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gastric retention


Overview: gastric retention (gastric retention) also known as delayed gastric emptying ( delayed gastric emptying) is the storage volume of gastric contents without emptying time. Where the vomiting of 4 to 6 hours before the intake of food, or more than 8 hours fasting, gastric residual volume> 200ml those that are retained in the gastric retention. The disease is divided into two kinds of organic and functional, the former including pyloric obstruction due to peptic ulcer, and gastric antrum and adjacent organs, primary or secondary cancer of oppression, obstruction due to pyloric obstruction.


gastric retention is caused by what the?

functional gastric retention and more tension because the lack of stomach (gastric atony) due. In addition, the stomach or other abdominal surgery-induced gastric motility disorders, central nervous system diseases, diabetes-induced neuropathy, and vagotomy surgery, etc. can cause the disease. Uremia, acidosis, hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, systemic or intra-abdominal infections, severe pain, severe anemia and antipsychotic and anticholinergic drug use also can cause the disease.


gastric retention of early symptoms?

vomiting Sushi, fasting abdominal acoustic vibration, namely, gastric retention. 4 hours after eating, can be extracted from the stomach and food from the stomach was confirmed.

gastrointestinal barium meal examination, barium still stay in 4 hours 50%, or 6 hours later still emptying, are the evidence of this disease. Should be noted that organic and functional identification of gastric retention. The former increased gastric motility, which reduce stomach tension, decreased gastric motility.

vomiting mainly based disease, can occur day and night, day 1 to several times. Vomit often Sushi, generally without bile. Bloating and pain are also common. Abdominal pain can dull pain, cramping or burning pain. Vomiting, symptoms can get temporarily relief. Acute patients can cause dehydration and electrolyte metabolism; patients may have chronic malnutrition and weight loss. Severe or prolonged vomiting, gastric acid and potassium ions due to considerable loss can cause alkalosis, and cause hand, foot and pumping take hold.

Physical examination shows that the performance of dehydration, abdominal distension, abdominal tenderness and with vibration in the sound of water. See the gastric type, and there is from left to right gastric peristaltic waves increase, the more prompt gastric outlet obstruction; such as the type of saw to the stomach without peristalsis are suggestive of gastric atony.


gastric retention ate?


gastric retention should be how to prevent?

start eating, should be given a small amount of rice soup, lotus root starch and other light liquid food, each limited to 30 to 60 ml. If there is no discomfort, can be gradually added to 150 ml. Where milk and so easy to slag and liquid gas are not produced for human consumption.


gastric retention precautions before treatment?

1, the general treatment: to give low residue diet, vitamins and trace elements.

2, correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance.

3, symptomatic treatment, giving drugs to promote gastric motility (metoclopramide, domperidone).

gastric retention Chinese medicine treatment methods

No information

gastric retention Western medicine treatment

No information


gastric retention should be how?

(1) blood test: shows varying degrees of anemia, hypoalbuminemia, hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, blood gas analysis and examinations showed acid-base balance disorders, Some patients may have elevated blood urea nitrogen.

(2) gastrointestinal X-ray examination: X-line prompt barium in 4 hours still remain 50%, or 6 hours after the still empty.

(3) Ultrasonic: epigastric or left upper gastrointestinal ultrasound visible and could be detected cystic abdominal mass, that is, gastric type, within no echo, there are points of light and floating Light Mission, with the position moves to the low gravity, under the suction tube, the mass also shrinks.

(4) endoscopy: endoscopic seen a lot of stranded material.

(5) the absorption tube: tube to suck out the four hours before the intake of food.


gastric retention diseases easily confused?

should pay attention to organic and functional identification of gastric retention. The former increased gastric motility, which reduce stomach tension, gastric motility less.


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