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A Chinese herb in ancient times known as thin paste, boiled rubbery material with vegetable oil or animal oil dosing, painted on cloth, paper or leather side can be a long time attached to the affected area, mainly used to treat boils, swelling The pain. As early as in ancient times, our country physician there Yanyue the: "plaster can cure, no special decoction using successfully implemented, the ring stand should be.


TCM surgical plaster is the use of traditional Chinese medicine meridian principles, the use of drugs co-ordination as with the performance, composed of large multi-herbal medicine compound, in order to play the good effect of the drug. The plaster used for muscular form a thin paste, plaster to take the smell of thick drugs cited drugs and led a group of drugs, open end stagnation line directly to patients. So you can penetrate into the skin to produce anti-inflammatory and pain relief, promoting blood circulation, pass through the walking network, fails to grasp the Speranskia, comfortable and easy to effect. Plaster affixed to the surface to stimulate the nerve endings, through reflection, dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improve the nutrition of the surrounding tissue to reach the swelling anti-inflammatory and analgesic purposes. Drugs in the affected area through the skin penetration up to subcutaneous tissue, comparative advantage in the local drug concentration, and thus play a strong pharmacological effect. In addition, due to plaster some strong irritant drugs, strong stimulation reflex can regulate body functions and promote antibody formation, improve human immunity. After the drugs wear through the skin and mucous membranes, and vascular or lymphatic tube into the systemic circulation, they can produce a systemic drug effect.


usually inadvertently cause muscle or joint contusion, ligament injury, do not immediately 伤湿止痛膏 musk Herd Plaster in the injured area when the movement or the labor. This type of plaster with blood stasis, after severe trauma paste can not reach the swelling, the purpose of pain. Local damaged plaster can not be directly attached to the defects in order to avoid purulent infection. Any containing musk, frankincense, saffron, myrrh, walnuts and other ingredients of the plaster of blood circulation, pregnant women should be disabled. If the plaster to the local skin papules, blisters, consciously intense itching, that this plaster allergy, should immediately stop patching, anti-allergy treatment.

correct paste method

first in the parts of the swelling and pain, with 80% alcohol, or wipe with ginger piece; if the wound, can be used in dilute solution of potassium permanganate wash pus dry blood after the test, then equivalent to the spread plaster, soft bake on a small fire, sometimes because of the condition of patients, evenly sprinkle some powder on a soft bake plaster, and then repeatedly equivalent, spread the plaster, so that the powder mixed with In the meantime, for faster, better play efficacy.
If the affected area itching occurs, need to massage out of the plaster, if not effective, can be peeled off the plaster, rubbed the itchy at the cotton ball with alcohol, then heated paste plaster. If the lesion pus in the plaster surface plus some gauze, or cut a small hole in the plaster paper in the folder, the corresponding patching the hole and wound, so that pus. The erosion, pain more than, or blisters can be attached to Sida cream treatment, or plaster peeled off with alcohol, apply a red syrup, with a gauze bandage.
paste plaster medicine such as 伤湿止痛膏, anti-inflammatory pain relief ointment, the first surface of the skin with alcohol swab to wipe, torn off the plaster on the film sticking. Erosion and trauma associated with infection such as skin, should not be affixed to use.
plaster often contain aromatic ingredients go channeling, so pregnant women should be used with caution, in particular, to avoid paste navel, waist, abdomen with; skin allergies should not be posted. During the plaster, you should eat cold food. Without plaster can be stored at cool and dry place to prevent summer melting or moth-eaten.

proper stickers affixed to the traditional black cream ointment

before the plaster with a hot towel, the pain at the washed, dried, and then patch affixed to the site of pain and related points , smooth in real can be. Patch to after cold weather with a hot water bottle hot compress, so that the paste quickly soften, to increase the therapeutic effect. The icon before the black plaster patching without heating patching, hand tapping the plaster paste at the plaster and skin paste solid increase treatment effect.

plaster patching diagram

plaster historical development

sticking plaster origin

sticking plaster is how come? It is said that there is a the legend and Li Po. Past folk medicine OK Li Po as the inventor and patron deity of the sticking plaster. Is the torrent of bad behavior in this industry, King of the drug cents. Li Po folk influence, but mainly with the other seven cents - Sin appears as a group. Probably because of him toting a large gourd, life-saving panacea.
Legend of Douglas House (now Anyang, Henan) have a plaster king dispensers, charity, whether in rich or poor, as long as the raw the sores. Give the rule of man, a good reputation. Day, the king dispensers with some plaster to catch the temple halfway run into a lame beggar, covered with tattered. Fly from the stench. Beggars met with the king dispensers, stretch lame leg length of small boils, treasurer of the king to cure. King dispensers to remove a quote plaster attached to the small sores, said: "Tomorrow quasi-good."
The next day, the king dispensers run into a lame beggar, and hurriedly asked: "Well?" said the beggar, "Oh, the pain grew worse king dispensers opened the plaster look. really sore, and said: "I give you for a quote drug, and then bad, you came to my house to find me." So to a beggar for a quote.
The next day, early in the morning the king dispensers to go out, just towards the door, you see that the lame beggar at the door waiting for it; did not wait for the king treasurer opening lame cursed; "You the true Kengren! the Akinori House of the plaster - the net is fake! "Wang treasurer opened a incredibly large sized leg sores become. King palm refused very sorry.
sticking plaster of origin
said, "I will give you a good plaster with posts." Then lift up the beggars into the house. Into the courtyard, a big yellow dog rushed over, biting the legs of the beggar, the king dispensers look anxious so he took a beggar in the hands of a wooden stick, Yigun killed the dog. Beggar smiled: "Today there is dog eat."
Wang shopkeeper went to the backyard to find out a few kinds of rare medicinal herbs, to the beggar with a post plaster. Over a beggars are eating roast dog, next to and memories of a few pieces of sticking. The beggar took the good with the drug, to the leg press, picked up one of the sticking, and also cover to the above. Little effort beggars sticking paste a mortgage, a large-sized abscess disappeared, really magical. Treasurer of the king took the sticking cream, very frustrating, when the lame beggar suddenly gone, they realized Shui Sin - torrent to come to teach cents side. the historical origins of the


