science?

animals should be movement. However, we must analyze specific issues, some people you can not play sports or not strenuous exercise: just done a major surgery, severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, just toiling all day, poor health, malnutrition, etc.. Important philosophy of the "middle way" means the right amount and degree of relaxation. For most people, too little exercise or excessive is harmful. Some people listen to the experts, said: "walk 10,000 steps every day, the results after three months in hospital, stagnant water due to excessive movement knee. Held in Guangzhou in November 2012 the marathon two young men died due to strenuous exercise. Due to excessive exercise pathogenic, the death of a lot of people. Everyone is different physique, exercise, exercise must be personalized, scientific and personalized scientific movement must be decided according to their physique. Strictly speaking, exercise and diet, are a personalized science. Beijing physically and mentally Chi, director of the Institute of Medicine, nutrition expert Zhang Jinbo said: "personalized scientific movement should be technical inspection body through scientific nutrition lack of nutritious food surplus or excess nutrients to determine how much each person exercise, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies is absolutely not intense or prolonged exercise, poor health excessive movement is very harmful, dizziness, fall and even sudden death "[4].

regular exercise, people will be smarter in the side of the human brain, a raised part of the same as the hippocampus called the hippocampus, which is the organization in charge of learning and memory in the brain.

, California, La Jolla, "Sol Biological Research Center researchers discovered through animal experiments, like walking on a wheel mouse hippocampus on brain grow new cells, has been shut down in an ordinary cage inside the mouse, you did not grow new cells.

whereby researchers believe, who often regular, moderate exercise, but also allows the brain's hippocampus grow more cells can be more sensitive to people's thinking, feeling and reaction, so that become smarter. [3]

excessive exercise, the brain will make you stupid high intensity exercise through a variety of channels of brain function damage. Energy substance ATP depletion, exercise may be the main reason for the decline of the central nervous system function; reallocation of the blood of the body in the course of the campaign, radical accumulation and blood flow acceleration caused by vascular endothelial injury to the brain's blood and oxygen supply to reduce local The accumulation of acidic products not only affects the brain's energy supply, but also directly to curb the activities of nerve and brain function decline. Show:

, high intensity exercise of short-term decrease in cerebral cortex activity, prolonged high intensity exercise decrease the excitability of a wide range of brain tissue.

life, people often feel that unresponsive body after strenuous exercise, and the brain is also a short-term "can not keep up" phenomenon. This is not only related to the above factors, and the result of the body's own protective inhibition mechanism. excessive exercise

body consumes a lot of energy, in order to prevent the further consumption of energy and function suppression when people will feel extreme fatigue, feeling weak, brain reaction is slowed down. If long-term excessive exercise, the body's protective inhibition function decreased susceptibility to impaired brain function, performance symptoms: inattention, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc., the long run will be on the health of the human body great harm. [3]

grasp the scientific exercise sport in moderation, standards, mainly to see the heart rate should be 60% to 85% of the maximum heart rate. It is worth noting that the actual situation is vastly different for everyone, compared with the resting heart rate, a difference of 15% to 30%, or even more, so choose the optimal amount of exercise should be based on their age, gender, occupational characteristics, physical condition healthy level of sports infrastructure, living environment, the purpose of the task to decide.

test whether an appropriate amount of exercise can also look at the relative reactivity of the human body after exercise. For example, can refer to the the human sweat flow and ease with the state of motion. Can also pay attention to their appetite, sleep, and the next day if there is to participate in the movement's desire.

In contrast, under the premise of the elderly in the aerobic exercise can be more than a single hand exercise, to enhance the body's coordination ability. The children will have to do some mechanical motion, such as placing the building blocks, seemingly simple, in fact, can significantly contribute to the child's brain development and hand-eye coordination.

key to grasp a good exercise intensity, heart rate remained at the appropriate range, but also have a strong concept of time, in general aerobic state each exercise time is 30 to 60 minutes is appropriate, once the excess is not only useless, sculptors may impair bodily functions. [3]

edit this paragraph, exercise, diet attention first, before exercise should eat small amounts of food. "Fasting and just eating after exercise, are very detrimental to human health." Chongqing nutrition and exercise experts say, half an hour before exercise, eating small amounts of food, can be avoided because of the physical activity and lead to digestive disorders, and also can be enhance their effect. If it is morning exercise, breakfast must avoid eating hard-to-digest food, it is best to eat a small amount of dairy products, cereals, fruits, beverages.

Secondly, in the course of the campaign should replenish moisture. Chongqing nutrition and exercise experts say, if the exercise time is less than one hour, every 15 minutes should be 150 ml to 300 ml of water; exercise time in 1-3 hours, it is timely to the body to replenish the syrup to avoid hypoglycemia. In addition, the exercise must not ice water, because strenuous exercise drinking ice water will cause the digestive problems.

