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Harbin City (English: Harbin; Russian: Харбин) is located at longitude 125 ° 42 '~~ 130 ° 10', latitude 44 ° 04 '~~ 46 ° 40', is the capital of Heilongjiang Province, the province's political, economic, cultural and transportation Center, Heilongjiang region's largest urban centers, the provincial cities under the jurisdiction of the area under the jurisdiction of the mega-cities with a total population of the second place, the city area of ​​53.1 thousand square kilometers, jurisdiction over 8 District 7 County hosted three county-level cities . Household register total population of 1063.5 million, of which the urban population of 587.9 million. Harbin is a famous historical and cultural city and tourism city in China, known as the "Republic of the eldest son of", "Ice City", "Swan under the Pearl", "Oriental Moscow" and "Oriental Paris" and "Ice City the summer" reputation.


cities Overview

spirit of the city: open and inclusive, dynamic fashion, honest work, harmonious Endeavour
urban development goal: suitable for living, suitable for business, suitable for the comprehensive development of
current party secretary : Lin Duo
the Mayor : Songxi Bin
the special

Harbin cities commercials
historical processes and geographical location has created this beautiful exotic city in Harbin, Harbin architectural style unique charm, a lot of European architecture throughout the urban area. It is not only a blend of history and culture of northern ethnic minorities, and the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures.
1946 April 28, Harbin become the major cities of the first liberation of new China made an important contribution to the Northeast for the liberation of the whole country. February 27, 1950, Chairman Mao publicly praised as "the Republic of the eldest son.
1994, Harbin was identified as a national historical and cultural city. In 2010, Harbin became a national innovation-oriented pilot cities "and" triple play pilot cities.
2010 June 22, Harbin UNESCO Global Creative City Network identified as "music" has become China's first win of the city administrative divisions Harbin Municipality 8 District 7 counties and 3 cities, respectively, Nangang District, hang, way outside the area, Xiangfang District, North Pine, cottage areas, Hulan District, A city and Binxian , Founder County, Yilan County, Bayan, Mulan, Yanshou, Tonghe, hosted a county-level dual-city, Shangzhi, Wuchang City. The city's total area of ​​53068 square

Harbin administrative map

km, of which the urban area of ​​7086 square kilometers. Harbin Municipal People's Government in the Pine North Century Boulevard.
refers to Harbin Nangang District, Harbin central city, hang, way outside the area, Xiangfang District, cottage areas, the North Pine administrative area, Hulan Town Shuangjing town, long Zhen, Shen town Meng home and Cheng urban areas (including the new Lee streets, relics street), and Feiketu town, material Austin Township, Red Star Township. The total area of ​​approximately 4187 km2.
the main city of Harbin City area, urban built-up areas outside the area of ​​Road, Nangang District, Xiangfang District, cottage areas, North Pine, Hulan District Planning. The total land area of ​​458 square kilometers. the
name area (square kilometers) population (million) zip code area (city and county) government resident
Songbei 736.3 20.5 150028 loose all the way north on the 18th
hang District 479.2 70.0 150.01 thousand Anhua Street, No. 103
Nangang District 182.9 104.6 150 006 Xuanhua Street, No. 261
Road outside the area 256.6 68.7 150026 North fourteen Thistle No. 55
Xiangfang District 339.55 75.3 150 036 Sanhe Road No. 229
Cottage Area 98 15.9 150060 Friendship Street, No. 98
Hulan District 2197 62.2 150025 Nanjing Road on the 8th
A city 2814 58.3 150300 civil rights Avenue No. 41
pairs of cities 3112.3 81.3 150100 pairs town
Wuchang City 7 512 98.0 150 200 Wuchang town
9000 61.4 150.6 thousand Hisashi town
Fangzheng County 3000 22.1 150800 Founder town
Yilan County 4616 40.1 154 800 ylang town
Binxian 3846 62.0 150400 Pennsylvania town
Bayan 3137.7 69.7 151.8 thousand Bayan Town
3 602 27.2 151.9 thousand Mulan town
Tonghe 5676.5 23.4 150900 through Town
Yanshou 3149.55 26.7 150700 Yeonsu town

planned new

Qunli (a hang District)
hang on West, located in Harbin, the Songhua River south bank. The east, River Formation, west Fourth Ring Road, south from Ha Northern Line, north to Qunli embankment, with a total area of ​​27.33 square kilometers. By the UN-HABITAT the Chinese Harbin,

, famous attractions

granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban 2009 Human Settlements and Environment Award. Been the 2010 Dubai International Award for Best Practices to improve the living environment of "Global Top 100 examples of the title. Tallahassee New District
(which is Nangang District)
mainly refers to the West Railway Station area of ​​Harbin, built after the Tallahassee New District will become the cultural industry, education industry and new technology industries, sports and leisure industry, commerce and trade as one of the city sub-center. The new Harbin West Railway Station is an important part of New Railway Harbin-Dalian passenger line will be built as one of the Harbin City, two important passenger traffic hub, bringing together rail, rail transport, urban public transport, social traffic and other modes of transportation, the organic link to a variety of modes of transportation. Songbei technological innovation City (to belong Songbei)
Harbin industrial high-end scientific and technological strength into practical productive forces, carrier, promote loose North Industrial Zone, and riding out the economic Yan hair fusion, the formation of 100 square kilometers of high-tech Zone, the construction of scientific and technological innovation technology start-ups, tech industry incubation center. Covering technology research and development, project incubation, the achievements of the three systems and new materials, new energy, biomedical, optoelectronic devices, electronic information, the five industry clusters.
Hanan Industrial Park (the case of Harbin in the southern region, including the cottage areas, etc.)
located in Harbin, southern, with a total planned area of ​​462 square kilometers. Hanan Industrial Metro construction will be the development zone, cottage areas, based on integration Xiangfang District, Chaoyang Industrial Area, Forward Industrial Park, Nangang District, Hongqi Industrial Area, Cheng Xinhua Industrial Park, the Twin Cities Zhou Industrial Park and the emerging industrial park. Positioned as to create the country's major new industrialization Industries Demonstration Zone, and transportation equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, the six bases of the materials industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, electronic information industry, modern service industry. An important part of - "Cloud Valley" Hanan International Data City Cloud Computing Center. Ha Dong New Area (the case of Road outside the area, Bin)