plaster, traditional Chinese medicine five dosage form - pill, powder, cream, red, soup one. The medical literature in the Han Period "Yellow Emperor", "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" and "Classic" writings have recorded on the plaster. When the plaster is pig fat like ointment. Alchemy, Wei and Jin Dynasties, the prevalence of black plaster has emerged. Tang and Song Preparation of black plaster gradually improved and widely used. Ming and Qing has become one of the common medication. In modern times, due to the development of the decoction, the use of black plaster is greatly reduced. The emergence of the modern technology of the rubber paste, black plaster has almost disappeared from the hospital only spread in the folk. According to modern pharmacological studies, black plaster in the absorption and efficacy is superior to the plaster. However, due to the more complex the production process of the black plaster, there is no uniform standard and difficult to carry out quality control, resulting in the quality of black plaster mixed Qi. Time-consuming due to the production of black plaster, hospital engage in more TCM herbs, crushed herbal transferred to the honey, Vaseline and other matrix was like topical ointment fixed tissue, bandages, dressing every 24 hours, the use of cost compared with high. Each affixed black plaster can be used 3-15 days, can be peeled off after re-patching, does not affect the efficacy and therefore lower cost.
paste, by definition, is thick of things. The paste is a class of room temperature solid, semisolid, semiliquid formulations. By the drugs and the two parts of the matrix composition (without matrix). Miao Yong Gun Sunburn Dafa said: "paste, boiled thick paste"; the Gong Yunlin, "Shou Shi Bao Yuan": "paste glue"; are reflected in the form of ointment.
paste is a class of ancient formulations of the medicine of the motherland, its origins long. Wether fat early in the Shan Hai Jing "recorded for the application may be skin to prevent chapped, we can say is the most original plaster;" Yellow Emperor "chronicles the" hog cream "," carbuncle hair in the Essentials ...... together hog ointment, cold, three days. ... coated with the cream of the hog, 6 have been. "" Neijing? really want theory ":" Mount, bath, thin, robbery, open issued by the appropriate thing for the degree. "which referred to the beginning of friction, thin are the descendants of plaster. Said paste for the Northern and Southern Dynasties "Paste" or "thin". Tang Dynasty, the title of "Mount cream. Ming and Qing Dynasties of Tang Dynasty "fried" to called "Gaozi" or "cream" and included in the scope of the paste. Paste varieties richer. With the development of the history of the use of the paste gradually expanded, not only the the extraterritorial disease with cream, and cure disease with ointment. Qing Shi Wu machine management perish parallel prose ", paste the prescription, application and preparation process are discussed in a special and create a type of white plaster, rosin plaster paste. In recent years, with the rapid development of transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS), the scope of application of topical ointments are also broader.
paste role more widely, either orally or topical, because it has a certain consistency, and therefore have: high active ingredient content, slow precipitation, the role of long-lasting, local efficacy of tangible advantages. Xu Ling the fetal said: "the ancients that this plaster used thin paste, use the big endian: symptomatic, to cure symptomatic, such as call pus dispel rotten pain myogenic and shelter from protect meat and the like, the paste should be thin to change. governance, or drive the cold, or blood, or Phlegm swelling of the liver, or strong bones and muscles, its very spirit side, drug addition and subtraction shows signs of disease, the cream should be heavy thick paste long . "
topical plaster ancient times known as a thin paste. Don Lee Cheer "so the real Book of" sets out: "Yuyuan Gong Town, South China Sea, gangrene in the temples, relative to the country the Ji Suiqu plaster affixed to a boil in a few days to calm down." Specific system of law: According to different conditions, choose the appropriate drug immersed in vegetable oil, soak a certain period of time, went in suffering, and other drugs Kuhei to the residue, boil, dripping beads and then the proportion of oil (depending on the different seasons at that time) by adding the right amount of red lead, mix well, the pot from the fire (or away from the fire and put Dan). Drug condensate designate as thick as a cream, cut into chunks, put in cold water, a goal of poison. Stand-by heating and melting, spread on paper in cloth or thick paper or thin oil affixed to the surface of the skin surface skin can. Clinical useful to those where governance, such as joint pain, stiffness, acid trapped deep muscle, skin numbness, deep abscesses, fractures, tendon injury embolism. Whichever is expelling wind and dampness, qi and blood, bone continued reinforcement of the role, such as the panacea cream, bone ointment. Useful to the treatment table, various diseases, such as surface carbuncles, boils, gangrene, boils and other sores, swelling and pain, to rot myogenic shut protection sores role of Tai cream, Typhonium cream, sun the reconciliation Gel, red and ointment.
plaster application in China has a long history ancient medical Yanyue: "plaster can cure, no special decoction using successfully implemented, the ring stand should be." of the pros and cons of the plaster, the efficacy is fundamental. Plaster are outside the rule, thus avoiding the side effects of oral administration of drugs, coupled with effective, safe, and by the masses widely welcomed. XU Da-chun of the Qing Dynasty, saying: "lack of decoction best disease with a plaster affixed, occlusive its gas, so that the effects of the medicine from the pores into the room Cou management, through the meridians, or to mention out of, or attack and scattered, compared with medication particularly powerful. "in the plaster of the drug directly patching the surface points on the effects of the medicine through the fur the Cou grounds table into, penetrate up to subcutaneous tissue, on the one hand, the comparative advantage of the local drug concentration; the other hand, run through the meridian through the direct organs disorders gas disorders of the disease are, to play a drug "normalized by the" functional effects, thus maximizing the systemic pharmacological effects. Traditional injection and oral therapy in addition to damage nerves and blood vessels, muscle and other tissue and gut reactions, so that the patient is not easy to accept, but these methods are easy to make the drug through the body's blood circulation and intestinal damage, while the real reach of the local drug of disease the little less, so the dosage greatly, and the efficacy of the poor. Plaster external treatment completely solve this problem, the drugs act directly on the surface of the skin, so that efficacy to improve several times, but not easy to produce drug resistance.

