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lung wash


wash lung accurate call "large volume whole lung lavage, the whole process is in a state of anesthesia, said, is to" take a bath "to lung surgery. Treat the following symptoms of occupational lung disease: silicosis, coal workers' pneumoconiosis, cement pneumoconiosis, welding lung, Castor pneumoconiosis and other lung wash.

intravenous anesthesia into a state of general anesthesia. The doctor will be a tantamount to "Y"-shaped double-lumen endobronchial tube from the patient's mouth, inserted into the related comic - wash lung

the go, separated left and right lungs. Inserted into the lungs, "Y"-shaped double-lumen endobronchial tube, mainly for gas, water separated: the right lung anesthesia ventilator oxygen ventilation, oxygen supply, to maintain the body's gas exchange; left lung is connected The lavage pipeline the lavage (wash lungs). Not look simple intubation, it is very fine: Poor 1 cm is not OK. The deep will affect the breathing side pulmonary ventilation, and on both sides of the isolation can not be guaranteed, will flow to the dependent lung lavage fluid unexpected. To grasp the depth of the catheter is inserted right doctor to double-lumen endobronchial tube inserted into a superfine fiberoptic bronchoscope, through this special "mirror" observed the location of the double-lumen tube glance whether appropriate, and for adjusting to the optimum position. This approach is also to ensure that an important prerequisite for the lung lavage security conducted.

catheter was inserted after the lavage can start. Lavage bottles hanging from the patients head about 50cm height, drainage bottles placed on the operating table under about 60cm of the ground. 37 ℃ operating table next to the thermostat box, neatly arrayed with a box of pending irrigation fluid. Each lavage back (one forward, one) takes about 3 to 6 minutes, The lavage how many times, and also vary according to the specific condition. The principle is based on the last coming out of the drainage fluid basically clarified so far.

Edit this paragraph therapeutic effect of severe or refractory bronchial - pulmonary purulent infection: Since childhood suffering from measles, whooping cough, bronchitis, acute pneumonia treatment, irregularity or is not complete, and recurrent infections often chronic, clinical symptoms of cough, yellow purulent sputum.

alveolar proteinosis: abnormal protein-like substances of an unknown etiology of diseases caused by blockage in the alveolar spaces.

refractory asthma: most of the asthma attack patients after appropriate treatment can terminate the attack in a short time, but about 10 percent of patients after conventional treatment, if they accepted the lung wash, to eliminate the cause of the gas due to mucus plug Road poor drainage and achieve a significant effect.

edit this paragraph deficiencies and defects smokers: Do not take this move children when health the surgery

large volume whole lung lavage Although the disease was widely applied, but not everyone can do. When the the concurrent huge bulla with hemoptysis, severe emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, active tuberculosis, in the near future, a history of pneumothorax;, or suffering from cardiovascular disease, blood disease or associated with liver, kidney, brain, and other organic the diseases; trachea and main bronchi deformity impede double-lumen endobronchial intubation properly seated, are careful to do crowd. In addition, even if we can accept the adaptation of large volume whole lung lavage patients, before surgery, should go to hospital to be checked by a professional doctor to decide whether patients tolerate this surgery.

lung wash as a highly specialized new medical technology is a means of treatment of diseases, absolutely not care surgery. Such medical equipment, surgery, first aid measures are required lavage quite "high standards", also not a street alley clinics can be carried out. Simple example, lung wash, the water temperature of the lavage fluid "substandard" or post-operative care measures are not in place, these seemingly minor section, are most likely to enable patients to "wake up to".

edit the cases of lung wash of Mohammad's death November 6, 2010 Mamat regret leaving Urumqi. Although his fever left her, but the doctor said the fever patients more for him now the lung lavage infection too risky, it is recommended that the spring of next year again. "Well, the hospital has two arrangements lung lavage body too disappointing out was slightly cooler on a fever ..." Mamat said reluctantly. His chest tightness, shortness of breath symptoms in increased year by year.

same leave with regret that there Zoude Sen, he does not meet the requirements lung lavage for active tuberculosis. Miners talk about lung lavage Blackwater [1]

different Another nine people have been on November 1 with a joyful and relaxed journey home after another.

their 11 October 15 thanks to the County iron is hot grams Coal Co., Ltd. at public expense to Urumqi, the largest number of workers in the occupational therapists, the youngest 36 years old, 59 years old, they are units bring him occupational therapists. Initiative to send workers to pneumoconiosis lavage batch, is rare in the history of diagnosis and treatment of pneumoconiosis in my area.

fortunate than chest lung examination Zhang Chao.

lungs washed out 48 bottles of ink autonomous regions Occupational Diseases Hospital (General Hospital of Xinjiang Coal Mine) starting from the late 1980s to the diagnosis and treatment of pneumoconiosis, is approved by the regional health department in July 2004 as I the first diagnosis of occupational diseases specified institutions . at 10:00 on the 18th

10 month, the hospital operating room, a 51-year-old Longhuai text has a state of anesthesia, the nurse gave him to wear protective glasses begin infusion.麻醉科主任 Wu silica gel lungs endotracheal tube inserted from Longhuai text mouth expertly double-lumen tube inserted into a predetermined parts of the lungs isolated lungs between. the

"lungs isolation is the most important step in the lung lavage surgery," Wu said, if isolation is not in place, there will be the lungs water at the same time, must keep one side of lung lavage lavage, while the other side lung ventilator-assisted breathing. the right lung begin half-hour

, lavage. The nurse poured into 1000 ml transparent lavage fluid in lung lavage device, the liquid from the double-lumen tube into the right lung, and then through the drainage tube drainage gray-black liquid.

once, twice, three times ...... 12,000 ml liquid input right lung. Bottles of ink, like Blackwater placed in the operating room on the windowsill.

