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Body sculpting



Fitness (Body shaper) is a type of body shape, including in many ways: weight loss, surgery, sports body sculpting method. Want to have a lot of body sculpting method is now more popular: girly, practicing yoga, doing aerobics.

We always hope that the more slender body slender, any time can air our own perfect line, every second

body sculpting

are light and self-confidence! So we need a body shaping.
Here are the modern and more popular in several body sculpting method.

a sports body sculpting

1. appropriate degree of aerobic exercise
If you grasp the strength of the rhythm in half an hour of aerobic exercise, then you can achieve a multiplier effect. That high intensity exercise interval to join the gentle to restore movement. The same half-hour of aerobic exercise, the rhythm of the rhythm of a smooth movement of the strength of the movement than more than double the calories consumed.
2. cycling leg force
When your scooter on the fitness, intermittent leg pedaling harder boards can enhance the intensity of exercise. The beginning legs together to moderate-intensity pedaling four minutes, then left leg focused force, high-intensity pedaling. After 30 seconds, for his right leg as a major force legs, and then kicking 30 seconds. And then the legs together on medium speed kicking four minutes, as the adjustment and recovery. This every four minutes on one leg firmly placed one minute, a total of 30 minutes of exercise. Leg pedaling exercise can help you burn 20% more calories.
3. split exercise time
the usual movement split into two paragraphs. For example, if you previously used to run 5 kilometers a day, you can split into morning and 2.5 km and 2.5 km at night. Exercise time, you can try to increase the strength, so that you can increase calorie consumption in the same distance.
4. weight-bearing walking
For security reasons, the weight load should not exceed a weight of 20% (for example, 60 kg weight women, weight-bearing should not be more than 12 kg). If you do not like this load method can also try to shake the hands of the two pole. Although they weigh only 0.5 kilograms, but it can help you burn 20-25% more heat, and no side effects.
5. pay attention to posture
fitness stepper, elliptical machine or treadmill, let your arms swing naturally or gently hands on the handle of the device, allowing you to burn off more than 10 percent of calories.

two, body sculpting products

body sculpting products including body sculpting clothing, body stickers, diet pills, slimming cream, body sculpting body equipment and so on several categories.

1, girly

The experts pointed out that some women girly as a weight loss clothing, in fact, the most important role of the girly is to adjust the distribution of body fat, a curvy rather than weight loss. others think that girly wear the longer the better body sculpting results, in fact, one day will not take more than eight hours of wear body shaping clothing, girly human basal metabolism slows down, a long time to wear will lead to poor blood circulation, hands and feet numb.

2, body sculpting paste

body sculpting paste known as weight loss paste that medicines are absorbed into the human blood through the skin or points to achieve the purpose of weight loss, body sculpting products. The active ingredients of the role of suppressing food have diarrhea, is actually the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs through topical, as well as to accelerate the consumption of fat, such as music and beauty body sculpting Daily Post, comparatively speaking, oral lose weight fast onset, but can play a role in weight loss, safety, gastrointestinal damage.

3, diet pills

occupied the largest share of the weight loss weight loss product market health care products, medicines can be described as dazzling, in various forms. Mechanism can be roughly divided into the following four types.
A. appetite suppression drug
B. increase the energy consumption of drugs
C. inhibition of intestinal digestion and absorption of drugs
D. herbs and their compound
diet pills are a popular way to lose weight, a wide range of weight loss drugs can not help but full of weight loss market, even the TV shopping channels also appear related products, it was effective, while others may be the body to deteriorate. When you want to easily lose weight, look at their diet pills eager, however, must not be exaggerated advertising effect, the following ingredients may lead to impaired physical health, we must avoid.
1, diuretic: the use of dehydration to make weight to a temporary decline, and the illusion of reducing fat, but to stop using the weight will rise. But will be accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, weakness and lead to renal damage.
2, laxatives: diarrhea, occur, will reduce the appetite, stop taking weight will rise again, often used in addition to damage gastrointestinal function can also occur intestines relaxation and anemia.
expanders: refined protein-based, enabling the gastrointestinal fullness, do not want to eat, but easily lead to a lack of vitamins and nutrients, causing malnutrition. Especially when the excess is used, the blood vessel wall thickening caused by hypertension, diabetes, angina pectoris, psychosis.