Status and Development

common on the market at this stage are white plaster Babu plaster, while the traditional black plaster less and less of the development trend of more medical work, to promote the Chinese traditional medicine, and TCM enthusiasts grasp Medical treasures of the motherland - the preparation and application of traditional black plaster, also appeared in the production of training classes for traditional black plaster, plaster base of production technology in which traditional Chinese medicine, Wang Guohua teacher modeled after the way of education to teach production principles and methods of traditional black plaster series production process, the motherland of Chinese medicine heritage make an important contribution.

traditional plaster production method

one, verses and Notes
a red oil, plaster was thick, three on three, boil dry to the residue, water dripping into the bead away from the fire, Dan, Dan cooked good fortune, cold water underground, the shape of black like lacquer, heat is The soft, cool is hard paste of the stick, pulling that is, from. Essentials of Aogao medicine skills are: 1. Explosives not too much or less, such as less than the efficacy of hard to find, too, affect the plaster viscosity. Two. Under Dan careful to take the heat and dose size, temperature, low oil compounds in red, the color is not Ze. Flammable fire, Dan, a small amount of cream and tender, easy loss would not achieve fixation. Dan large amount of cream and old, brittle and sticky, sticking easy to fall off. 3. Ancestral said: plaster of black power in the boil, bright achievements in the mix, to keep under Dan stir and incite with a fan or a fan, as far as possible, the gases generated in oil Dan compounds run away, the plaster bright, sticky.
two detailed stepsblack plaster Department of
eating fried dispensary material to the residue at a high temperature reaction with Huangdan made of lead plaster.
First, the matrix of raw materials selection and drug material processing
1. Vegetable oil as well: the texture of pure sesame oil. The advantage is the refining foam less, conducive to the operation. And plaster made of bright color, sex sticky, good quality. Also you can use cotton seed oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, etc., should not use soybean oil.
2. Huang Dan: Zhang Dan, also known as red lead, red lead, Tao Dan, orange, heavy, powder, to become oxide of lead, the purity requirements in more than 95%. (Available at large pharmacies or chemical shops to buy)
3. Material handling drug: drug material can be divided into general medicine material (crude material) and fine material categories. The crude material for the general Chinese medicine the root and stem, fines for the precious medicine and aromatic medicine. Crude material according to the prescription to take a good and appropriate crush boil dry to the residue. Fine materials such as musk and research into a fine powder spare booth coating when sprinkled on the surface of the plaster; fine soluble or volatile materials such as borneol, camphor, myrrh, frankincense can be the first to study the fine spare, before the stalls painted investment melting the plaster in the mix. (Powder 120 mesh)
, the traditional black plaster production process
1. Extraction of the drug material (boil dry to the residue): Take vegetable oil set the pot, slightly hot after drug material into heat, stirring constantly, until the medicine materials deep fry a dark brown surface of the internal brown for the degree. The temperature can reach 220 degrees, available fried wire sieve fishing to the dregs, to the residue after the oil medicated oil. (Pot is best to use copper pots, temperature control can be used a special high-temperature thermometer, medical equipment stores have to sell)
2. : Take these medicated oil refining continue to try them, until the oil temperature rises to 320 degrees (the temperature must reach very key), use of fire. Refining furnace: First, look at the thermometer to reach the required temperature; see fumes, light cyan, getting dark and concentrated, and then the white smoke, no wind, white smoke straight; see the oil slick: boiling began , more in the oil slick near the periphery of the pot wall, when the oil slick to the pot central gathering degrees; see water dripping into the beads: take a little medicine droplets in water, do not spread out into a bead-shaped for the degree. (Off the most difficult, must refining to drip into the beads, be sure to observe the fire, the temperature is too high)
3. Under Dan into a paste: Tempered after the medicated oil away from the fire, Dan, usually 500 grams of oil can be added about 250 grams Dan, Huangdan next before drying, and 100 mesh sieve. Stir a small amount of Salvia plus side, it has to be stirring in the same direction. Jiaocheng viscous paste, plaster sticky, drawing constantly as well, excellent is old, too sticky is tender.
4. A goal of poison: plaster made into cold water, soak for each day, change the water every seven days after the cream into.
5. Take the plaster group placed in the container, and melt in water bath or on a slow fire, the fine material is blended, stir well, take a certain amount of plaster can, musk, and other particularly valuable medicine in kraft paper or plaster cloth Finally sprinkle with a bamboo stick on.
lead-free red plaster penetration depends mainly on the plaster to promote penetrant such as musk, borneol, Azone, etc., lead-free Dan cream production, sanitation, more patients receiving

