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pressure therapy is the main use of the body's meridian points finger press and by such means as a calming and analgesic effects to the patient in a way to be able to undergo surgery. In addition to the patient's pain dull, other sensory, motor and physiological function remained normal, to have the surgery the patient is always in a sober state, no inhibitory breathing, blood pressure, pulse fluctuations is small, less post-operative complications, rehabilitation fast and advantages, but there are still incomplete analgesia, surgery, muscle relaxation is not ideal, failed to completely suppress the a visceral reaction shortcomings room for improvement. The pressure therapy


Edit this basic overview of acupressure point massage therapy.

ancient China often applied acupressure in fracture dislocation reconstructive surgery, tooth extraction or moxibustion surgery. Ten volumes Ming Gong Tingxian "Shou Shi Bao Yuan introduced" with Ai fire, the pain can not tolerate, in advance to cover their caves to finger tight, pressure of more iron material basis ", that is, by finger pressure to suppress moxibustion the burning clinical application instance. Refers the pressure therapy

edit the segment operating method, the induction period: preoperative induction major application of a finger pushing method or rubbing method. The administered located forehead YINTANG, Shenting Cuanzhu fish waist, empty string and wind, the sun, the sun white or other selected points on the way to be gentle.

II-operative: main application, rubbing, point the way. According to the requirements of different surgical process and patient tolerance to master massage force of light and heavy, peaked analgesic acupoints induction degrees.

three auxiliary medication: preoperative may be the amount of Demerol, phenergan drugs; surgery based on patient tolerance, appropriate application of procaine hydrochloride and other drugs for local *. the

edit this paragraph adapt to disease

acupressure can be used for extraction, tonsillectomy, maxillary surgery the inferior turbinate fat subtotal thyroidectomy, breast fibroma removal, auricular patch, gastrectomy, laparotomy, caesarean section, ovarian cysts resection, tubal ligation, hernia repair, bowel resection, rectal suspension, bile duct exploration surgery. the

a tooth: as pulling the maxillary teeth taken zygomatic? s and Shimonoseki, pull the lower jaw teeth, such as the front teeth to take bearing slurry nebula capacity (between the Yifeng day capacity), buccal car points, pulling molars can choose buccal car or zygomatic? s points, in addition, also the discretion to take the ditch, Hegu points.

Second, tonsillectomy or maxillary sinus surgery: Remove customs, buccal car.

three thyroidectomy: Take Hegu, Neiguan.

four gastrectomy surgery: Take the sun, buccal car, Zusanli, Hegu.

five tubal ligation: take Sanyinjiao Zusanli.

, abdominal sectional production: take Sanyinjiao sun, buccal car. The

Edit this paragraph Note

refers to the operating pressure tactics in the induction period to soft, deep penetration operative period to make the the acupoint Ministry of soreness induction peaked surgery. Ministry generally used in the limbs, face, ear acupuncture points, especially the deep bone surface can support points the way, such as Hegu. Zygomatic s temple. Hand pressure * requires close coordination of the surgeon, and coordination with each other, in order to achieve better results. The fingers of

pressed significant analgesia, sedation, acupressure. Experiments show that: squeeze the Achilles tendon parafascicular nucleus and the central lateral nucleus can inhibit pain impulses trigger and pain response. Its guinea pig brainstem reticular units of pain-related neurons discharge also significantly inhibited. Shiatsu back-shu points can significantly inhibit the abdominal reflex discharge. The acupressure healthy people, the sun, buccal car points after 10 minutes, a lot of people sleepy or the gradual fall asleep phenomenon. Pressure Hoku can cause EEG α wave enhanced or increased in slow wave phenomenon, suggesting its cerebral cortex have a certain degree of inhibition. Pressure the cat "sun", under the conditions of the buccal car points, pulling pyloric or stimulation of the splanchnic nerve, enteric nervous spontaneous discharge disorder phenomenon has negligible compared with the control group, acupressure points in a certain extent inhibits visceral reaction and referred pain. Process acupressure, intracerebral can produce chemical substances that have an analgesic effect, if being injected into the brain of other rabbits accept rabbits acupressure cerebrospinal fluid, and the other the pain threshold of rabbits are also elevated . Acupressure directly accept the animals pain threshold increased faster, long duration, and cerebrospinal fluid of animals pain threshold increased slower, shorter duration.

edit this paragraph pediatric Diding refers to pressure therapy in children Diding acupressure acupressure Diding "to the treatment of the diseases of infants and young children a foreign rule.