4, thin cream

thin cream, also known as slim cream, slimming cream, Jianfei Shuang dedicated to reduce subcutaneous fat, the body fit and special skin cosmetics.
emulsifying cream matrix made of the active component of weight loss agent and help penetration, use paste applied to obesity parts and subjected to massage, so that the active components penetrate the skin play decomposition, remove the role of excess subcutaneous fat.
such products, security requirements are high.
weight loss agent from the previous synthetic drugs to natural products (such as seaweed extract, etc.).

5, slim shape devices

where there are slim shape the role of the equipment can be referred to as weight loss, body equipment. The slim shape of the household and medical equipment is very large, breast instrument, treadmill, crazy fit massage, chest, wriggled disk, classification varied, and many others.

, body sculpting rules

women want to have beautiful lines, perfect body, become the focus of all eyes, no doubt healthy diet is the best choice of the beautiful women who come with Small S to learn about the health of shaping the law.
the first and second week postpartum: do not eat fruit, so as to avoid water intake too much negative weight.
the first postpartum day (1 meal):
Breakfast: ginger soup, sesame oil, noodles, green vegetables
lunch: sesame oil, liver, whole grains rice, assorted vegetables
Afternoon Tea: sweet porridge of maize
Dinner: diet chicken, salmon, fried rice
supper: brown sugar and sweet potatoes
The next three weeks the first week of the meal: sea bass soup
function: to rid the body of toxins
sea bass soup of specific practices:
raw materials: semi-tail bass (the head), the ginger one.
bass wash the fish to draw the two knives, ginger slices. The first fish into the water to boil until the water again, roll into the ginger. And then add a pinch of salt and seasoning in cooking master.
second week of: kidney stew
function: calcium supplement, minerals
fried kidney specific practices:
raw materials: kidney, ginger, sesame oil, rice wine, water
kidney using rice wine, cleaned, cut into three-centimeter-wide small pieces. Into the ginger, sesame oil after the pan with the fire and into the kidney-chip fast fry color. Add the rice wine water to boil, immediately fire off hot to eat.
the third week of: sesame chicken
Function: warming role
sesame chicken specific practices: raw materials: chicken, ginger, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil
the chicken and cut into 2 cm chunks, ginger, cut into 2 cm thin slices, the onions Paisui; oil stir frying pan, add ginger, garlic and saute, add the chicken, soy sauce, sesame oil , cooking wine, sugar with stir fry, soup dry can be.
In short, the small S to eat, drink, have followed the nutritionist's instructions. The above is a small S to spend NT $ 65,000 yuan in thin confinement obtained by shaping the menu.