test method

take for test sample 5, respectively, said set of total weight. Scissor unit area (cm <2>) mounted on the back said to be converted to the weight of the mounted back. Plaster the total weight minus the weight of the mounted back is cream weight compared with the labeled weight shall not exceed the provisions of the above table.

relevant provisions

First, the medicine should be processed in accordance with the law, broken, broken, according to the species under the provisions of fried dry; texture, light bulbs intolerance fried herbs and other medicinal herbs should be deep fry to brown to join.joined Hongdan
Second, the explosives after the oil refining to dripping beads, put to a certain temperature, stirring well mixed spray of water. Cream into the lump to set the water for dipping.
, volatile drugs, drugs of mineral and precious drug should develop into a fine powder added, the temperature should be no more than 70 ° C, in front of the stalls painted.
Fourth, the plaster should be black and shiny, oily and delicate, old or young, moderate, spread coating evenly, no erythema, no flash gap, after heating the paste on the skin and does not move.
five plaster should be sealed, and stored in cool place.

weight difference

plaster weight difference limit shall meet the following requirements:
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┯ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
marked the limits of weight | weight difference
─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ┼ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─
3g or 3g │ ± 10%
3g to 12g │ ± 7%
12g to 30g │ ± 6%
│ ± 5% more than 30g
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┷ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