Finally, after exercise should not eat fish and other acidic foods. Chongqing nutrition and exercise experts say, after exercise, sugar, fat, and protein of the human body is a large number of decomposition, produce lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other acidic substances, these acidic substances to stimulate the body tissues and organs, people feel the muscle and joint soreness and mental fatigue . Fish and other foods are acidic foods immediately after exercise, eating these acidic foods cause the body fluids more acidic, adversely muscle and joint soreness sense and body fatigue release. Experts suggest that, after exercise should eat more fruits, vegetables, soy products, such as alkaline food to maintain the acid-base balance of the body, so as to eliminate the movement fatigue, maintain a healthy purpose. [5-7]

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extended reading: the 1 nutrition Union

2 how to choose the pockets suitable for sports: a good way to carry their belongings in the exercise training. html


4 exercise:

5 motion tutorial:

Open Category: nutrition healthy life of leisure and sports athletes, exercise treadmill

physics Vocabulary Editor the original meaning items



overview mechanical movement movement The movement the knowledge speed of

of points of stationary reference summarizes

misunderstanding remind


edit this paragraph overview from the physical nature of, so far, of the the movement most essential explain in "BOYU 10 '.

jump out of the thinking of the people, the movement can be interpreted as the change in frequency, and in person, only the performance of the optical frequency induction.

1, the appearance of the old classical mechanics is defined as: the movement is the change of the position of moving objects in space.

2, Energetics the representation is defined as: the movement is the main substance of the forward direction between the adjacent material exchange position behaviors and phenomena. The exchange of this substance with the advancing direction of the adjacent position between the resistance effect of the substance will be the front direction. mass or mass density compared

this surface material between the binding force is small (or object to a motion to be exchanged between the main body) that can be negligible, then this substance between the resistance brought about by the exchange position negligible.

edit this paragraph mechanical motion in physics, we are the object relative to another object position changes called mechanical motion.

edit this paragraph moving and stationary objects moving and stationary relative movement is absolutely still, this is called the relative movement. The object is not absolutely fixed in nature, the entire universe is composed of matter in motion.

edit this paragraph, reference to said object is in motion or stationary, depending on which objects do standard, this standard is called the reference. the speed with the speed of movement of the speed of the movement of objects

speed is equal to the distance of moving objects in unit time through three relationship v = st. The speed of the movement of the object described in another: in the case of the same position, to compare with a length of time. Short time, run fast; long time, running slower. Objects at any moment are present in the space, and the objects in space at any point there is a certain period of time. Written in the form of the formula is: Z = 1/V = ​​t/s for Z, we can introduce a physical concept, since Z is equal to the reciprocal of the speed, we can call speed. Then the degree of the speed of the units is "seconds per meter" symbol is s/m. Degree of speed with the speed, not only the size but also the direction vector. The size of the degree of speed is numerically equal to the length of time within the unit space, the same direction with the direction of movement of the degree of speed. (See "movement another description")

knowledge points summarize Newton's first law of motion, also known as the law of inertia: all objects in the absence of a force when total to maintain a state of rest or uniform linear motion state.

misunderstanding remind Inertia is a property of the object itself, and the law of inertia is follow the law of motion objects from the force.

2, any object in any case have inertia (i.e., regardless of the objects is no force by the counterweight, or imbalance force), when the object by the imbalance force, inertial expressed as the change of the state of motion of the "hindered"; establishment of the law of inertia is conditional.

3, objects from the force, can do the uniform linear motion objects uniform linear motion can be no force, that force regardless of the state of motion, so the force is not to produce or maintain sports reasons. the

open Category: sports sports

. physiology vocabulary to edit original meaning items

sports life is movement, movement sustain life, to complete the task of transforming the objective world. The various life movement, behavior at all times during the moment did not stop, but our brain does not have all the time concerned about, directing all sports, but in the campaign at the same time, is mainly engaged in a variety of learning activities of thinking behind the ongoing movement, the brain is not specific control organ of the movement, control, command and movement organs striatum.

thalamus, brain frontal cortex, striatum, cerebellum related to movement, each division of labor between the common intention to complete the movement, planning, command, control and execution. The hypothalamus main synthetic issued mound feel to produce a wide variety of sports consciousness; brain according to the audio-visual and other incoming information analysis output samples, this sample we should be, what kind of movement, to complete the task, to achieve the purpose of the movement intention; striatum the cerebellum sample analysis outputs movement control procedures, instructions, striatum, cerebellum movement control commander. The execution of the movement is accomplished by a limb (e.g., head, hands and feet) or effector. hypothalamus

synthetic organ issuance of Confucius sleep, the "I" of the body organs, contact the area of ​​the brain is the activities of the mound sleep consciousness achieved liaison in the brain. The the movement sample of the brain, the striatum, cerebellum analytical outputs activate hypothalamus, thalamus according the motion samples synthesized sleep, concurrency into the brain contacted the brain to generate awareness campaign, will produce a movement intention, movement intention is awareness kind. Movement awareness is divided into three categories, one is from the brain's movement intentions come

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