four, four types Pilates body sculpting breast France

action: clip chest the

folder chest exercises

legs naturally sit cross-legged, the upper body upright. his hands clasped together, and the arm and elbow close together. finger when fully close together will slowly rise. To note that the elbow is always to maintain the tightening of. Hold for 20-30 seconds.
Objective: To increase the flexibility of the chest
Action: on knee exercises
standing on one leg, both hands to hold fast to lift the knee, abdomen and chest, eyes front. Slowly release the hands, hands open to the side horizontal position. try to mention the knee, the thigh as far as possible to tighten the abdomen. Hold for 15-20 seconds.
Objective: To improve the pelvic area can be a good circumference
action three: flanks and side of the waist exercises
body side, the head placed on the arm, shoulder, hip, toe in a straight line. Upper leg around to the rear to dazhu below the legs. Good legs and slowly raise up, the hips slightly forward. Hold for 15-20 seconds.
Objective: To good to tighten the waist
The action Four: temperature hold control exercises
down stays, hands shoulder width apart, feet together. Tighten the buttocks, waist and abdomen. Tightening of the body as a whole. Hold for 15-20 seconds.
Objective: To exercise the abdominal muscles.
body weight, and the three major phases:
phase one: from the sternum to the chest under the direction of both sides of the extension, press 2 times continuous extension to the directions on both sides of the chest from the sternum, along the chest around the press three times.
phase II: the direction of the sternum hands and neck extension, continuous lifting three times, and then with both hands to lift the chest to the neck massage three times about 3 times.
phase III: from below the chest straight down to the abdomen, hands overlapping wave-like massage three times, and then along the same direction to massage soft pinch tactics to promote lipolysis and drainage functions.
lose a small pot of steps:
1, feet shoulder width, hands clasped together on his chest, chest and abdomen, shoulders relaxed, inhale to prepare. feet span and shoulder width.
2, the lower body to remain intact, exhaled slowly turn right, and feel the power of the waist and abdomen rotation.
3, the upper body slowly back, exhale to go down to turn left. Back to the action should not be too much too fast, adjust their breathing.
4, sitting on the floor, back straight, knees bent legs, feet flat against the ground, hands gently clinging to the back of the thigh. The sitting posture must be straight, do not Hanxiong arched.
5, inhale toes Hing Wah Street West, back and spine to maintain vertical extension of the center slightly backward move. This action must be to keep the center of gravity balance, inhale slowly to mention the toes, so that my back muscles have a sense of tension. Exhale, on the left knee straight, toes upward extension, I feel the back of the thigh muscles taut, stay three to five respiratory time.
6, sat back on the floor, back through-legs knees bent, feet flat against the ground, hands gently clinging to the back of the thigh. (Repeat the first step in the action).

five breast

chest is one of the hallmarks of the display of feminine charm and sexy, but not every woman has a pair of breasts, due to a congenital genetic or the incubation period of inadequate nutrition and other factors affected. "Green Princess" If you want to change their only way is to breast. Lift the breast people may think of breast enhancement products, or breast augmentation, but the market a large proportion of breast enhancement products is essentially useless, and some even have side effects, breast augmentation is more terror, there are a lot of surgery is not the victory of cause that the entire chest total removal, this is applicable to obtaining the return to it.
Some experts pointed out that a good grasp of the breast time and breast during the diet, but also to grasp the way of the breast, so that with them, then we can achieve the effect of breast. In fact, the best time of the breast before the age of 25, because the formative years of this stage be regarded as the breast, including even the most important development of the chest puberty, long-term wear inappropriate underwear and nutrition balanced diet will affect the growth and development of breast did not do the best in breast development and maintenance, resulting in sagging, foreign expansion, etc. chest does not form an early show.
Best breast enhancement of
experts recommend self-breast approach, with their own hands to achieve the effect of breast.
First massage to the chest, often massage the breast can make the pituitary and ovarian hormone secretion function has been strengthened, promote blood circulation, the development of breast tissue better, and gradually the breast Of course, growth space. But want to let a chest full flexibility by massage, hand skills, and direction is very important to grasp to resist the pull of gravity, a bath every day with chest tight skin care products, from bottom to top, "from outer to inner massage, one month after the breast shape is absolutely different.