"Diding" refers to the base of the tongue in children (equivalent the epiglottis parts) the occurrence of a high outburst such as cubes pathological reaction point. Fujian called "top beads, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region has called" fire small, begin their shape and name. Generally Diding because of the children tire fire dampness, or the sense of evil and cause Firelight on smoked, gather at the base of the tongue made. Therefore, several Diding high outburst caused children frequently spit milk, or vomiting, can be alleviated pressure Diding Doctors refer. This therapy is widely spread in the provinces of the southeast coast of China. to articles that

the basic content

"Lingshu meridians" (Foot Spleen) Rufu are the spleen envelope stomach, phrenic relying pharynx, even the tongue, scattered sublingual "," moving the disease the tongue eat the vomit. Infant the tire fire dampness, or a sense of evil, Xiehuo smoked, is bound to lead to stomach disorders, symptoms appear "eating vomit". At the same time, in the parts of the meridian through the line will appear some special reaction point of the disease, "Diding" pathological reaction point that its organs dysfunction. Acupressure Diding, can induce stomach meridians open, resulting in the effect of the flat inverse Jiangzhuo treatment with acupuncture Extra Acupoints "poly springs" can Jiangni to a vomiting is the same reason. The rapid stretching routine disinfection

the operating method

surgeon finger Wash, left hand holding a spatula to suppress children with tongue, right index finger stained with a little Bingpeng children mouth, press hard on the base of the tongue in children "Diding immediately exit the mouth. Refers to the pressure treatment process is completed.

generally refers to the pressure end to antiemetic, after one hour into the milk food. If vomiting is not ended, two days acupressure treatment three times for one course. Most children acupressure treatment 1 to 2 times, to spit milk or vomiting can be cured. Individual children with intractable vomiting shiatsu 5 power more.

edit this paragraph to adapt to levy this therapy is the treatment of infants intractable vomiting of a special refers to pressure therapy, not only on the functionality of the new births spit milk have a significant effect, even caused by exogenous disease or indigestion intractable vomiting also have a certain effect.

observed in recent years, some medical units to treat infants with this therapy spit milk, the cure rate of over 75%, with a total effective rate of 95%. Some children of Chinese and Western medicine treatment ineffective, switch to the therapy pressure antiemetic pluripotent refers to spit ended, the vast majority of children with antiemetic 1 week, the long-term efficacy consolidate. After half a year, children with anemia and height, underweight mostly be corrected.


doctors in the examination process should observe the children with the oral mucosa and the throat wall with or without ulcers. If oral ulcers and other diseases, the therapy should not be administered.


1. Esophageal atresia, pyloric obstruction, ileus, gastrointestinal malformations organic diseases as well as diseases such as sepsis caused by infection, increased intracranial pressure caused vomiting should be excluded from the application of the therapy.

2. Doctor impose acupressure, should seriously check the location of the children with the base of the tongue Diding for acupressure immediate effect.

3. doctors usually should xiu nails, in strict accordance with routine disinfection, to avoid damage to the oral mucosa or cause secondary infection.

4. Children should be at least one hour after the breast-feeding or eating impose acupressure; press after one hour, before breast-feeding or eating.

5. Both exogenous or indigestion in children, need to be supplemented on the basis of TDS Recipe conditioning, treating the symptoms, in order to be effective shortcut. one

the therapy for children with vomiting of foreign rule. Modern medicine think that the to exclude congenital organic disease, central nervous system lesions, and a variety of infectious diseases caused by vomiting, spit milk disease is a newborn functionality. Nearly 10 years abroad pediatric clinical study found the intractable vomiting 90% from infants to the lower esophageal sphincter function insufficiency due to cause esophageal or gastric countercurrent. Given a reasonable feeding guidance and enhanced care, newborn in the six months to more naturally; the vomiting severe cases can be a small amount of atropine, metoclopramide therapy. Overall, however, the effect is not ideal. Pediatric illness, most of them refuse medication; and vomiting Stomach Shangni, disease gas and herbs refused phase cell medicine into almost every case that spit. It "rather Governance ten, where he died I left," said. The therapy need not bait, not in the stomach, directly to patients and the efficacy; their treatment practices in simple, non-invasive, no side effects, and thus for the children and their families are willing to accept. this paragraph