plaster secret

It has been said with a smile: China, the elderly have not used plaster can apply to affix the label of "rare animals". Although it is said with a smile, but it also reflects the extensive plaster used in our country. Ancient physicians Yanyue: and "plaster can cure, no special decoction using successfully implemented, the ring stand should be compared with injections and medicine plaster convenient, painless and easier for the people to accept. Especially the elderly often have back pain, but a soft spot for the plaster, standing at home. Current Expert commentary medicine for you -
Contributing experts: Zheng Yu, MD, deputy director of Chinese medicine practitioners Guo Jianhua, director of Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedic Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shuguang Hospital orthopedic finishing: Yang Chunxia knowledge plaster in our long-standing, traditional Chinese medicine's five largest dosage form - pill, powder, cream, red, soup one. Has recorded on plaster as early as the Han Period, "Nei Jing", "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", "hard by" works "via" recorded a pig grease-like ointment, called hog cream, for Tu governance axillary small ulcer. Tang and Song Dynasties, medicine greatly flourished the type of plaster followed by more and more increasingly wide range of treatment, some for the pain of bruises, loose silt, and some used for abscess, boils, "pumping pus Sida ". To the Qing Dynasty, the plaster has developed into a popular folk medicine, is one of the commonly used outside the governance measures.
plaster treatment, drawing a convenient, simple operation, low-cost, safe and painless, in addition to its cure a wide range of easily people accepted. Especially the elderly often suffer from neck, shoulders, waist, leg pain, chronic fatigue disease, is a soft spot on the plaster.
plaster by the skin play a role in plaster therapy is one of the external treatment methods commonly used in Chinese medicine clinical, it follows that the efficacy of Chinese medicine syndrome and Chinese medicine, attending, and go through the principle, fully mobilize the drug co-ordination for the performance, composed of more than herbal medicine compound in order to play the good effects of the drug. As the plaster applicator directly on the surface, while the production of the ointment drug most of the smell doctrinal, then add spices take channeling strong argument by the drug penetration into the skin, incoming meridians, organs, play a tune blood flow of qi , and cold wet, swelling and pain.
three kinds of formulations, the role of its own unique features plaster species range, comprehensive ancient and modern paste, except for the oral administration of decoction, topical Plaster broadly divided into the ointment, plaster, apply the cream three main types of dosage forms.
ointment that people used to call it "cream" or "ointment" used vegetable oil, beeswax, petrolatum, or animal fat as a substrate, accompanied by traditional Chinese medicine made of. Ointment on the skin protection, wetting, lubrication. Some plaster in drug transdermal absorption and play a systemic role. Prominent features of this formulation is effective, patients willing to use the general pharmacies are available for sale.
hard-paste production process is more complex, and more made by a special process of near-solid dosage forms. Be heated to soften spread in a clean, thick cloth, kraft paper or cooked sticking affixed to the affected area or acupuncture points. Kind of hard plaster with local or systemic therapeutic effect, depending on the matrix and the production process, lead plaster, rosin paste, plaster, sticking cream, Papua paste and so on.
apply the ointment is the preparation of good in powder spread on the gauze on a variety of liquid into a paste or ointment form, patching the affected area or the site. Type of dosage form production is relatively simple, and can check against the deployment of use under the guidance of a doctor.
clinical experience summary, the recipe for plaster production process continuous improvement of the efficacy of plaster also significantly improve the broader range of applications. With the reform and innovation, especially in formulations currently on the market a new generation of different formulations of plaster formulations, widely used in clinical departments by patients of all ages.
Today, in addition to hospitals (especially Chinese medicine hospital) pharmacies, large and small pharmacies, clinics, and even the flea market can be seen the plaster figure. The face of dazzling plaster market, if necessary, how to choose?
check against selected the plaster scientific method is to check against choice, not based on price or brand to choose. Each plaster has its unique efficacy and indications, there is no Michiharu riddled with plaster. The most reliable method is based on the indications under the guidance of your physician or pharmacist to choose.
joint pain (rheumatism), stiffness, muscle numbness, fracture, tendon injury (sprain, contusion) patients, the choice of expelling wind and dampness, qi and blood circulation, pass through the analgesic effect should be cream anti-inflammatory pain relief cream, blood paste, rubber classes plaster and bone ointment.
ulcer caused due to toxic heat stagnation since the beginning of induration of course, swelling and pain, pus is not a collapse or long collapse ghost, and there are boils, boils patients, optional with swelling and pain, to rot myogenic role of the Tai-cream, the Sida cream, Typhonium cream, positive reconciliation Gel, water Huang cream and Coptis ointment.the
caused by feelings of cold, low back pain, joint pain, etc., can be used sticking plaster or the Herd plaster to cold-dispelling Qufeng Shujin collaterals, promoting blood circulation and relieve pain.
to Jiuxin cream is the choice of promoting blood circulation, the aromatic dewetting of the traditional Chinese medicine, such as musk, borneol, saffron, frankincense, myrrh plus Sticking plaster made of nitroglycerin. Once the symptoms of angina, can immediately take the one affixed to the precordial angina can ease the 5 to 6 minutes. The Daily Post, the role of angina pectoris prevention.
identify the pros and cons of plaster according to the 1995 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" to judge the quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine plaster, plaster qualified to meet the following requirements: old or young skin are appropriate, a suitable adhesive affixed to the skin, do not moves the position; delicate appearance of oily, non-irritating to the skin; the thickness and weight of the same kind of plaster should be basically the same; stored at room temperature, within two years is not bad, do not lose viscosity.
These are only after use to know. For ordinary patients should be aware of when you buy plaster: a qualified plaster overpack shall be marked with the manufacturer, pharmaceutical quasi-font size, production date, shelf life (typically 2 years) description of the drug in detail and clear.
look for the State Yaozhun size plaster is a kind of Chinese medicine formulations of drugs of legitimate sales of plaster should be the State Food and Drug Administration issued quasi-font size. According to the package insert specifications promulgated by the State Food and Drug Administration rules, "the relevant provisions of Chinese medicine manual format shall be marked with the main ingredient. Shall be marked on the package insert: functions and indications, usage, dosage, storage, adverse reactions, contraindications (some contraindications), cautions, and so on.
cautious to buy to spread the "ancestral plaster
stall on the ancestral plaster "can not say that are counterfeit, but good and bad, I am afraid a lie a lot. The sale of drugs by those who boast of plaster effect is very good is often not credible. Mobility stall on Yaofan fooled nothing with. Patients should still go to regular hospitals or pharmacies to buy drugs quasi-font size plaster, made plaster of some of the regular hospital can also be used.
Application many patients buy plaster, did not consult a doctor or read the instructions attached to the place of the pain. However, certain blindness may not be effective, there may be detrimental to health. Notice patch to luxurious.
plaster paste method stress ☆ identify the site of paste drug should select the correct drug site posted before the plaster, such as migraine paste the temple; bruises, various skin diseases such as patching the affected area; chronic bronchitis inflammation Feishu paste, days of the conflict and other points; stomach pain posted spleen, stomach Yu or Shangwan, Zhongwan.
some plaster must be attached to specific parts of the body surface, such as the treatment of children with cold abdominal pain in children warm umbilical cream, must be affixed to the navel.
cleaning paste drugs in plaster, with a towel dipped in warm water, wash the affected area dry and then plaster; parts of the swelling and pain should first use of medical alcohol disinfectant and then plaster.
the sprain cold sprain, should immediately plaster. Blood scattered silt because the plaster for sprain injury immediately on plaster, not only less than the swelling and pain, but will make the local soft tissue congestion and swelling, the pain increased.
The correct way is to skin damage, you should use cold water to wash the affected area or use ice the affected area. Until 24 hours after heat or patching plaster, this can reduce pain and swelling, but also shorten the course.
hot compress can be firmly affixed plaster winter weather is cold, the rubber classes plaster is often not easy to paste live, this time can be patch to good after fomentation with hot water bottle or a hair dryer blowing two or three minutes in order to paste it solid, to improve therapeutic effect.
adverse effects of dealing with minor discomfort and most people there is no obvious discomfort plaster, some people will feel the local micro fever, itching, which is a normal reaction, can be no matter.
There are some people in the paste of the plaster, a blister, if the blister is not easy to frayed, then disable the plaster until the blisters subsided and then paste. If the blister is large, easily torn, you can use sterile injecting equipment or using ordinary needle set fire to the blister, prick, squeeze the liquid net blister, and then disinfected with alcohol or paint gentian violet syrup. If repeated blistering, according to an allergic reaction processing.
allergic to plaster the local skin papules, blisters, itching, a description of how plaster allergy.
should immediately peeled off the plaster, if the allergic reaction is mild and can be cleaned with warm water to plaster Department.
If the paste to plaster at the rash, blisters, etc., should immediately remove the plaster saline or Leifonuer, (lactic Ethacridine only, but also fame Stefano) disinfection of the affected area, and then the gauze bandage .
blisters large, to the hospital with a sterile needle tube bubbles within the liquid out, and then treated accordingly.
how to clean the body residue