six, breast enhancement breast Products

breast enhancement products that contain hormones, the use of short-term effect is very obvious, but disabled it will rebound phenomenon; breast To select the hormone-free, and health inspection reports safety of breast enhancement products, such as a natural combination of perfect ting Yun breast, according to the prescribed course of treatment to use to a certain amount, it will not rebound I would like to say yes, the maintenance of the chest to the eternal truth like a facial skin care the best condition we must make unremitting efforts to maintain difference lies in the chest maintenance can not be done every day, every few days once is enough!
breast massage approach:within
1, from the outside: breast techniques. refers to the merger, coated palm and pulp to the lower edge of the chest, from outer to inner slide massage, full absorption until maintenance products, and effectively improve the chest The phenomenon of foreign expansion.the
2, from bottom to top: breast techniques. refers to the merger, the outer edge of palm and pulp coated chest by sliding the bottom up at the same time, the armpit fat to be released massage until completely absorbed and maintenance products, beware of the sagging, help improve the furu phenomenon.
3, four fingers merger, hands rotation pat the chest under the edge from bottom to top, massage until the product is absorbed can be effective to improve the sagging phenomenon.
The above combination of the two, Kennedy hanging for some time, the effect is visible.
to make good use of a woman's menstrual cycles, you not only can easily reach weight loss, can have the best breast enhancement effects. The golden period of the breast in your menstruation period begins the first 12-24 day period, this time can stimulate breast tissue growth hormone secretion in the soul, strengthening tonic and massage (with breast products better). Let the cup upgrade the multiplier effect.

seven, body sculpting Note

1, exercise, diet, rest and no less. Must strike a balance between these three. When you rest the poor, the best a slight strength exercises. After the exercise, eat more with a high protein food to supplement the nutrients the body needs. Way to a virtuous circle, so that physical fitness is even more outstanding.
2, to fear that anti-resistance of the strength exercises. Many people worry that strength training will produce muscle, in fact, we women are born to the lack of muscle, unless special training and energy supplement. attention to targeted parts of the body as long as the process of strength training, professional practice, to do the action, and to comply with the principle of gradual and orderly progress, we can make our body more clear and beautiful lines, rather than feared large muscle masses.
3, body sculpting takes time. strength training in order to achieve the desired effect, and requires persistence. Not in fits and starts network. Generally speaking, if we stop exercising body sculpting for more than 4 weeks, body sculpting task even to naught.

eight men body sculpting seven Notes

1 , not to the formation of exercise addiction.
Under normal circumstances, to participate in fitness training for the first time people will be very excited, especially when the exercise effect. This is largely inspired you to participate in the exercise. However, there are some people go to the gym could not wait to put into a high-intensity exercise, while ignoring the pre-exercise warm-up. And over-training is often wearied, affecting normal life and work. In this regard, Richard Cotton, a spokesman for the U.S. Training Board, pointed out that fitness is a long-term project, do not want to one day become a bodybuilder.
2, wake up in the morning and after training, two important periods of your meal.
in hard training at the same time, you need to increase the need, if your morning is not full, you will feel hungry later in training. Colorado State University Assistant Professor Jacqui Berne Dr. morning, should be included
more carbohydrates and some protein. The egg white is a better choice. In addition, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are also good choices. After the training, you should eat immediately, because your body needs to supplement the energy consumption. Eat should contain carbohydrates, protein, water, etc., of course, delicious snack.
3, multiple training is good for you, it can make your body function and balanced development.
aerobic exercise is beneficial to enhance endurance and cardiovascular systems, but the forces of growth, strong body is less important, only the aerobic exercise and strength training combined in order to fully improve their physique.
before the training to do stretching exercises, but in stretching before warm-up.
First of all, do 10 minutes of low-intensity pedaling training. This not only reduces injuries, but the bigger intensity exercise to increase body temperature. When body tissue warming, you can do 5? ? 10 minutes of stretching exercises, especially to stretch those muscle groups and body parts may be used.
5, recovery training, it is equally important.
during exercise, the necessary pause can not be ignored, because the body itself needs to have sufficient rest period to restore the state. As an early training, not more than four times the amount of exercise training within a week. The same muscle tissue in the same training day, do not repeatedly intense training in the previous exercise, pain, not to bite the bullet in the back of the training. In addition, a comprehensive nutrition maintenance is required, one day meal five or six times is a good choice. Lastly, you need to keep at least eight hours of sleep, because sufficient sleep will make your energy and body recovery.
6, do not repeatedly do the same exercise.
sports experts tell us, only when you force it, your body will change, that is, the more you exercise more, the greater the change. If you for some time to repeat the same exercise program, your body can only exercise one or two parts, and some other parts and muscle groups do not get plenty of exercise. So that your body will be very difficult to maintain a balanced, physical condition is difficult to achieve the best. Therefore, fitness experts suggest that fitness should select a variety of training, and often change, so that parts can be trained.
7, women like a strong man.
psychologists who believe that powerful men are considered sexy, men not only of those who exercise regularly feel good about themselves, but also very much to attract the opposite sex. This is a lot of women like the men of lively sports arena. This sense of confidence to adhere to the fitness training is very helpful, it makes a man high morale, a sense of accomplishment. woman herself capacity, the men then why not?
[Health Tip]: men in their daily exercise, waist, back, arm and arm to play a very important role. Want to keep these parts of the motor function, the best bet to do more to help these parts of the targeted campaign, following a simple move, flexibility exercises, to do more to help enhance the force of arm and back support on weekdays can be done in bed or on the ground , men want to keep the "strength", the best night take some time to do several times, the number of times each different constitution.