edit head acupressure the pressure therapy

head refers to the pressure they are able to prevent and cure diseases, because the distribution of the wealth of the meridians and acupoints head, the head is the seat of the central nervous system. Chinese medicine believes that head Zhu Yang Du and Sanyang by both uplink in the head, face, Meridian line at the neck, in the sun by the line item, Shaoyang line on both sides. Shrewd head of the House, is the spirit at home, in the possession of brains and brain to the House of the. This book introduces the head point shiatsu massage treatment of common medical disorders, such as headaches, insomnia, hypertension, dizziness, facial paralysis, stroke sequelae; all evidence gynecology, menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menopause, uterine bleeding, with under disease, etc., ENT myopia, red eyes and throat, Biyuan, tinnitus and deafness.

edit this paragraph acupressure easy decompression recently, you find it difficult to sleep, no appetite or difficulty concentrating? Do you feel nervous tension, edgy or irritable mood you? If the answer is yes, you might be thousands of Wan pressure to adapt to a syndrome. The pressure adaptation syndrome medicine known as chronic stress is a bad emotional state, it can damage and even endanger the health and happiness of the people. The book addresses the 50 kinds of targeted, such as physical therapy, diet and herbal help, physical exercise, psychological counseling, emotional and creative vent, etc., to help readers effectively relieve tension, reduce stress, and improve the quality of life.

● thumb of one hand, from the little finger of the other hand to the index finger, heel heel, slowly massage across the palm. Then use your thumb to press down on the palm. Doing so can relax your nervous system. Then repeat with the other hand.

● To relieve headaches, muscle filed with the thumb and forefinger of one hand the contralateral hand thumb heel draw a circle Qingnie for and pushing a piece of tissue. Then, pinch pressure each fingertip, for the other hand.

● To reduce the pressure of the body, it is necessary to find the pressure point of the foot and ankle. Each pressure point pressing gently with your thumb. Tenderness region specific parts of the body the signs of pressure. By doing so, you can relieve the stress and tension of the different organs, glands and tissue. You can also put your fingers flat or clenched, knuckles, hands roots or hand grip action to put pressure on the pressure point.

● You can also use previously mentioned technical opponents of self-massage, to find the point of the palm of your hand and wrist tenderness.

● ear using the same method of self-massage. Feel the ear muscle tenderness point, and they do massage. Usually about four minutes, the ear will become very hot.

edit the of shiatsu acupressure key principle is part of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly in the fingers and thumb to press and the stimulation of acupressure points. These acupressure points Yu Chinese acupuncture acupuncture points.

acupressure points is named and sorted according to the particular vein of its location, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that stimulate acupressure points can change the flow of the weeks of life energy through the meridians in the body {gas} situation helps Shu The solution to the pain and relieve many symptoms of the disease.

acupressure from a Western point of view, the same effect is ambitious, because the membership by means the pressure can effectively relax the muscles, thereby changing the supply of blood and oxygen, but also to eliminate the accumulation of lactic acid chemicals.

hands on acupressure points to stimulate the parts of your fingers, if there is a very uncomfortable feeling on this part of the blood gas barrier, must by acupressure relieve. Available thumb finger multiplexing fingertips to gently press this part of the force of light, to shiatsu time about a minute. You can also ask intermittent press the acupressure point, a pressure of a loose alternately.

when you feel physically better, you can use a relatively strong force to press, you must make sure that both sides of the body at the same time have pressed to.

during pregnancy, and had just eaten dinner drink, do acupressure.

the pressure therapy the detoxification

refers pressure therapy through the elimination of the meridians obstruction secondary the detoxification

1. in Phase 1, the pressure can increase the body's energy.

2. stage 11, acupressure can stimulate the body's excretion process.

3. stage 111, acupressure can support the operation of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

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