"each type of work lavage fluid color is not the same. coal miners wash water is black, cement plant workers is taupe, woodworking is muddy yellow ..." the hospital Occupational Diseases Branch, deputy director of says physician Gulinuozi.

thumping, thumping, thumping the patient's heart beating strong, next to the multifunction ECG continues to prompt changes in the patient's blood pressure ... health care workers and pay attention to the "barometer", vital signs appeared exception must immediately stop lavement.

of Respiratory Medicine doctors feel free to patients the auscultation, see the sound of breathing is normal, breathing side lung liquid leakage.

rest for an hour. When 50 points

12, lavage of the left lung. 13:30 lavage end. 48 bottles lavage liquid blackness gradually clear.

this hospital implementation of the first 400 cases of lung lavage surgery.

pneumoconiosis is currently no cure "ye may? detected from the 2004 annual inspection pneumoconiosis one I have not dug ah!" Longhuai Man holding lavage "ink" bottle could not believe his eyes . He is the "ink" wash out in the group of patients with the most concentrated most. After 16 years of working in the underground, he does not dug, but still served as a security work underground inspections and did not let him out of the dust environment. In addition

, 51-year-old Chinese vine hing detect pneumoconiosis after 2004, transferred to the duty room to do the scheduling work. He washed out of the water is thick black.

Gulinuozi said: "At present there is no domestic drug cure, lung lavage is the most effective method of treatment of pneumoconiosis. lavage can out of the dust environment, you do not need to once again lavage. lung lavage of patients continue to engage in the work of dust exposure, after a few years have again lavage, not the lavage once and is then everything will be fine. "January 26

10 in the ward, watching Longhuai Man and Wah Yeung Hing took lungs lavage "ink" excited about the 42-year-old Zou Desen looked very lonely. Active tuberculosis caused him to lose this valuable opportunity.

"I am 1/2 of the lung have does not work, the remaining parts of silicosis and active tuberculosis, doctors recommend treatment of tuberculosis. Zoude Sen said, he began to go down in 1993 and 2004 identified pneumoconiosis, in May this year in Akzo CDC inspection has been developed to the two.

one morning after the Spring Festival this year, ready for work, he suddenly get up bed, strongly insisted to my wife called and he fell unconscious. My chest like the pressure of a block of stone, legs not lift the Baicheng County Hospital diagnosis of pneumoconiosis caused by a lung infection, live in the eight days of hospital and rest for a month, but day after symptoms of chills, fever, The expert consultation please new medical large hospital diagnosed with pneumoconiosis complicated with tuberculosis. Zoude Sen.

Since then, the coal mine arranged for him to hoist workers, mechanics and other ground work, but he often felt physical fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, even fetching water and are picked to be fixed, five-storey building on a break of six or seven times. the

"pneumoconiosis almost have these symptoms, severe asthma is not on the air feel almost suffocated." said 56-year-old Wang Xuetong, also thought to quit, but to live, no way. "

current autonomous region occupational disease hospital patients admitted to a large part of the early detection of untreated, symptoms deepening. the pneumoconiosis in

60 more than a cost of a million of worship County terak Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Jiang Xu, general manager of Red look said: "Over the years the miners working underground environment, but it gradually accumulated a number of pneumoconiosis. later coal mine after several restructuring conditions improve. to pneumoconiosis, the harm to the employees, the company decided to use three years of the historical legacy of more than 60 of pneumoconiosis (including suspected cases), to batches lung lavage. "

" Last year, we have three tranches of the more than 20 The workers were sent to Urumqi lung lavage, next year will also send three batches. treatment will cost nearly a million of these workers, but as must, according to the requirements of the countries and relevant departments to carry out their due responsibilities and obligations. " The Chiang Xuhong: miners working underground environment has been greatly improved, not only issuing dust masks, water spray dust suppression facilities also perfect than before. sinus red,

hospital occupational diseases Division Director, said: "We annually to northern South occupational disease prevention and publicity contact many business units take the initiative to such a large number of pneumoconiosis sent publicly funded treatment in our hospital is the first time to see,. "

she remember July 2005 of a Jiaozhao wind (a pseudonym) patients from the southern border to lung lavage. He has worked in a variety of dust exposure occupation. Come out to see a doctor, light formalities and ran for more than a year, up and down the scarlet Akiko buckle 7, and finally to district hospitals designated doctor, that the hospital did not do this surgery, he had to at their own expense to the hospital to treat.

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