boil is caused by what the?

infection and skin dirty, scratches, high ambient temperature or lower the body resistance to infection-related. boils can occur in any follicles of the skin area, often to the head, face, neck, armpits and buttocks so often by the friction of the parts is more common.

(a) causes

boil the pathogenic bacteria staphylococcus aureus based, Streptococcus, staphylococcus epidermidis, are also caused by the disease. Local and systemic skin's resistance to infection is reduced mainly due to Benbingfasheng, so infants, malnutrition, diabetes is a good risk of this disease. Dirty skin, skin abrasions, high ambient temperatures often lead to local infection such as the direct cause.

(B) the pathogenesis

bacteria invade the hair follicle and their sebaceous glands and sweat glands, in hair follicles and surrounding tissue multiply rapidly, producing toxins, causing local tissue degeneration, necrosis, and the center of the formation of boils, the performance of local congestion, exudation, induration. Aggregation of neutrophils to the damaged body tissue cells and bacteria to be destroyed, and he gradually necrosis and dissolution, the formation of abscesses in the dermis. Due to staphylococcus aureus, coagulase contain toxins, so the formation of pus bolt, protruding outward. swelling and induration clinically visible in the center of a yellow-white pus plug. This is staphylococcus aureus infected lesion characteristics. ulceration after discharge pus, abscess gradually by the new fibrous tissue repair and healing.


boil the early symptoms?

1. redness, swelling, heat, pain summary, cylindrical cone.

2. inflammation to the development of nodules increases, the pain intensified.

3. A few days later nodules central necrosis, abscess formation, dissolution, soft induration, pain relief, the central pus head most of the self-rupture, discharge pus, inflammation subsided recovery.

4. furuncle usually no obvious symptoms, but if the blood flow occurred in the rich parts of the body resistance weakened, it can cause discomfort, chills, fever, headache and loss of appetite and other symptoms of toxemia.

5. facial boil such as intracranial infection, facial swelling and severe, may be associated with chills, fever, headache, sinus infections and other embolization.

boil because of location, severity of different clinical manifestations may vary.

local swelling and pain sclerosis: no systemic symptoms of early disease and more, only infection redness, swelling, pain, range of not more than 2cm in diameter, small nodules gradually enlarged, as papules bulge. A few days later lesions extended about 3 ~ 5cm, nodules gradually softened, the center was white, a slight touch of the fluctuations; then ulceration pus, and the emergence of yellow-white pus plug. pus bolt off, pus shed, the inflammation subsides and healing. There is no pus boil bolt (the so-called headless boil), since the collapse a bit late, need to find ways to promote its pus discharge (Figure 2 ).

fever, swollen lymph nodes: furuncle serious infection, the local area of ​​the lymph nodes, tenderness, and may be associated with body heat, and sometimes lymph node abscess formation.

nose, upper lip and around (called "dangerous triangle") of the surface boil, add or pushed in touch, the bacteria via the angular vein, ophthalmic vein into the brain, causing intracranial suppurative infection. At this point may have fever, headache, vomiting, consciousness disorders.

early follicular redness, swelling, heat, pain, induration. After the white purulent center, there is volatility. May be associated with systemic fever, elevated white blood cell count and differential count.


boil ate?

therapeutic side:

1. composed of: a single head of garlic, honey, 9 grams. Usage: pound evenly wrap the affected area.