remove the plaster

Remove the plaster should be how to clean the body residue?
plaster imprint bad to remove, if not the obvious place do not have to go to hell, it will naturally fall, if it is obvious parts with alcohol to try. Must use the bath towels are summarized, and other relatively dry some, not very sticky to get rid of the swap.
removed with turpentine fastest, the best, and assist in the treatment effect; use in home cooking with vegetable oil can be removed, but slower; repeatedly paste left over peeled off the plaster oil surface or transparent tape plaster traces on the skin can also be cleared. Orthopedic water, safflower oil "," Six God toilet water can be removed.


boil is caused by what the?

infection and skin dirty, scratches, high ambient temperature or lower the body resistance to infection-related. Boils can occur in any follicles of the skin area, often to the head, face, neck, armpits and buttocks so often by the friction of the parts is more common.

(a) causes

boil the pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus based, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, are also caused by the disease. Local and systemic skin's resistance to infection is reduced mainly due to Benbingfasheng, so infants, malnutrition, diabetes is a good risk of this disease. Dirty skin, skin abrasions, high ambient temperatures often lead to local infection such as the direct cause.

(B) the pathogenesis

bacteria invade the hair follicle and their sebaceous glands and sweat glands, in hair follicles and surrounding tissue multiply rapidly, producing toxins, causing local tissue degeneration, necrosis, and the center of the formation of boils, the performance of local congestion, exudation, induration. Aggregation of neutrophils to the damaged body tissue cells and bacteria to be destroyed, and he gradually necrosis and dissolution, the formation of abscesses in the dermis. Due to Staphylococcus aureus, coagulase contain toxins, so the formation of pus bolt, protruding outward. Swelling and induration clinically visible in the center of a yellow-white pus plug. This is Staphylococcus aureus infected lesion characteristics. Ulceration after discharge pus, abscess gradually by the new fibrous tissue repair and healing.


boil the early symptoms?

1. redness, swelling, heat, pain summary, cylindrical cone.

2. inflammation to the development of nodules increases, the pain intensified.

3. A few days later nodules central necrosis, abscess formation, dissolution, soft induration, pain relief, the central pus head most of the self-rupture, discharge pus, inflammation subsided recovery.

4. furuncle usually no obvious symptoms, but if the blood flow occurred in the rich parts of the body resistance weakened, it can cause discomfort, chills, fever, headache and loss of appetite and other symptoms of toxemia.

5. Facial Boil such as intracranial infection, facial swelling and severe, may be associated with chills, fever, headache, sinus infections and other embolization.

boil because of location, severity of different clinical manifestations may vary.

local swelling and pain sclerosis: no systemic symptoms of early disease and more, only infection redness, swelling, pain, range of not more than 2cm in diameter, small nodules gradually enlarged, as papules bulge. A few days later lesions extended about 3 ~ 5cm, nodules gradually softened, the center was white, a slight touch of the fluctuations; then ulceration pus, and the emergence of yellow-white pus plug. Pus bolt off, pus shed, the inflammation subsides and healing. There is no pus boil bolt (the so-called headless boil), since the collapse a bit late, need to find ways to promote its pus discharge (Figure 2 ).

fever, swollen lymph nodes: furuncle serious infection, the local area of ​​the lymph nodes, tenderness, and may be associated with body heat, and sometimes lymph node abscess formation.

nose, upper lip and around (called "dangerous triangle") of the surface boil, add or pushed in touch, the bacteria via the angular vein, ophthalmic vein into the brain, causing intracranial suppurative infection. At this point may have fever, headache, vomiting, consciousness disorders.

early follicular redness, swelling, heat, pain, induration. After the white purulent center, there is volatility. May be associated with systemic fever, elevated white blood cell count and differential count.


boil ate?

therapeutic side:

1. composed of: a single head of garlic, honey, 9 grams. Usage: pound evenly wrap the affected area.

2. consists of: single head of garlic amount. Usage: Peel and slice into 2 to 3 mm, with the first affected area with warm salt water when dry wash, and then sticking garlic, and gently massage the 10 to 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, 2 3 There is no more. Indications: Boil, folliculitis. Note: In severe cases, such as local irritation may reduce the massage time, a serious condition should be added to serve anti-inflammatory drugs.

3 . composed of: tea 2 grams of dried honeysuckle 1 gram. Usage: boiling water 6 minutes after each meal drink in a cup. Indications: Boil, exogenous heat.

4. composed of: fresh Malan first 100 grams, the amount of liquor. Usage: Add a little salt before blindly smashed wine Ban Cheng paste, coating the surface of the skin furuncle carbuncle. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle.

5. Composition: rosin 10 grams of white wine. Usage: rosin research to fine tune white wine into a paste, resisting heat, wrap the affected area after dissolution, for the degree of responsibility to cover all of the above and then covered with wax paper and tape securely, to enhance efficacy, can drop a few drops of wine, rosin to keep moist. Indications: furuncle, carbuncle, folliculitis.

