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tubal ligation complications


Overview: tubal ligation is safe, simple, long-lasting, less painful etc., have been accepted by women of childbearing age. However, in the course of the treatments, contrary to conventional surgical operation or neglect of surgical indications, surgical complications can cause, by the surgeon to undue physical and mental suffering.


complications of tubal ligation is what causes it?

1, wound infection, 2 patients in this group is mainly due to the potential foci caused by the body, while in 6 cases due to prescription drugs and surgery are failure to pay attention incision health causes.

2, abdominal wall hematoma, mainly in muscle and extraperitoneal retropubic space is due to bleeding inaccurate, incomplete caused.

3, the uterus and then pregnant, 3 of them are double-ligation, the fallopian tubes are mainly relatively coarse, loose ligation ligature-induced decline caused by; 1 case was pumping center embedding, mainly removal of the fallopian tubes less than 1


complications after tubal ligation What are the early symptoms?

place for patients who have fistula ligation, the formation of new umbrella, organic lesions or improper operation and other factors, may have a very small number of different levels of short-term or long-term complications.


ate complications after tubal ligation?


complications after tubal ligation should be how to prevent?

analysis of data from this group can be drawn: aseptic strengthen the concept of the necessary preoperative examination, master surgical indications and contraindications, those who communicate with patients ; careful intraoperative examination, careful operation; careful postoperative care is to reduce the incidence of complications after tubal ligation key. And for the prevention of complications is more important than treatment, and treatment is to grasp the main points for processing.

as a qualified technician to constantly improve their skills, enhance their sense of responsibility, women of childbearing age in order to better provide better service for family planning to make more power.


tubal ligation complications to consider before treatment?

1, strict compliance with aseptic technique. Our data show that the vast majority of tubal ligation complications as wound infection, and patients who do not attach importance to the doctor's advice is the main reason, so before and after surgery the surgeon and public education, the importance of clarifying the doctor indispensable step. Initial treatment is anti-infection, heat or physical therapy, comprehensive treatment, to oral norfloxacin 0.2g, once every four days, to give alcohol yarn wound wet dressing, which is one case abscess has formed, on the basis of taking norfloxacin, which be ahead of stitches, needle pus, dressing, so that the inflammation subsided, pus absorption and recovery.

2, for the prevention of abdominal wall hematoma requires to stop bleeding during surgery should be complete, not missing any bleeding point, must not be one-sided pursuit of speed and carelessness. Abdominal wall hematoma found at 2-5 days after surgery, incisional tenderness apparent mass given aspiration, cut open to remove blood clots, anti-inflammatory treatment after recovery.

3, choosing the operative time, sterilization, and proper identification of tubal pregnancy is the key to reducing the uterus and then, after 3-7 days of menstruation, childbirth and abortion 24 hours after the mid- , abortion or spontaneous abortion after the first period, lactation amenorrhea (excluding pregnancy) or remove the IUD after surgery as the best time, because this period is the lightest tube congestion, ligation of the more solid, less prone to the pipeline after recanalization , can reduce blood loss, shorter operative time; general sterilization to take heart embedding or double pumping ligation is better, and the heart pumping so that both ends of the distance should be embedded at least 1


complications after tubal ligation should be done check?

ovarian function tests, check tubal patency, HSG


tubal ligation complications and the diseases easily confused?

accidental injury as intestinal surgery, a large rough surface, intra-abdominal infection, bleeding, hematoma formation mesentery, omentum peritoneal suture mistake on the free side seam so the formation of adhesions. Clinical manifestations are: paroxysmal abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bowel movement before the colic.

small number of cases is due to local vascular occlusion distortion effects due to venous return. Clinical symptoms are lower abdomen, lower back pain, there is a sense of expansion Shen, vaginal discharge, menstrual flow, vaginal and cervical purple, bilateral annex tenderness.


non-pregnant women, pregnancy may cause abdominal pain caused by the diseases?

non-pregnant women because of abdominal pain related diseases

adhesive intestinal obstruction in cholelithiasis with acute cholecystitis, acute cholecystitis during pregnancy chronic cholecystitis cholecystitis acute cholecystitis intestinal pseudo-obstruction paralytic ileus spastic ileus stone ileus intestinal roundworm intestinal obstruction intestinal obstruction intestinal obstruction during pregnancy rubble large bowel obstruction intestinal obstruction syndrome of acute appendicitis in pregnancy, acute appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy complicated with acute appendicitis chronic appendicitis acute appendicitis abdominal pain after tubal ligation complications the child hanging

more abdominal symptoms

HBV and HCV re Howship-Romber retrograde spread of cancer patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancer, quiet web -like abdominal pain of bladder stones after the outbreak of violence in the role of watery flaccid obturator nerve damage cardia closed loop obstruction constipation constipation with abdominal mass, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea and severe constipation with stool mixed with blood and non-exclusive meconium viral diarrhea onset of abdominal pain after meals postprandial syndrome

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