2. consists of: single head of garlic amount. Usage: peel and slice into 2 to 3 mm, with the first affected area with warm salt water when dry wash, and then sticking garlic, and gently massage the 10 to 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, 2 3 There is no more. Indications: Boil, folliculitis. Note: In severe cases, such as local irritation may reduce the massage time, a serious condition should be added to serve anti-inflammatory drugs.

3 . composed of: tea 2 grams of dried honeysuckle 1 gram. Usage: boiling water 6 minutes after each meal drink in a cup. Indications: Boil, exogenous heat.

4. composed of: fresh Malan first 100 grams, the amount of liquor. Usage: Add a little salt before blindly smashed wine Ban Cheng paste, coating the surface of the skin furuncle carbuncle. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle.

5. Composition: rosin 10 grams of white wine. Usage: rosin research to fine tune white wine into a paste, resisting heat, wrap the affected area after dissolution, for the degree of responsibility to cover all of the above and then covered with wax paper and tape securely, to enhance efficacy, can drop a few drops of wine, rosin to keep moist. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle, folliculitis.

6. smashed topical papaya leaves, swollen boil carbuncle treatment drug.

7. fresh peach leaf, plug smashed the lesion, treatment of nasal furuncle.

8. rhizome or fresh banana leaves smashed Jiao Zhi, coating the surface of the skin, cure carbuncles, boils, swelling.

9. almond powder with sesame oil paint, heat treatment boil.

10. purple cane coal deposit of the skin, powder, paint the affected area or sesame oil dressing, boil carbuncle treatment, stomatitis , eczema.

11. raw taro add a little salt, smashed drunk wrap the affected area twice a day replacement, bones can cure pain, swelling of unknown drugs, pediatric head hot boil, finger boil.

12. raw loofah (or leaf), smashed juice, coated surface of the skin, soak sore treatment days, yellow water sores, heat boils, urticaria .

13. mung bean sugar kelp: seaweed 60 grams, shredded, green beans, 150 grams, with the soup, add brown sugar to taste food. There Sedative, diuretic, soft-kin, Phlegm, scattered gall tumor effect. For hypertension, beriberi edema, neck lymphadenopathy, simple goiter, prickly heat boils hot summer day in children poison, phlegm cough embolism.

14. yi melon soup: melon (not peeled) 500-600 g, yi 50-100 grams of soup. Can be flavored with sugar or salt, on behalf of the tea used, heat, hot weather, diuretic, dehumidification effect. drugs for rush boils, eczema athlete's foot, yellow urine deficient.

15. Daozhi raw turnip, vinegar and rub the affected area transfer, heat treatment boil.

16. green beans 30 grams of powder, each 10 grams, water delivery service, boils cure breast swelling and pain.

17. failure to adopt the open rose 3 - 5 朵 wash, add water, two pregnant, suffering from a cup of low heat, ice sugar 30 grams, made of rose soup, until the temperature dose, to cure blood stasis amenorrhea, boils Chung pain, traumatic swelling and pain.

18. boils and pus ulceration of the skin sore or eczema, rinse with water, tea, allow the wound clean and promote healing.

19. a white sweet potato, peeled and chopped, smashed, can also be added with the same amount of fresh houttuynia smashed, spreads in the affected area, apply to the local heating that line replace (about two three hours long), and even apply a few days more, boils cure mastitis.

20. soybeans amount, turn on the water immersed soft, add a little alum were smashed drunk, external surface of the skin, swollen boils boil treatment.

21. adzuki beans with water until soft, mash with water or vinegar, or honey or egg amount, into a paste, external surface of the skin, cure mumps, hot boil.