6. smashed topical papaya leaves, swollen boil carbuncle treatment drug.

7. fresh peach leaf, plug smashed the lesion, treatment of nasal furuncle.

8. rhizome or fresh banana leaves smashed Jiao Zhi, coating the surface of the skin, cure carbuncles, boils, swelling.

9. almond powder with sesame oil paint, heat treatment boil.

10. Purple cane coal deposit of the skin, powder, paint the affected area or sesame oil dressing, boil carbuncle treatment, stomatitis , eczema.

11. raw taro add a little salt, smashed drunk wrap the affected area twice a day replacement, bones can cure pain, swelling of unknown drugs, pediatric head hot boil, finger boil.

12. raw loofah (or leaf), smashed juice, coated surface of the skin, soak sore treatment days, yellow water sores, heat boils, urticaria .

13. mung bean sugar kelp: seaweed 60 grams, shredded, green beans, 150 grams, with the soup, add brown sugar to taste food. There Sedative, diuretic, soft-kin, Phlegm, scattered gall tumor effect. For hypertension, beriberi edema, neck lymphadenopathy, simple goiter, prickly heat boils hot summer day in children poison, phlegm cough embolism.

14. yi melon soup: melon (not peeled) 500-600 g, yi 50-100 grams of soup. Can be flavored with sugar or salt, on behalf of the tea used, heat, hot weather, diuretic, dehumidification effect. Drugs for Rush boils, eczema athlete's foot, yellow urine deficient.

15. Daozhi raw turnip, vinegar and rub the affected area transfer, heat treatment boil.

16. green beans 30 grams of powder, each 10 grams, water delivery service, boils cure breast swelling and pain.

17. failure to adopt the open rose 3 - 5 朵 wash, add water, two pregnant, suffering from a cup of low heat, ice sugar 30 grams, made of rose soup, until the temperature dose, to cure blood stasis amenorrhea, boils Chung pain, traumatic swelling and pain.

18. boils and pus ulceration of the skin sore or eczema, rinse with water, tea, allow the wound clean and promote healing.

19. a white sweet potato, peeled and chopped, smashed, can also be added with the same amount of fresh Houttuynia smashed, spreads in the affected area, apply to the local heating that line replace (about two three hours long), and even apply a few days more, boils cure mastitis.

20. soybeans amount, turn on the water immersed soft, add a little alum were smashed drunk, external surface of the skin, swollen boils boil treatment.

21. adzuki beans with water until soft, mash with water or vinegar, or honey or egg amount, into a paste, external surface of the skin, cure mumps, hot boil.

22. Kapok 30 - 50 grams of sugar amount, fry a bowl with water and drink two bowls and a half. Favorable moisture, heat effect. For enteritis, urethritis, eczema, summer boil embolism.

23. fresh buckwheat leaves 60 grams, Shuijianbi day one; or fried yellow noodles with the vinegar into a paste, applied to the lesion, sooner or later be replaced. Governance sore, swollen boils, erysipelas, mastitis, and swelling of unknown drugs.

appropriate patients to eat what?

1, edible grapes plus zinc salt or zinc, other foods such as soy, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, yeast, brown sugar and so on.

2, Yi Shi taste light, the cold food, such as Malan head, purslane, melon, red and white radish, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, mung bean, red bean, lily, chrysanthemum brain and celery.

patients unfit to eat what?

not eat ginger, pepper and other spicy foods , as well as mustard, yellow croaker, shrimp, crab, chicken head, goose, Zhu Tourou so fat objects.

should avoid fried foods and meat, edible oil cans.

data only refer to the specific, please ask a doctor.


how to prevent boils?

boil is born of acute suppurative superficial skin disorders, widely available health, children, young people more common. "Surgical management case" that: "boil persons, birth processes, floating red rootless feet, swollen found in the skin, only the width of an inch, there is less pain, a few days later Microsoft, thin peel, the beginning of the blue water, the latter from breaking the pus out of. "The disease occurs in the summer and autumn, protruding roots shallow, swelling potential limitations, lift the red pain, mostly in the range of about 3cm, easily swollen, easy to collapse, Yi Lian. Early can be divided into a head, without the first two kinds of general light and easy to cure the symptoms, so the saying goes, "no boil the size of a pus like." ;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;; But also due to the formation of improper treatment or care "mole cricket boils," or repeated seizures, lack of disunion. Multiple furunculosis ", is difficult to cure.


boil precautions before treatment?

attention to the skin clean, timely replacement of underwear and avoid skin injuries, especially in the summer, to bathe, wash your hair, hair, changing clothes, nails, children in particular should pay attention. With honeysuckle and wild chrysanthemum Jiantang tea. Boil the surrounding skin should be kept clean and coated with 70% alcohol to prevent infection spread to nearby hair follicles.

boil Chinese medicine treatment methods

total boil caused by the toxic heat treatment to detoxify the basic principles.

A Differential Treatment:

1. Heat toxin Accumulation card: lesion processes, such as cone, burning pain, or fever, thirst, tongue pink, yellow fur, rapid pulse. Detoxification. Flavors disinfection decoction.

2. Shushi heat Melancholia: seen in summer and autumn, the affected area, such as agglomeration cone, single or multiple, burning pain, chest tightness, anorexia, deficient urination, red tongue, greasy or yellowish, veins slippery. Qingshu dampness, detoxification swelling. Qingshu Decoction.