22. kapok 30 - 50 grams of sugar amount, fry a bowl with water and drink two bowls and a half. Favorable moisture, heat effect. For enteritis, urethritis, eczema, summer boil embolism.

23. fresh buckwheat leaves 60 grams, Shuijianbi day one; or fried yellow noodles with the vinegar into a paste, applied to the lesion, sooner or later be replaced. Governance sore, swollen boils, erysipelas, mastitis, and swelling of unknown drugs.

appropriate patients to eat what?

1, edible grapes plus zinc salt or zinc, other foods such as soy, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, yeast, brown sugar and so on.

2, Yi Shi taste light, the cold food, such as Malan head, purslane, melon, red and white radish, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, mung bean, red bean, lily, chrysanthemum brain and celery.

patients unfit to eat what?

not eat ginger, pepper and other spicy foods , as well as mustard, yellow croaker, shrimp, crab, chicken head, goose, zhu tourou so fat objects.

should avoid fried foods and meat, edible oil cans.

data only refer to the specific, please ask a doctor.


how to prevent boils?

boil is born of acute suppurative superficial skin disorders, widely available health, children, young people more common. "Surgical management case" that: "boil persons, birth processes, floating red rootless feet, swollen found in the skin, only the width of an inch, there is less pain, a few days later Microsoft, thin peel, the beginning of the blue water, the latter from breaking the pus out of. "The disease occurs in the summer and autumn, protruding roots shallow, swelling potential limitations, lift the red pain, mostly in the range of about 3cm, easily swollen, easy to collapse, Yi Lian. Early can be divided into a head, without the first two kinds of general light and easy to cure the symptoms, so the saying goes, "no boil the size of a pus like." ;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; But also due to the formation of improper treatment or care "mole cricket boils," or repeated seizures, lack of disunion. Multiple furunculosis ", is difficult to cure.


boil precautions before treatment?

attention to the skin clean, timely replacement of underwear and avoid skin injuries, especially in the summer, to bathe, wash your hair, hair, changing clothes, nails, children in particular should pay attention. With honeysuckle and wild chrysanthemum Jiantang tea. boil the surrounding skin should be kept clean and coated with 70% alcohol to prevent infection spread to nearby hair follicles.

boil Chinese medicine treatment methods

total boil caused by the toxic heat treatment to detoxify the basic principles.

A Differential Treatment:

1. heat toxin accumulation card: lesion processes, such as cone, burning pain, or fever, thirst, tongue pink, yellow fur, rapid pulse. Detoxification. Flavors disinfection decoction.

2. shushi heat Melancholia: seen in summer and autumn, the affected area, such as agglomeration cone, single or multiple, burning pain, chest tightness, anorexia, deficient urination, red tongue, greasy or yellowish, veins slippery. Qingshu dampness, detoxification swelling. Qingshu Decoction.

3. Is virtual evil love cards: distributed in the body, local color dark red, pus scarce, one after another, delayed healing, with fever, irritability, thirst, or fatigue, limb soft, red tongue thin yellow, rapid pulse. Righting detoxification. Liu wei di huang Decoction.

Second, external treatment and other treatment:

1. The beginning of detoxification should be swelling, moderate to henbane, water reconcile, wrap the affected area. Or wishful golden powder for external application. Or green cream Waicha.

2. Pus, the clip bolt out the pus.

3. Unhealed after the collapse, sores can be a little ninety-one dan to drugs or drug line twist into sores, topical berberine gauze.

4. oral Meihuadianshe Dan, Niuhuangjiedu, Fang feng Tong Sheng Wan, liushen other medicine.

5. unilateral prescription: silver flower 30g, licorice 10g, decoction, on behalf of the tea.

Western boil treatment

1. Local treatment, such as heat, physical therapy, 10% ichthyol coated ointment. facial boil should rest in bed should not squeeze or prick Boil, so as not to spread to the brain.

2. swelling or have a large range of obvious symptoms, should give systemic antibiotics (third-generation cephalosporin antibiotics).

3. The formation of abscess, incision and drainage should be timely but should be avoided boil the face cut.

(a) treatment

1. The principles of early treatment to promote inflammation subsided, after early drain purulent pus; timely elimination of systemic adverse reactions.

2. Local treatment

(1) physical therapy: early, ultraviolet micro-irradiation, can promote local anti-inflammatory, to prevent proliferation. swelling stage, the selection of FM, infrared and other heat, promote boil liquid. 2 to 3 times / d, 20 ~ 30min / times.

(2) drug eraser: 0.5% povidone-iodine scrub, the drug not only for skin irritation, and the role of long-lasting, no pigmentation. Can also be used erythromycin, tetracycline ointment.

(3) topical cream: local swelling and a small pustules, use ichthyol, wishful golden powder, Gyokuro powder and so on.

(4) incision and drainage: boil into pus, nodules soften, a sense of volatility, you can make a small incision drainage or fire needle drainage. Taboo squeeze purulent lesions.

(5) to keep local clean and dry: adhere to local skin cleaning, daily showers are the best conditions. Young children with skin, topical lip after taking a bath in summer, to avoid the formation of multiple Boil.

3. Systemic treatment usually does not require systemic treatment of boils. But facial boils or accompanied by chills, fever, headache, general malaise, etc., should be given antibiotics. Clinical observations and experimental results show that the efficacy of penicillin, cephalothin, cefazolin and amikacin better effect.

(B) the prognosis

generally good prognosis after active treatment, without sequelae.


boil should be how?

1. peripheral blood

(1) white blood cell count: fever, elevated WBC count may have.

(2) white blood cell count: white blood cell count was elevated often accompanied by increased neutrophils .

2. diabetes check

(1) fasting plasma glucose measurement: two fasting blood glucose were increased, should consider the possibility of diabetes.

(2) glycated serum protein: This clinical trial is not the impact of fluctuations in blood glucose higher than normal to help the diagnosis of diabetes.

(3) glycosylated hemoglobin: glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose were positively correlated, and the irreversible reaction. diabetes is often higher than the normal 2 to 3 times.

3. bacteriologic

(1) bacterial culture: the multiple, repeated infections, abscesses can be extracted directly pus for bacterial culture, positive results will help the diagnosis of pathogens.

(2) drug susceptibility testing: bacterial culture in the pus, while line drug susceptibility testing can provide the scientific basis of clinical drug treatment.


boil diseases easily confused?

1. Multiple sweat gland abscesses are summer disease, more common in infants and young children and frail mother's head, forehead, etc .. lesions of multiple subcutaneous abscesses. surface tenderness, inflammation lighter. No pus bolt, left scars. Usually accompanied by a lot of prickly heat. Generally known as prickly heat poison. It was also known as pseudo furunculosis (Pseudofurunculosis).

2. hidradenitis suppurativa common in young women, lesions of the skin induration. Subcutaneous abscess formation, followed by skin redness, swelling, heat, pain, ulceration scarring. lesions occur in the armpits, groin, genital and perianal, umbilical, etc.

3. acne acne mild infection, red, swollen, painful, but the disease is small, the top a little bit like creamy.

4. sebaceous cysts sebaceous cyst infection are redness, swelling, pain, but the previous round has been painless mass over an extended period , the epidermis as usual.

5. carbuncle carbuncle with redness, swelling, pain, but there are several hair follicle infection, lesions larger than the boil.


hump-related diseases

juvenile osteochondrosis of vertebral osteoporosis youth sexual hump sore scoliosis ankylosing spondylitis vitamin d deficiency disease

more back symptoms

small blisters appear back back pain back spasms, back pain does not have subtle linen spine back pain sinus pain Road with sensory ataxia spinal nerve root damage spinal cord hemisection syndrome, spinal cord lesions of hemorrhagic infiltration of the spinal cord injury spinal cord infarction, cauda equina involvement across the spinal cord within the spinal cord gliosis in the spinal cord anterior horn of the spinal cord lesion cavity formed spinal thalamic tract compression

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