3. Is virtual evil love cards: distributed in the body, local color dark red, pus scarce, one after another, delayed healing, with fever, irritability, thirst, or fatigue, limb soft, red tongue thin yellow, rapid pulse. Righting detoxification. Liu Wei Di Huang Decoction.

Second, external treatment and other treatment:

1. The beginning of detoxification should be swelling, moderate to henbane, water reconcile, wrap the affected area. Or wishful golden powder for external application. Or green cream Waicha.

2. Pus, the clip bolt out the pus.

3. Unhealed after the collapse, sores can be a little ninety-one Dan to drugs or drug line twist into sores, topical berberine gauze.

4. Oral Meihuadianshe Dan, Niuhuangjiedu, Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan, Liushen other medicine.

5. Unilateral prescription: Silver Flower 30g, licorice 10g, decoction, on behalf of the tea.

Western boil treatment

1. Local treatment, such as heat, physical therapy, 10% ichthyol coated ointment. Facial Boil should rest in bed should not squeeze or prick Boil, so as not to spread to the brain.

2. Swelling or have a large range of obvious symptoms, should give systemic antibiotics (third-generation cephalosporin antibiotics).

3. The formation of abscess, incision and drainage should be timely but should be avoided Boil the face cut.

(a) treatment

1. The principles of early treatment to promote inflammation subsided, after early drain purulent pus; timely elimination of systemic adverse reactions.

2. Local treatment

(1) Physical therapy: early, ultraviolet micro-irradiation, can promote local anti-inflammatory, to prevent proliferation. Swelling stage, the selection of FM, infrared and other heat, promote Boil liquid. 2 to 3 times / d, 20 ~ 30min / times.

(2) Drug eraser: 0.5% povidone-iodine scrub, the drug not only for skin irritation, and the role of long-lasting, no pigmentation. Can also be used erythromycin, tetracycline ointment.

(3) topical cream: local swelling and a small pustules, use ichthyol, wishful golden powder, Gyokuro powder and so on.

(4) incision and drainage: Boil into pus, nodules soften, a sense of volatility, you can make a small incision drainage or fire needle drainage. Taboo squeeze purulent lesions.

(5) to keep local clean and dry: adhere to local skin cleaning, daily showers are the best conditions. Young children with skin, topical lip after taking a bath in summer, to avoid the formation of multiple Boil.

3. Systemic treatment usually does not require systemic treatment of boils. But facial boils or accompanied by chills, fever, headache, general malaise, etc., should be given antibiotics. Clinical observations and experimental results show that the efficacy of penicillin, cephalothin, cefazolin and amikacin better effect.

(B) the prognosis

generally good prognosis after active treatment, without sequelae.


boil should be how?

1. Peripheral blood

(1) white blood cell count: fever, elevated WBC count may have.

(2) white blood cell count: white blood cell count was elevated often accompanied by increased neutrophils .

2. diabetes check

(1) fasting plasma glucose measurement: two fasting blood glucose were increased, should consider the possibility of diabetes.

(2) glycated serum protein: This clinical trial is not the impact of fluctuations in blood glucose higher than normal to help the diagnosis of diabetes.

(3) glycosylated hemoglobin: glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose were positively correlated, and the irreversible reaction. Diabetes is often higher than the normal 2 to 3 times.

3. bacteriologic

(1) bacterial culture: the multiple, repeated infections, abscesses can be extracted directly pus for bacterial culture, positive results will help the diagnosis of pathogens.

(2) drug susceptibility testing: bacterial culture in the pus, while line drug susceptibility testing can provide the scientific basis of clinical drug treatment.


boil diseases easily confused?

1. Multiple sweat gland abscesses are summer disease, more common in infants and young children and frail mother's head, forehead, etc .. Lesions of multiple subcutaneous abscesses. Surface tenderness, inflammation lighter. No pus bolt, left scars. Usually accompanied by a lot of prickly heat. Generally known as prickly heat poison. It was also known as pseudo furunculosis (Pseudofurunculosis).

2. Hidradenitis suppurativa common in young women, lesions of the skin induration. Subcutaneous abscess formation, followed by skin redness, swelling, heat, pain, ulceration scarring. Lesions occur in the armpits, groin, genital and perianal, umbilical, etc.

3. acne acne mild infection, red, swollen, painful, but the disease is small, the top a little bit like creamy.

4. sebaceous cysts sebaceous cyst infection are redness, swelling, pain, but the previous round has been painless mass over an extended period , the epidermis as usual.

5. carbuncle carbuncle with redness, swelling, pain, but there are several hair follicle infection, lesions larger than the boil.


hump-related diseases

juvenile osteochondrosis of vertebral osteoporosis youth sexual hump sore scoliosis ankylosing spondylitis vitamin D deficiency disease

more back symptoms

small blisters appear back back pain back spasms, back pain does not have subtle linen spine back pain sinus pain Road with sensory ataxia spinal nerve root damage spinal cord hemisection syndrome, spinal cord lesions of hemorrhagic infiltration of the spinal cord injury spinal cord infarction, cauda equina involvement across the spinal cord within the spinal cord gliosis in the spinal cord anterior horn of the spinal cord lesion cavity formed spinal thalamic tract compression

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